Need of a uniform salary structure in the homoeopathy sector

cashThis article highlights the importance of a uniform basic salary to homoeopathic professionals, teachers and medical officers across the country.

Last week one of my students called…”Sir you have posted about an international homoeopathy corporate clinic. I had applied for, they called me and you will be surprised what they offered me. Initial first month no salary, with in the next two months, you must learn regional language, then we will give you 10,000 per month ”.

This is the scenario even in the corporate/private homoeopathic sector. Some other corporates are giving comparatively good salary, but you have work on a long term bond basis, round the clock. We must ensure a basic salary to doctors in private clinics. The average monthly revenue of a corporate clinic in Cochin is around 20 Lakhs. There is great exploitation of  homeopathic doctors almost everywhere  in Govt. and private sector.

Great disparity in remuneration under NRHM & RBSK also. That discrimination should be corrected at the Centre itself. Comparing to other systems of medicine our doctors are working more with sincerity and dedication. Duration of course and syllabus are same to Allopathy and Homoeopathy.

Teachers in the private homoeopathic colleges are other victims. They are the least paid teachers. Even the so called professors get only around 10,000 per month in many colleges – even though management collects high fee from students.

But the teachers of National Institute of Homoeopathy and in some state Govt. Homoeopathy Medical Colleges are heavily paid. For example in Kerala, senior most Professor gets around One Lakh twenty five thousand per month.

There is a need to allow teaching staff more allowances, freedom to avail attractive packages like housing, if higher salaries are not possible. Many of the homeopathic medical colleges are giving comparatively less salary to teachers. That result in dissatisfaction among faculty.

“Homoeopathy Medical colleges are constructed with the main intention to make money  and multiply the investment of charitable public trusts” as said by Dr Farok J Master

Andhra Pradesh is facing acute shortage of teaching faculty in the homoeopathy colleges in the state. About 100 professor posts are lying vacant in the four government homoeopathy colleges in Andhra Pradesh. The state government had not taken any action regarding filling these posts during the past six years, because of which the quality of homoeopathy teaching in the state is degrading.

Similar situation in other states and NIH also. Many Govt. Colleges are running with temporary/daily wages teachers with less salary and wages, which is having an adverse impact on the students.

Can we try at least, for a uniform basic salary across the country?
Our council, Central Council of Homoeopathy can give directions, but they are not in a position to impose, since salary structure is decided by state governments. CCH mentioned everything about Homoeopathy colleges in MSR Regulations, but nothing about salary and wages of teachers and paramedics- probably because, few members have their own colleges!

Kerala High Court had issued a judgment in favour of Private School teachers of Kerala and fixed a minimum salary based on their qualification and experience.

In a major verdict, the Kerala High Court on Sept 2012  directed the CBSE/ICSE Boards to immediately enforce a condition that schools seeking affiliations should pay a minimum monthly salary of Rs 10,000 to primary and middle school teachers, Rs 15,000 for secondary school teachers and Rs 20,000 to senior secondary teachers with an additional amount to headmasters/principals of all unaided schools in the state.The court also directed to pay a minimum salary of Rs 6,000 and Rs 4,500 to clerical staff and peons and class IV staff as an interim measure. – Our council CCH may also think  in this way.

The bench also asked to ensure that no manipulations take place with regard to payment of salary to teachers and staff .The court observed that unless fair wages are paid to both teaching staff and non-teaching staff, the unaided private schools will not get quality staff which will affect the coaching and in turn the education standards.

You can download the judgment here or ksta 

Private Homoeopathy college teachers of each state can form an association or a national organisation, and give representations to the college management, after that file a case in court. Teachers and others will definitely get a handsome salary.

Please give a proper representation to our new Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

Dr Mansoor Ali
CEO Homeobook


  1. In govt sectors 12th pass anms and mpws have permanent job and 19500 basic salary .sometime feeling so much depression about job.why we have selected this profession .it’s better to be primary teacher or instead of great percentage it’s better to do anm gnm.there is only tag of Dr….but treated like class _4.why we r not raising our voice against system.

    • Hi myself Rohit gupta
      I want to do BHMS from Mumbai
      is this right choice for me for career
      pls help me

  2. Gud article. its not only the matter of salary but also we are being deprived of our own right way of practice. such an example is many doctors who have been appointed as MO (AYUSH) in many govt hospitals are not provided AYUSH medicines n are compelled to prescribe allopathic medicines. N moreover all the DMO are of allopathic background so thy don’t understand the efficacy of AYUSH .even we don’t have our own directorate to monitor us in few states. so CCH shud even ask every state to own separate directorate of AYUSH n provide us a perfect guidelines for hospital practice in govt sector n also shud take up many programme related to public awareness of AYUSH.

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