National Institute of Clinical Excellence Homoeopathy Website Launch

The basic aim of this is to make a fresh graduate coming out of college to face the modern-day to day challenges in practice.

National Institute of Clinical Excellence Homoeopathy (NICE)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. After weeks of hard work and dedication, we officially launched our website virtually on February 6th 2022, a big day to cherish in the archives of our Institute. The unveiling of our webpage was done by a well-acclaimed distinguished Father figure to all of us, also Nation-wide known and respected Prof Dr B D Patel, former Principal, GHMC Bengaluru & Chandigarh, just magnified the glory of the day. Sir gave a glimpse of the Institute… how it all started. He said, Dr H L Swamy the Chairman, has a passion for teaching, after passing out of College, he was looking for options in teaching, he started teaching at GHMC Bangalore and then at BBHMC, his teaching impressed students very much. As a result, some of his ardent students wanted to continue learning even after completing the course as there are so many things that cannot be covered in the college due to time constraints.

They pursued Dr Swamy to start the Institute to cover up the lacuna, they told him everybody is not lucky to be your student or Dr Patel student which will put a strong foundation to practice Classical – Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. With all this background the Institute was born, then the hunting started, what should be the name – the idea was it should be small, pleasant, attractive, humble not attached to any individual etc it should be nice and that is how the name NICE was named. Drs Shilpa, Trupti Pai, Anuradha etc are the main people running the NICE Institute under the guidance of Prof. Dr. H L Swamy, the Chairman.

The basic aim of this is to make a fresh graduate coming out of college to face the modern-day to day challenges in practice. The Institute does not wish to redefine Homoeopathy or form a new cult in the practice thereby splitting up this Holistic science. The focus of our Institution is to propagate the practice of Homoeopathy on the bedrock of our eternal laws laid down by our Master Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

The event was witnessed by all our esteemed guests, fellow Homoeopaths, seniors, juniors and all well-wishers. Dr Shekar Algundgi, Dr Manish Bhartiya, Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy are few to mention.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each of them who took part in the event, all your best wishes are the driving force for us to keep working and diffusing Homoeopathy far and wide.

We express our gratitude to Karnataka Qualified Homoeopathic Doctors Association for sharing the time and space for the smooth conduct of our program.

The very purpose of this website is to provide all the information related to all the courses, workshops and webinars offered by the Institution, the expert Faculty team and the contact details of the coordinators of the Institution. We will be constantly updating our website with all the helpful information and announcements. We hope our website gives all the required information for those who visit the site.

“Have you seen our website?” Take a peek at….

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