Homoeopathy today- need an introspection

Rajat Chattopadhyay

The book, Organon of Medicine, written by Dr Hahenemann is a benchmark in History written not for Homoeopaths only but also for all clinicians.  It is possibly the precursor of any text book of Preventive Medicine.

Since 1796, the year of birth of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, probably this is the toughest time which we are passing through.  The epidemic / Pandemic of influenza, plague or cholera happened in this universe when clinical medicine was in its infancy and not matured enough.  The preventive aspect, governance, statistics, research methodologies were not satisfactory and up to the mark.  In those early periods, Homoeopathy showed its advantage with all its criticism and few papers and statistics (even its authenticity questioned too) showed that the death rate under Homoeopathic treatment was less compared to the patient treated under the then conventional medicine.

But what is happening right now? 
We have entered to the era of molecular biology, genomic study, personalized medicine, robotic surgery, nuclear medicine, stem cell therapy and many other facilities in the medical field. The diagnostic acumen is so accurate, based on latest innovation of science and technology for which practicing and researching medicine has become easy and most scientific. The biomedical engineering, inclusion of management in Community medicine, genomic study of humans are example of few innovative departments evolved through continuous R& D.

Homoeopathic system of Medicine has also changed and improved with the time. From the old diploma course to latest PhD course in Homoeopathy now are in progress. There are Research councils, Medical Councils, Medical University, Homoeopathy University, Ministry of AYUSH, Separate directorate and Department of homoeopathy in many states of India with the rapid progress of infrastructure and HR especially in India and in many countries; though it is pity to say that in most of the developed countries it is still called as pseudoscience or placebo therapy.  A Homoeopathic graduate or PG in India becomes a graduate and postgraduate scholar under the same university where modern medicine students are also registered.  The same syllabus with addition of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Homoeopathic Philosophy and Repertory instead of Modern Pharmacology are being taught.  In the Government service sector – homoeopaths like teachers, public health medical officers, researchers, administrators etc are receiving more or less similar type of salary in comparison to modern medicine professionals.  Most of the basic principles of Homoeopathy are proven factor today.

The concept of holistic medicine in the light of Psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology, individualization approach of treatment in comparison to Personalized medicine concept, single medicine concept in comparison to the De-prescribing directives  of modern medicine authorities, concept of general physician through detailed case taking (with inquiry of all accessory circumstances including socio-cultural factors etc.)  for developing a good doctor-patient relationship in comparison to reappearance of Family medicine course in modern medicine etc are few examples of the foresightedness of our Master who never believed in separate theory of mind and body. The importance of Mind in relation to physical disease was observation of Dr Hahnemann which is now known to all. The concept of anamnesis, fundamental cause, constitutional deficiencies, diathesis, temperament, susceptibility, socio-cultural relationship in the evolution of diseases are the proven fact but it got recognition only after rigorous attempt of all Homoeopaths starting from Dr  Hahnemann to all of our esteemed seniors of today.

But with all these truth the application of Homoeopathy for the diseases are still in question. There are huge acceptance of homoeopathic treatment from general people, huge demand to learn homoeopathy, a good fund allocated for research and education in homoeopathy, continuous government support, a separate ministry of AYUSH even formed in India which includes Homoeopathy but the moot question remains unanswered. Is Homeopathy getting the due recognition from the all sectors of the society as it deserves?

Dr. Hahnemann was born in 1755 and despite facing criticism, penury, and constant repugnance, not only founded Homoeopathy, but stood steadfast in his conviction.  The same thing is still prevailing, the long time period of survival of homoeopathy with winning flags cannot induce belief in the mind of the skeptics at this time too.  No medicine is proved to be beneficial as preventive or curative in all cases of COVID-19 universally, different hypothetical applications are going on from antimalarial drug to plasma of recovered patient as readymade antibody on the basis of past experience, experimental or observational journal papers or by any other means but I have a doubt of whether a single trial performed with Homoeopathic medicine throughout the world in any form (as adjuvant/individual etc.)!!.  Even no pharmaceutical company showed interest to clinical research or to publish any paper in any form. What will be the teaching of the faculty to their students?

What research tool/ design to be planned to implement for the researcher? What standard treatment protocol in the form of Genus epidemicus or individualistic approach to be formulated in practice for a practicing Homoeopath? Apart from considering as Human Resource to work in the community, what will be the specific technical  skill/ specialization sought for Public Health to be implemented from the Homoeopathic medical officers and other Homoeopathic professionals? There are so many questions and confusion arises from students to the all the professionals of Homoeopathy.  We are said to be torchbearers of Homoeopathy, and with bowed heads we ask for forgiveness from our Master today.  At the time when we could have deployed our armamentarium and accorded Homoeopathy the platform in this century, we failed in becoming the true warriors of Homoeopathy for the search of truth.  When a pandemic ravages and kills rampantly and pushes mankind into the abyss of a proverbial dark age, when sycophants run around trying deadly concoctions propagating a cure more deadly than the disease, homeopaths stay silent.

Let this silence be your celebration, a celebration of the beginning of the end.  The ends of such time when we finally get back, think, introspect, and revoke our pledge.  Let Dr. Hahnemann see how the world he wanted healthy, gently cured being slaughtered by malpractices and the unified silence of his followers.  Have we ever been attempted to show ‘Aude Sapere” in its true form!! Have we ever followed the directives of our Master along the path we travelled of our life and ever even advised or make convinced others about the lesson of life and how to live in the society!! This silence on his birth anniversary is a perfect way of him questioning us, have we done justice to the man who gave us the elixir of life, but we did not use it to save these innocent lives that become statistics as each hour goes by?

Prof (Dr) Rajat Chattopadhyay,
PhD(WBUHS); MD(Hom)(Cal)(NIH); BHMS(Cal)
Administrator & Principal
The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Co Author: Dr Onkita Adhikary, MD(Hom)

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