PARASITOLOGY – PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures  

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Ascaris lumbricoidesDr Ronisha

Bartonellosis, Legionellosis, Yaws,PintaDr Sapna M

Borrelial Infections Relapsing fevers and lymeborreliosis – Dr Soumya Mathew


Dengue an over viewDr Midhun Ramesh

Helminths and hook worm – Dr Nisha C N

Leishmaniasis – black fever

Kala azar – dum dum fever


Introduction to Bioinformatics

Haemoparasite-Malaria – A Detailed Study – Dr. Mohamed Iqbal Musani



Biological Terrorism – Plague



Trichuris trichiura

Trichomonas vaginalis



Yersinia pestis (pasteurella pestis)


Tenia infection 

Trichomoniasis & Candidiasis – Hareesh Krishnan

Streptococcal infection – Dr Preethi A John

Bacterial infection & immunity – Xiao Kui Guo

Amoebiasis – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Congenital viral infections

Vibrio Cholera – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Dengue Fever and Homoeopathy – Dr.Smitha R Menon

Dengue fever – Management – Dr.Thanooja.S.H

Sterilisations and disinfection – Fathima.N.A

Filariasis and homeopathy  Dr.Rajeev.O

Vibrio Cholera – Dr.Jayadeep B P

Mycology -Questions and answers

Parasitology – Questions and Answers

Microbiology & parasitology – Questions and answers

Virology – Questions and answers

Immunology – Questions and Answers

Infection – types and methods

Life on earth – Mycology


The fascinating world of microbes

Introduction to parasitology

Different types of immunity

Streptococcacea family

Mycoses -types and treatment

Different types of antigen

Subcutaneous mycosis


Serological tests in Medical Practice

Deep mycosis – cutaneous 

Introduction to Medical Parasitology & Entomology and Luminal Protozoa – Prof. Dr. HJ. Wan Omar Abdullah

Toxoplasma Gondi

Toxoplasmosis Protozoan Parasite

Toxoplasmosis – A risk in pregnancy