Miracles of classical homoeopathy book by Dr KJ Isaac released

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: On his 86th birthday, Kerala’s homeopathy pioneer K J Isaac could not have hoped for a better gift. A book chronicling his life and career titled ‘Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy – Memoirs of Dr K J Isaac’ was released with the objective of taking the purest form of the medical system to the public.

As the name suggests, the book discusses an array of cases from Isaac’s illustrious career as well as a brief history of his journey from a boy born into a family of homeopaths in Kottayam to becoming one of the most recognised practitioner in the country.

The book is a product of two years of research during which Isaac’s three students — Dr Shobana Rama Varma, Dr Nishma Jones, and Dr B S Shary Krishna –– went through a large number of his case records and spoke to his patients, colleagues, and friends to collect materials.

Shobana, a former student of Isaac at the Government Homeopathic Medical College here and now a doctor based in Delhi, took the initiative after having first-hand experience of Isaac’s ways of teaching and treating the patients.

“Whenever I visited Kerala, I used to visit his clinic here to listen to him. He was always concerned about the increasing influence of polypharmacy and wanted to create awareness of classical homeopathy among the community of doctors as well as the public. Hence, the idea behind the book,” she said.

“Though the book has the word ‘miracles’ in the title, I do not think any of my cases were so. At times, I even feel I have been given undue credit,” said Isaac. “If the principle of homeopathy is followed religiously, the results are almost inevitable,” he said.

However, the doctor said that is not the case anymore. “My ultimate aim was to start an ideal homeopathic college that taught the right way of homeopathy. If we can create doctors in that setup, the miracles will be a norm. But that dream remains to be fulfilled,” he said.  “If I had the power, I would have shut down all colleges. They all lack quality and this has to change,” Isaac said.  Handing over the first copy of the book during a function held at the Trivandrum Tennis Club here, R Narayanan, former Chief Secretary, and friend of Isaac, said the book will be a source of inspiration for people who believe in homeopathy.

Source : Indian Express

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