Pakistan President for standardisation of education in field of Homoeopathy

educationKARACHI: President Mamnoon Hussain has urged the practitioners as well as proponents of alternative medicine in the country to focus towards scientific research as well standardisation of education and training in homoeopathy and tibb respectively.

Addressing the inaugural session of International Expo Alternative Medicine, organised by monthly Moalij, he said efficacy and relevance of traditional medication could not be ignored. Yet absence of proper regulation, standardisation and above all no research has severely compromised their popularity among the masses, he said.

Mentioning in local context homoeopathy and tibb are most relevant traditional modes of treatment that were extremely popular for quite some time after establishment of the country. He regretted indifference towards research culture caused a great setback to these otherwise they were affordable source of medication.

On homoeopathy, he said it was still practiced in many of the countries including both developed and developing countries yet has received strong set back in our context. Even many of our neighbouring countries have made steady research and significant improvements in this peculiar field of homoeopathy but in our context this is no match to allopathy, he regretted. This should be remembered in these countries homoeopathy was treated as a complimentary mode of treatment and its practice following relevant training was allowed only after completion of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, he said. [Source]

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