One system One organisation – Campaign for a single powerful organisation in Homoeopathy 

One system One organisation – Campaign for a single powerful organisation in Homoeopathy

Dear friends
As of now, the Homoeopathic fraternity is a divided house with umpteen organisations all over India. It is high time we should mull over forming a single Pan India Organisation to represent Homeopathy.

Multiple organisations with multiple interests are not at all beneficial for our system. We have many organisations but in crucial policy decisions by Central Govt / Different state governments the inputs from Homoeopathic organisations are not at all considered. Quiet recently in the Video conferencing with Honourable Prime minister of India arranged by AYUSH ministry representatives of homoeopathy didn’t get even an opportunity to present their views.

Its high time for us to do a thorough introspection and take concrete steps to form a single organisation for Homeopaths all over India. In this challenging time, we have a key role to play as a medical system. Because of the lack of organisational strength/Lobbying capacity, Homoeopathy is sidelined. Moreover, Criticism/Sarcasm on Homeopathy is on the rise too, so to defend Homoeopathy, to showcase the achievements of our system in front of the public as well as official bodies/Scientific community a Powerful organisation is the need of the Hour. Remember the saying united we stand divided we fall. So let us start the campaign for One system One organisation.

We request the leaders of all homoeopathy organisations sit together through a video conference and form a single organisation like Indian Homoeopathic Association (IHA) or any other suitable name. The simple coalition is not sufficient – but only a single powerful professional organisation representing the entire homoeopaths of India.
Team Homeobook

We will publish writeup from the eminent homoeopaths and leaders of different organisations here


  1. A single powerful organinastion means a corrupt, autocratic, organisation like Alopatic loby controlled by greedy and self serving individuals. Homeopathy has done well india because it is the truth and truth will always prevail.

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