Ministry of Ayush notice to Times of India on non-factual article against alternative medicines

Ministry of Ayush issued disciplinary notice to Time of India on a derogatory column by Mr Amit Verma entitled “Beware of quacks! Alternative medicine is injurious to health’ published on page 25 of the Sunday times, Capital edition of 22 March 2020  

‘His statement in the article is not only unreasonable but also misleading to the readers and defamatory to the Ministry. Is he a medical person or scientist capable of analysis the potential and merit of the different medical systems.

Considering the adverse reaction article has generated in Ayush fraternity and in view of the aforesaid factual person, Times of India Foundation/Management is urged to take Mr Amit Varma to task for the derogatory acts and ask him to apologize in the same column immediately and shirk from allowing such articles against in future”.

Ministry would lodge a formal complaint in this regard to the Press Council of India and other concerned agencies, if the apologies are not tendered and rejoinder not published within a week. 

Download Ministry of Ayush notice to times of India