National Commission for Homoeopathy released BHMS regulations 2022

Providing a defining structure to the Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) courses, the National Commission for Homoeopathy has released  BHMS Regulations 2022

The regulations, that has come into force after its publication in the Gazette dated December 7, 2022, have specified the eligibility criteria and rules for admission to BHMS courses in the institutes across the country along with the manner of admissions.

Commission has also specified about the general guidelines for examinations, results and re-admission to the BHMS course, the details about University examination, assessment process, scheme of assessment, migration of students during the study, details about compulsory rotatory internship training, the process of maintaining electronic logbook, evaluation of internship programme, leave for interns, completion of internship, academic calendar, tuition fees etc.

As per the regulations, now securing 50th percentile in NEET exam has become mandatory for BHMS admission.

“Provided that for foreign national candidate, any other equivalent qualification approved by the Central Government may be allowed for admission and subregulation (2) of regulation 4 shall not be applicable in this behalf,” further mentioned the regulations.

Methodology for supplementing modern advancement, research and technology in Homoeopathy (SMART-Hom.):
Referring to the methodology for supplementing modern advancement, research and technology in Homoeopathy, the regulations mentioned, “To accomplish the supplementation of modern advancement, scientific and technological developments in Homoeopathy System of Medicine, all the thirteen departments as mentioned in table 2 of regulation 7, shall be supplemented, enriched and
updated with relevant and appropriate advancement or development in the area of diagnostic tools, conceptual advancement and emerging areas.”


  • Duration of first BHMS for one and half year – study of all Homoeopathy subjects from the first BHMS along with exams of organon and materia medica. Case taking and Repertory from 1 BHMS onwards but exam in 3rd year only. Community Medicine will begin in 3 year and conclude in 3 BHMS
  • Minimum teaching hours : 63018 (2106,1404,1404,1404)
  • B.H.M.S. course shall consist of main program and electives. Introducing electives for other therapeutic modalities, IT and AI based learning and integrated training programmes. Each student will be required to choose two electives each in first, second and third BHMS and complete six electives till the end of third BHMS.
  • Foundation course in first BHMS
  • Early clinical exposure right from first BHMS itself
  • Minimum per day teaching of 7 hours
  • One periodic and one term test in every 6 months
  • No separate classes for odd batch student
  • 20% weightage in annual exams of marks obtained in internal assessments. 50% marks in the internal assessment examinations is mandatory for University Examinations
  • 20% MCQs in theory exams
  • There shall be a minimum of one hour each for library and physical education per week and one hour of recreation
  • Students should clear each year exam to write next year exam
  • Designed  Evaluation Method for Periodical Assessment
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), Objective Structured Practical Examination (OPSE),Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX), Direct Observation of Procedures (DOP), Case Based Discussion(CBD) Extra-curricular Activities, (Social Work, Public Awareness, Surveillance/ Prophylaxis Activities, Sports or Other Activities which may be decided by the Department) etc included in the syllabus
  • Stipend : the stipend shall be paid at par with other medical systems under the respective Government and there shall not be any discrepancy between medical systems.
  • Comprehensive internship program : Excellent finishing Program with syllabus, criteria certificate of assessment to interns. Three months rural internship outside the campus.

Download BHMS regulation 2022 English 

Download BHMS regulation 2022 Hindi 



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