Necessity of health related qualifications after BHMS

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Dr Mansoor Ali

In order to get a handsome job in health sector, either in Government or Public –private sector, it is mandatory to have an additional qualification like Postgraduate diploma in public health, postgraduate diploma in health science research, MBA in health, Master of hospital management, Master of epidemiology etc.

We had examined the placement advertisement of  last few years, found that majority of them demanding an additional qualification in health sector along with BHMS/BAMS/MBBS.

Acquiring an additional qualification is not a herculean task, which is comparatively easy and affordable too. You have to spend 6 months to 1 one year only for most courses.

Regular & Distance learning courses are available in Health Sector

It is important for you to choose a course on the basis of your interests, aptitude, skills and motivation.

With corporatisation as the medical world, the health sector and its allied services are throwing up opportunities like never before. New age hospitals and  colleges are today offering state of the art facilities ,services that need professionals right from the front office staff, quality assurance experts,  technicians in all specialty areas, customer support, housekeeping and F&B ,to safety, medical counselors and hospital administrators to manage the whole  affair.

Medical tourism has already spotlighted India as a medical service Hub in south Asia with the effect of which Indian service providers are drifting to more  professional empathetic outlook. Notwithstanding the substantial progress that India has made in health since independence, the country still faces a serious health challenge. The root causes of this challenge are inadequate human resource capacity and poor support systems in health.

These courses or programmes aim to impart knowledge to working health professionals and others who seek to upgrade themselves in the field of health care management and administrative tasks in health care organizations.

Various opportunities promised by this sector are Quality, Hospital Operations, NABH/ISO Consultants, Marketing Executives, Corporate Affairs, Finance  Executives, Planning and Designing consultants, Health Law consultants, Business Analysts, Health care IT Analysts, Project Management, Public Healthcare  Administrators, Insurance Executives, Education, Facilitators, Biostatistician, Human Resource managers, Market Research Analysts and last but not the least  Entrepreneurs which shapes the service modes through their viable innovation

Professional administrators with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in hospital administration are needed in every new hospital.

NB : Candidates are requested to check the authenticity and affiliations with the concerned University or Govt. before joining to the courses.

For a detailed list of various health related courses after BHMS/MBBS/BAMS
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