One Nation One Organisation for Homoeopathy- an appeal to young Homoeopaths of India

Dear Young Homoeopaths of India,

“The conviction has grown in my mind after all my travels in various lands that no great cause can succeed without an organisation”- Swami Vivekananda an ideal role model for the youth has said this phrase before the formation of Ramakrishna Mission.

We are facing one of the worst pandemics in history globally and in this crucial moment why this appeal is also necessary for us the young generation of this system, we must understand this.

It’s my privilege and I really took this opportunity to write up an appeal to youths of Homoeopathy after many senior Homoeopaths like my Gurus Dr. Subhas Singh, Director N.I.H. & Dr. Rajat Chatterjee, Principal Of CHMC&H. All of my seniors who are all experienced in administration and also organisation skills are thinking about a merger of all small and big organisations under one umbrella because of not mere failure to establish the proposal of action against Corona virus pandemic but to conjointly form a strong organisation for making a strong lobby.

I along with my friends was active in forming organisation from my student life because it is teaching from our ancestors that one finger is good for appeal but for action we need five fingers forming fist. I am sure many of us thought after passing that which organisation one should join? This is really tough to decide because we are offered with a different proposal from a different organisation. I always questioned about why a single organisation like IMA of allopathy is not active in India? Why we have to run for the perfect choice?

I think this pandemic has answered all my questions rather many of young Homoeopaths question. We failed somewhere to establish and repeat the glorious history of successfully treating pandemics of past. This pandemic has proved that we are really lacking in our organisation skills. Homoeopathy has always gained popularity after every epidemic & pandemic, we the young homoeopaths are lucky that we are in this era of pandemic but it seems we are loosing our chance.

Young is the one which has all the capacity to offer to the past and to the future. I am appealing to all the young Homoeopaths of India to come forward either lead or convince others for one strong organisation of Homoeopathy pan India. It is us who shall have to answer our next generation that what we did in this pandemic? Why we were silent when our so-called leading organisations failed to form a successful lobby for our system of medicine? Until its too late we must come forward ignoring our egos to form one organisation for Homoeopathy.

Whatever good we did in past unless this repeats in present we will not get a secured future. We recently celebrated a virtual ceremony of World Homoeopathy Day organised by CCRH it was a great endeavour and we were excited that something good will be announced by the ministry but it was just a symposium. These disappointments are burning like fire in our hearts and we the youths have to decide our fate. We are in between a glorious past and unknown future of our system and if we the youths will think nothing then I am apprehensive about our secured future. We can only give our respect to Master Hahnemann after taking an active role and becoming a key player in this pandemic.

Once again I request the young blood to come forward to campaign for our future, campaign for Homoeopathy, Camp for dreams of our Master Hahnemann, campaign for the single cause ‘One Nation One Organisation for Homoeopathy’.

My appeal to think from words of our Hon’ble Ex- President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam  “To succeed in your mission you must have single minded devotion to your goal”

Dr. Alok Nath Shaw


  1. Really need a central aplateform where all homeopath can share their cured cases to in reached homoeopathy but it need to inniciate.

  2. Praising idea but appeal should be included for elderly experienced Homoeopaths also.

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