Miasm and eugenics by Dr PS Ortega

Dr Rajasree Nambiar

Prophylaxis is one of the greatest preoccupations of all physicians and biologists. To prevent suffering, to try and avoid it so as not to encounter it and suffer its consequences , is an absolutely appropriate desire of the human, and even more so when it is projected to include future persons who will be endangered. Any eugenic tendency should be encouraged and facilitated.

This article focuses on the views of  Dr PS Ortega on the Application of miasmatic doctrine to prenatal prophylactics and genetics,  certain distinct characteristics of human beings and how miasms are related to that.

Keywords : Eugenics, Miasms, Enantiopathy, Homoeopathy

Eugenics is the branch of biology which furnishes us the knowledge which generic man need to continue or persist  to remain as a species on this earth and develop in the best possible way –meaning the truest realization  of his whole potential and his tendencies as a species

Hahnemann’s doctrine of miasm cannot be kept separate when we think about eugenics. Miasms are closely linked with eugenics. Cure doesn’t mean save a person from present illness, but prevent him from future illnesses also. Not only him even the future generation. Eugenics aims at that.

According to Higinio G Perez, he says, It is not enough to safeguard the individual, who is passing a phenomenon, it is more important to safeguard the species.

To achieve this the Generic man should come first and not the individual. Generic man is always ahead of individual man. The characteristic of the species will endure , being constituted by the persistent repitition of qualities common to all individuals making up this species and defining it.

The recognition, definition and consideration of the group, ie the species is based upon these qualities of the whole. Thus from the biological and medical view point, the individual man becomes generic man.

What are characteristics peculiar to man?
It cannot be the fact of being alive, of having vital activity, since characteristics are also seen in other beings and even in plants

It cannot be the capacity to move from one place to another, since animals possess this same ability in many instances even surpassing humans.

Innumerable tests have shown the instincts of animals to be at a level perhaps never reached by man or if so lost many centuries ago, so that instinct with its marvelous complexities and multiple manifestations can as little satisfy our search for characteristics ,peculiarly humans. For this reason ,less distinctive qualities are left for this species. In the intellectual realm it is difficult to delimit the truly intellectual process from the instinctual.

But some qualities which seem to pertain exclusively to the human exclusively GENUS

Atleast the humans have a greater capacity to perform certain operations of discernment , of affection and fondness, of ordering in an objective series , of reasoning, of memory ,of passion, of kindness and wickedness , of various forms of collective life, of modifying his appearance , of manifesting his desire for persistence and in art

Discernment at once enables him to perceive that which he could scarcely supposed , to be certain of what he can verify and to have the intuition through which the former can be inferred.

The range of his discernment is very broad

By analysis he can perceive the most irreducible and at the other extreme his intuition tells him about the immensities of galaxies, universe, light years and man gives testimony of this innate capacity. It is certain that many animals and possibly plants and other beings show unequivocally  a spiritual mood or disposition similar to what man recognize in himself as affection fondness love.

Beings of very different species  have learned how to obtain food, communicate and make their lives comfortable, but man has surpassed all these manifestations. we are living through a period in which splendor of human technology has reached a culmination, transforming it into a reality and giving shape to prodigious enterprises. Many of the products of reason have been converted into such portentous achievements as space ships, Television, Grandiose monuments and endless number of other material works  which man uses to communicate , to comfort himself and for enjoyment. No other being ,no other species seems to equal him.

His power is so great that it even turns against him and destroys him because, at times he believes himself all powerful

Love, this is a characteristic of human

Man is being unique in being transformed into love and not only just for a moment, he may go through a good part of his life with intense love for all sorts of things. All his other actions will thus be of secondary importance

In the same way man can be entirely overwhelmed by some other passion, for months years or greater part of his life

His action desires and all his strivings will be colored by that passion he may perceive an ideal which may be achievable in principle but difficult to attain. Precisely these obstacles will stimulate him to almost absolute dedication in the pursuit of his goal

Kindness which is unselfish giving of our own selves making us gentle soft dactile and adapted to others is a characteristic of man when it takes a continuing form. Kindness is the characteristic of human. Friendship is a particular form of this quality ,also charity

Everything in nature dress up in accordance with meterological phenomena especially the position of sun. Example- flowering of plants, animals change fur. Man also seems to be yoked to this, even though boasting about his power of judgement

Existential anxiety in human is the essential terror-basic postures of the spirit, one of the feelings that move us. This drives us to seek company, to form a clan, a society ,a nation. We form a community due to this for support. Then struggle for dominance of ideas in that group. An idea formed in common gives us strength.

Communication– A characteristic of man

Millions of words are uttered every minute-to make ideas predominate, to achieve recognition. Existential anxiety sometimes becomes true anguish. This exist because he is aware of his termination which he calls death. He thinks of it as cessation, an interruption or a change but interpret it only as a different mode of that same existance, transmutation of the powers which make his ego prevails.

He longs for eternity-another characteristic of human

All of these can be encountered in other beings also-but we don’t have senses to perceive this expression . We can only judge to the extend that our intelligence permits and in the light of demonstrations within our reach. Even if we admit that the other beings have identical qualities-their persistence is no way as manifest or as complete as in man.

Art gives man dignity, a conceptual level higher than anything else

Eg-liberation from slavery, good attempt at simplification

The common origin and end of all that exist has produced in man mind the idea of God. Art is the expression of the word. Whatever man in his vanity feels about imperishable or divine is expressed in art. It is unquenchable ambition and unachievable perfection

True eugenics must ineluctably consider all those characteristic of generic man

Eugenics cannot aspire to develop a man who wants to live above everything else, in comfort neglecting all other characteristics. It cannot produce a man of super instinctual capacity while neglecting his other qualities or super communicator ignoring his other attributes. The truly eugenic man eventhough a utopian concept should include the possibility of maximum equilibrium and harmony of all his determinative characteristic in relation to species

Thus we reach the point of demanding a eugenics based fundamentally on the greatest possible elimination of the miasmatic or in other words of whatever hinders the total expression of human being. Only through prenatal treatment can we succeed in treating the product at the same time as the mother. In this way the eugenic benefits of a truly homoeopathic treatment through out successive generation would come to be appreciated. Through constitution medicines  based upon Hahnemmanian homeoepathy can effectively promote eugenics

Enantiopathic medicines
Enantiopathic medicine whose only endaevour is to suppress the dysfunction or anomaly as quickly as possible together with it concomitant pain is absolutely opposed to eugenics-Its hallucinatory short-sightedness places the particularity of the individual higher than the generality of the species

Practice of old school medicine has multiplied its heroic fantastic amazing and theoretical possibility on to exaggerations giving or prolonging life through enormous effort and incredible expenditure  for innumerable sickly and highly defective persons in whom any hope is vain, whose survival is in any case nearly always ephemeral-but this medicine augments their miasmatic burden with its always suppressive therapeutics

Who has not seen poliomyeletic child rescued from heaven by allopathy? Patient with true tuberculus meningitis brought back from the grave? Successful heart and kidney transplants.

After seeing this kind of success one should ascertain if there is not some better procedure, leading to a better result, greater relief, better integration into normal life. One must ask if there is not a homoeopathic remedy capable of producing better results and in the case of relative success  one must investigate further the feelings of the patient and those around him

Is his improvement really satisfactory, should this existence really be called life, is he enjoying himself or can he scarcely bear it?

The true physician is obliged to acquire some notion of the miasm, to consider constitutional pathology as that inescapably generates mans sickness and he must try to counteract it without resorting to methods which are harmful to the species.

He should seek for transcendent health behaving like a true eugenicist and never contenting himself with suppressing or replacing some symptom by others

Eugenics from the miasmatic point of view
Eugenic formula should not be restricted to chromosomal factors or mutational possibilities of such scientifically defined anatomical elements as genes ,even though these are convenient labels. Genetic formula should be referred to and deduced from dynamic elements-physical spiritual, sensorial, volitional and also environmental ones(telluric and radiational).Our vitalist  position permits us to provide satisfactory solution to such serious problems as the purpose or teleological aim of human existence

Few examples

In immediate danger like fire in a public place,

Psora will be paralyzed by inhibition. He will be overwhelmed first and will start to reason about what to do, but difficult to force his body into action and seek promising place of refugee. He think about possibility to find exit and will trust that someone will come to his aid  and will call for help(silent prayer).Last will decide to obey his impulse.

Sycotic will Seek exit at first cry of fire. Sudden fear will cast him pass headlong through flames or out of a window if there is any possibility of rescue. He will forget everything even his wife at his side. But if he has moment for reflection-seize his child and belongings and endeavor to rescue them also. He act with promptness

Syphilitics will have panicky terror. Red tint stimulate his aggressiveness and make him desperate in the face of impending danger. If he has loved one with him-he may immolate this person  and will kill himself or seize him and jump from a window to certain death

Aggression by word or act, with repeated insults or with opposition

Psora – Is intensely moved and collapses in his impotence musting over his misfortune or tragedy and transform and change him into insignificant gray and unnoticed member of the group. Psora-carry throughout his life, mark of humiliation

Sycotic -Return the insult twofold answering violence with violence. But try to preserve his persons and his belongings to utmost. He Feels the excitement immensely and make others feel it with great ostentation. He may reach point of harming destroying but disproportionate with motivation. Sycotic-those close to him will suffer consequences.

Syphilitic-overwhelmed by hatred .That profound disharmony always keeps him on the threshold of involution regression and non being. This insult compel him to destroy to exterminate violently the aggressor .He may strike wound or murder in his uncontrollable desire to eliminate the person. Because he senses its resemblances to what he carries within himself .

These people acted in conformity with miasmatic burden.He has been forced to speak by kiasmatic and hereditary factors. Syphilitic-suffer same fate ending in prison or stigma of criminal and distrusted by those around him

Just as the guilt of parents who produce offspring is legally accepted in our days and the victims are permitted to suit against their paranets for having even if unintentinally conferred upon them this defect which makes them repellent to society.How much more appropriate will be a suit for conferring a miasmatic burden leading to all kind of sufferings.

But rather than bringing suit against parents  the suit should be brought against medicines Against that medicine which is empirical, shortsighted and arbitrary. Devoted to a showy and erroneous task which through the centuries deforms humanity and causes it to degenerate maintaining and multiplying its sufferings and disequilibria through its use of procedures which grow ever more tortuous suppressive and antinatural.

In order to produce a healthy generation with the help of eugenics, the role played by miasm should never be excluded and the miasmatic burden should be removed for being healthy.


  1. Ortega Proceso Sanchez. NOTES ON MIASMS.1st ed. New Delhi: National homoeopathic pharmacy:1980

Dr.Rajasree Nambiar
PG Scholar, Department of Organon of medicine and homoeopathic philosophy,
Government homoeopathic medical college & hospital, Bengaluru

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