No amnesty for Homeopathy Colleges in 2013-14 – AYUSH

Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India issued notice to all Homoeopathy Colleges regarding the Minimum Standard Requirements of Homoeopathy Colleges & attached Hospital regulations 2013

1. No amnesty from Academic year 2013- 14 onward from Homoeopathy (MSE) regulations

2. Inspection fr the academic year 2013-14 w.e.f 15th May 2013 onward 

3. No admission without permission

4. Homoeopathy (MSE) regulations 1983 have been suspended with Homoeopathy Regulation (MSE) 2013 

5. Inspection of colleges will be as per the provisions of 2013 MSE regulations 

6. Homoeopathy colleges should ensure 100% compliance of Homoeopathy MSE regulations 2013

7. AYSUH relaxations for the admission to certain colleges will not be extended for 2013-14 admissions

8. CCH will start inspection of all colleges from 15.05.2013 onwards as per 2013 MSE regulations

Homoeopathy (MSE)  Regulations 2013 : Click 

More details  on inspection


  1. Is any regulation for marks in practical examinations in which many students disqualifies(?) during the examinations due to disputes with local staff during the academic sessions, although they are not wrong on their behalf and the results makes them exhausted and depressed…… IS ANY REGULATION REGARDING THIS??????

  2. very good decision …… yo strugle in this wold is near impossihle due the college are not standard. no clinical knowlege and all……. etc … but the gov should ban such college which not provide standard edu…..

  3. nice effort…but if implemented strictly!!!!! everybody know about inspection of homoeopathic colleges esp of privte medical colleges….

  4. I salute the person involved in taking this decision,sincere effort on the part of the people to implement the same could play a part in the future of HOMOEOPATHY in India.

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