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convo (5)Online Homeopathy Courses in India by by Enlightenment Education

Study & Get “University Certification” without disturbing your clinical practice  with our physician-friendly schedules

The Fellowship and Certificate Courses in Advanced Homeopathy have been started by Enlightenment Education Private Limited (EEPL), a premier organization by Dr Jawahar J Sha  committed to promotion of quality homeopathic education in India and globally, with affiliation from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (M.U.H.S.), Nashik, one of the eminent health universities in the world.

No Disruption Of Practice
You can do the course without disturbing your practice or other professional activities. Thus, you can learn while you continue to earn. Lecture schedules are planned in order to meet professional and familial schedules of students and practitioners.

Professional Growth
The most important benefit is that you continue to grow professionally by gaining the latest advanced knowledge and practical experience from the world’s best pioneers without having to disturb or disrupt your current practice.

Earn further respect and recognition amongst your patients as well as colleagues and fellow physicians.

Faculty/ Guide/ Mentor/ Speaker

  • Dr. S. A. Dhole
  • Dr. Kishore Mehta
  • Dr. Parinaz Humranwala
  • Dr. Amar Nikam
  • Dr. Anoop Nigwekar
  • Dr. Abhay Talwalkar 

Fellowship Course in Advanced Homeopathy
The methodology of Fellowship Course in Advanced Homeopathy has been designed to prepare homeopathic graduates for developing sharp acumen in practical homeopathic analysis of case solving and research methods, and provides a sound basis for clinical practice and application.

Certificate Course in Advanced Homeopathy
The Certificate Course in Advanced Homeopathy enables homeopathic graduates to apply the fundamentals of Homeopathy in various diseases and throws light on the application and scope of Homeopathy in the management of myriad cases.

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  1. sir, i am a certificate holder in homoeopathic dispencing (CHD) from national institute of open schooling,(NIOS) DELHI.Can i do this certificate/fellowship course in advanced course in homoeopathy .I have already done D.I.HOMOEO,LONDON from british institute of homoeopathy

  2. such efforts will help to enhance the knowledge in homoeopathy to those who are actually interested.

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