Pakistan Govt asked to promote homoeopathic treatment

Pakistan Homeo College StudentsPESHAWAR: Speakers at a national seminar asked the government to promote the homoeopathic mode of treatment.

The demand was made during a day-long seminar titled “Homoeopathy, the nature’s way of healing” held here. Dr Reckeweg and his team from Germany had organsied the seminar under the Reckeweg Professional Development Programmme.

Member National Assembly Hamid-ul-Haq, Dr Saeed Khattak, Dr Colonel Iqbal Shaheen, Dr Banaras Khan Awan, Dr Saleem Ahmed and Dr Najus Saqib spoke on the occasion.

The speakers said that homeopathy was based on the simple principle of stimulating the body’s own healing response.

They said that homeopathy is a natural form of medicine and an effective treatment method. Hamid-ul-Haq said homoeopathic mode of treatment will be patronised at the government level.

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  1. My Good wishes to Homoepaths of Pakistan , you would succeed provided you follow the ORGANON OF MEDICINE

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