Pediatric constitutions in Homoeopathic Materia Medica

childrenDr Shahdi. E BHMS,MD(Hom) 

AUREM MET (child)-Eldest child of the family and his father is no more
Ailment from: Fear,  anger mortification, vexation, unusual responsibilities

  • Serious, cant laugh easily
  • Highly intellectual
  • Extremely sensitive to criticism
  • Try for Good boy, Good boy image. Wants to attain good position in society, so study all the time-Industrious
  • Insomnia IN bright students
  • Reserved and alone; no friends or just a superficial acquaintances.
  • Startles from least noise; Over sensitive to noise, music, taste, odors, to all pain.
  • Enters in to the clinic in front of their parents and narrates their complaints boldly
  • Loquacity, constant rapid questioning without waiting for answer.
  • Sitting erect
  • Introverted we cant read depression from their face
  • Chilly thirsty

Withdrawing Hypoactive, emaciated, and dwarfish

  • Idiotic with delayed milestones(h/o of birth trauma ,umbilical cord strangulation
  • Shy of  strangers. The baryta carb child will be seen hiding behind the furniture when strangers come in; When the baryta babies appear in the clinic they will keep the hand up over the face and peek out through the fingers.
  • Child doesn’t want to play but sits in the corner doing nothing. Think one is being laughed at and made fun of.
  • Learn same thing over and over again. Yet remains untrained. Learning poorly. Desires routine works.
  • Wants company(parents)
  • Obedient (mother to)
  • Indifferent to toys
  • Tendency to enlargement of glands with induration esp. tonsils, cervical and prostate
  • Offensive foot sweat
  • Biting nail
  • Chilly thirsty

Approaching/withdrawing , Hyperactive Non destructive

Arg. Nit child looks like a withered old man. Emaciation progressing every year, most marked in lower extremities

  • Happy optimistic
  • Lively and talkative. The usual complaints of teacher is that they are very talkative during    lectures and inattentive.
  • Need constant support to do anything
  • Hurry before an appointment , wants to pass stool just before going to school
  • Nervous
  • Hurried and impulsive . Very fast , hurried so makes mistakes in school(poetries, alphabets)
  • Curious
  • Kleptomania
  • Cowardice, Fear of crowd, public places.
  • Excitability $phobias-Fear high places and closed narrow rooms
  • Cravings- sugar (eat as such-which disagrees),salt, ice cream
  • Hot
  • Hypoglyceamic headache (Nux, lyco, Anacardium)

Withdrawing Hyperactive Fat and flabby.

  • Fat flabby flaccid, big bellied with emaciated legs
  • A calc carb child are usually accompanied by their parents for consultation and, never answer a question but whisper answer to their parents
  • Very obstinate even get aggressive , bbut this behavior is confined to within their home and is directed only to their parents. Outside they are quite timid and fearful and well behaved (lyco++)
  • Sensitive to rudeness and admonition.
  • Child wakes at night frequently , restless sleep , rolls in bed
  • Sound sleep during day time(opp. Lyco)
  • Never allow to touch during sleep, Child kicks of covering
  • Child takes more time to learn-slow to learn
  • Much ambitious for money-
  • Kleptomania money for
  • Curious asking questions about religious and supernatural matters.
  • Religious precocity
  • Child is precocious, obstinate, and self willed, and cries persistently
  • Slow in motion
  • Plays themselves if mother is near
  • Allergic to dust (powder), to milk other than mothers
  • Fearful and timid, child cant see fighting in movies
  • Susceptible to night mares
  • Art, drawing and maths inaptitude.
  • Cautious
  • Lazy cannot play only watch tv/ playing
  • Craving-egg , chocolates, indigestible things
  • Wants to lie on abdomen Children <5$ women after meno are hot
  • Delayed dentition
  • Allergic tendencies in infants-to powder dust, mosquito coil, milk other than mothers Child perspires profusely esp. head 

Withdrawing hyperactive non destructive

  • Fearful child needs parents for security
  • Looks older than he is
  • Child sleeps all night and cries all day
  • Wants to go out after awaking. Peevish and cross when waking
  • Cowardice
  • Pseudo intellectual
  • Intellectually keen , but physically week.
  • Dictatorial towards younger ones
  • Makes friendship with little ones
  • Wants to be only with those who are constantly surrounding her, on whom he can dominate.
  • Hard on inferiors and soft to superiors.
  • Easily angered, esp. at home, out side they are timid and silent
  • Cruel and abusive to parents. Child shows his dissatisfaction with mothers.
  • Loquacious to familiar ones, silent outside
  • Greedy child, will never share his possessions between friends, and try for to get others too.
  • In clinic-lyco will look at the mother to tell his complaints, if mother starts, they will modify(no doctor,not like that)
  • Hungry after awaking
  • Cannot read what he writes
  • Timid appearing public in
  • Fear –to be alone, strangers, thunderstorm
  • Stage fright – but if the topic is well known to him, he present boldly and more perfectly than anyone.
  • Anxious and nervous on trifles
  • With catarrha of the chest
  • Bookworms
  • Cronic resp infection in child hood
  • Hot thirsty
  • Desire sweets
  • Wrinkled forehead with chest complaints

Approaching hyperactive destructive dwarfed and stunted

  • Hyperactive restless child, always in hurry
  • Makes mistakes in homework because of hurry.
  • Postponing homework to next day.
  • Selfish, lair
  • Cannot talk without weeping.
  • ADHD
  • Extroverted
  • Open $friendly in consulting room
  • FEARLESS- child talks even with strangers
  • Destructive .Striking at animals. Tears himself. Tears hair. Throws things at persons
  • Answers intellectually loudly
  • Memory weakness, cannot concentrate. Forgetful of names, later of words,
  • Child cries loudly
  • Fight with other children
  • FOND of EARLY SEX-Masturbation in children
  • Aggressive in sex
  • Hot thirsty
  • Sleep position-Knee-chest position
  • Offensive fishy odour of secretion, body smell sour
  • Hot feet in children. They take off their shoes the moment allowed, they love to walk barefooted on a cold floor.
  • Family h/o of gonorrhea
  • Fiery red rashes developing about the anus in babies a few days old. Oozing of moisture from anus, fetid like fish brine.
  • C/c catarrhal conditions in children. Nose dirty , tonsils enlarged, thick yellow discharge from the nostril.
  • Bed wetting in children. Passes abnormally great quantity of  high colored ammoniacal urine in bed every night.

Withdrawing hyperactive, non destructive, fat

  • A typical pusatilla child is shy and clings to the mother. She makes good contact with the doctor but from the safety of mother’s lap. She craves attention and affection. Often the mother reveals that the child comes to sit on her lap at any opportunity and often ask the mother “mummy do you love me”. Better by consolation. For pusatilla cchild mother is the sole point of reference.
  • Desire company
  • Highly devotional
  • Jealous, avarice.
  • Fears to be alone, of dark, of ghost in the evening
  • Child wants to be carried slowly.
  • Effeminate-(Lyco, Thuja)
  • She will have particular friends in the classroom $sensitive to criticism of these friends
  • Affectionate, kisses and caresses.
  • Easily disposed to weep(pitiful cry) or laugh. Can hardly narrate her complaints without weeping
  • Seeks constant attention
  • Wants to impress others (Carci.) (eg. By being fastidious) . Can be manipulative to get attention.
  • Gives everything when flattered
  • Servile, obsequious, submissive-
  • Timid with strangers
  • Child/ stranger: Child takes some times to make friendship ,but once became friendly s he will play with them very well
  • Typical shyness, attractive
  • She loves particular colors, Wants to sleep with light on (fear darkness)
  • Wants company to sleep
  • Complaints after birth of second child
  • Shares everything happened in the school with parents in the evening
  • Talks too much with neighbors(IN SCHOOL)
  • Hot thirst less

Approaching+++/withdrawing, hyperactive, non destructive, tall stooping

  • Very communicative, expressive
  • Sympathetic and Desire sympathy
  • Take care of animal
  • Makes friends easily, but superficial
  • Borrows from everybody, at the same time generous if he has money
  • Artistic
  • Excitable Talks with eyes $ hands
  • imaginative (eg.before going a tour she will image about the things to see
  • Curiosity (inquisity)
  • Fear of darkness, of being alone, thunderstorm
  • Child gets easily angered, becomes vehement
  • Child wakes at night and comes to parents bed(puls, stram)
  • Wants to be magnetized(calc.carb, Sil)
  • Clairvoyant
  • Restless, fidgety; moves constantly cannot sit or stand still for a moment.
  • Timid reserved
  • foppish
  • Craves ice cold water, ice cream chocolate, eats ice cubes as such
  • >sleep
  • Chilly thirsty
  • Sensitive to all ext. impressions
  • Desire-cold drinks, ice creams
  • Aversion-Tea, oyster

Withdrawing, hypoactive/hyperactive, emaciated

Ailment from: vaccination, suppressed foot sweat

  • Premature baby- LBW
  • Obstinate, yet cries when kindly spoken to
  • Yielding, mild ,anxious and faint hearted
  • Shy and nervous. Refuses to answer any question from doctor. Instead he whispers to the mother, who must then relay the information to the doctor.
  • Timid, bashful. Timidity about appear5ing public
  • Somnambulism
  • Fastidious; Keeps his books and other things neatly and orderly
  • Underestimate knowledge (Opp. Lyco-boasts about his knowledge)
  • Imperfect assimilation, fat boy———too thin
  • Fear of needles(sharp objects ,Injection ,child cries loudly when entering into clinic due to fear of injection–Pin mania
  • Chilly thirsty(cold)
  • Slow learning to walk
  • Perspiration increased esp. about the head- Palm sweating
  • Offensive foot sweat
  • Aversion to mothers milk in infants. Vomiting after taking it
  • Constipation with no urging. Bashful stool

Withdrawing, hyperactive , destructive

Emaciated child (esp. neck)having shiny, oily and waxy look of face

  • Inability to receive or give affection
  • The Natrum child is well behaved and often mature beyond his age. Like a little adult.
  • The child is extremely responsible a bout his homework or his family’s need.
  • Child is cross when spoken to, very irritable, angry about trifles and more irritable when consoled
  • Easily offended or wounded. Complaints from humiliation
  • Revengeful
  • Reserved
  • Loves pets
  • Beauty conscious (Always before the mirror- tuberc
  • Aversion to presence of strangers while passing urine.
  • Desire solitude
  • Weeping from admonition
  • Hot thirsty
  • Mapped tongue
  • Craving salt, fish,
  • Slow learning to talk
  • Eyelid with transverse line through the middle of the upper eye lid especially in children. Dandruff with hair falling
  • Myopia at early age
  • Mosquito bite ( staphy )
  • Constipation when away from home
  • Allergic rhinitis with hypotension
  • In clinic if we ask any question , child will look at the mother for permission to narrate her complaints, as the child is lived in such a strict condition


  • Strict in her idea
  • So affectionate –so strict (towards her children,esp.)
  • Workaholic
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Cries only when they are safe
  • Sensitive to ext. stimuli music ,heat etc

Withdrawing, hypoactive, non destructive obese

  • One child family ( so over caring—–laziness
  • The mother is very protective of the child , doesn’t allow anyone to lift the child and slowly a typical “touch me not” child state is developed
  • Child cries when looked at (Ant.T,Cina) or washed (Sulph0
  • Angry at every little attention
  • Doesn’t wants to be carried
  • Lazy, sleeps up to 11am 12 ,call mummy from the bed . Mam pls bring some water
  • Chilly thirst less
  • Tongue coated thick white
  • Desire acids and pickles
  • Alternate constipation and diarrhoea

Withdrawing , Hyperactive, Destructive

  • Suppressed anger , sexual desire
  • Sensitive child: Very sensitive to least mental impressions, takes offence at every little meant or unmeant insults. Very sensitive to what others say about her
  • Bashful; Child is shy off opposite sex.
  • Anger throws things around
  • Font early sex
  • Chilly thirstless
  • Craving for sweets and milk
  • Canine hunger even when stomach is full
  • Child sleep all day and sleepless all night
  • Crumbling teeth in children. Premature decay- Black discoloration in streaks
  • Ailments from indignation, suppressed anger, or after being punished .

Approaching/ withdrawing, hyperactive, destructive, tall, lean

  • Restless, hyperactive , impatient
  • Highly intellectual, very quick perception
  • Restless while reading, change position constantly / walks room to room, doesn’t remain long in one place
  • Obstinate, disobedient
  • Easily get angry
  • Cruel to parents
  • Violent and want to fight. Watch horror movies
  • Artistic, intelligent
  • Hard to please
  • Cosmopolitan, desire to wander
  • Changeability: in dressing ,food etc .child changes dress frequently.
  • Curious about the toys, he wants to know what is inside ,so repair
  • Cosmopolitan
  • precocity
  • Beauty conscious stands before mirror for a long period
  • Fearless, but fear dogs and cats
  • Hot thirsty:
  • Craves—salt as such, milk, cold drinks
  • Emaciation with increased appetite
  • Recurrent diarrhea in children
  • Recurrent attacks of cold in children
  • Hard dry cough in children
  • C/c cystitis in children
  • Epilepsy in nervous children
  • C/C of chamomilla

Withdrawing, hyperactive, destructive

  • Colic dentition during
  • Capriciousness , throws things without any direction/aim
  • Cannot be touched
  • Cross and uncivil, quarrelsome, so irritable and snappish that the child can hardly return a civil answer. Cannot be civil to doctor
  • Whatever they get put in to mouth
  • Wants to carry by anybody
  • Hot+++ /chilly, thirsty(cold)
  • Convulsions after punishment, from nursing after a fit of anger in mother
  • Oozing of a bloody water from the eyes of the new born infant
  • Hypersensitive to pain————–fever
  • Irritable ,whining restlessness
  • Dry cough ,night, 9pm to 12pm, during sleep,which doesn’t wake up the child
  • Otitis with high fever
  • To manage resp infection in calc.c baby 

Withdrawing , Hyperactive, destructive

  • So Irritable+++and cross, child’s behavior thinks you to avoid or push away the child
  • Throws things with an aim / direction usually to mother
  • Wants to carry (Mother only)
  • Hyperactive children with obstinacy
  • Fond of boring nose, nail biting
  • Child refuses hair cutting
  • Chilly thirsty
  • >knee chest position
  • Fever with hunger
  • Bedwetting due to worm
  • Child lies only on abdomen. Wakes in any other position
  • Transient squinting
  • Chamo———–cina .then child wants only her mother to carry, aversion to mothers milk 

Approaching, withdrawing, hyperactive, non destructive, emaciated

Child looks a little old man, big head and belly with emaciated limbs 

  • True genius
  • Quite mechanical attitude, wants to know, how that instrument work, what is the theory behind it
  • They enjoy talking with adults and resent not being treated as adult.
  • Artistic aptitude
  • Love pets
  • Boasts about his belongings
  • Extroverted
  • Love talking
  • Leadership quality
  • Selfish, having no regards for others
  • Coquettish
  • Wants to be the center of attention ——crowds around him
  • They read interesting subjects morning to evening
  • Genius in one subject. eg. Maths ,don’t know other subjects thoroughly
  • Aversion to bathing
  • Catnap sleep
  • Indifferent to personnel appearances
  • Hot thirsty
  • Allergy to woolen & silk cloths
  • Ear very red children

Approaching/Withdrawing, hyperactive restless, destructive+++

  • Lasciviousness very pronounced. Hands constantly pulling at genitals in little boys
  • Fear of solitude, being alone, darkness, narrow places, animals, shining objects++(water, mirror etc.)
  • Wants light and company
  • Kleptomania
  • Spitting-faces of people
  • Imitation –mimicry-voices and motions of animals
  • Child awakes terrified, knows no one, screams with fright, clings to those near him. Answers with a shrieking look as if first objects seen.
  • Chilly, thirsty
  • Stammering; has to exert himself a lot before he can utter a word
  • Convulsive movements or jerks esp. on touching or fixing the eye on brilliant objects.
  • Loquacious during delirium, talks of nothing but one subjects
  • Wrinkled forehead brain trouble with

Approaching, Hyperactive, Destructive

Adapted to children who are neglected after the birth of  a  new baby. The mother was nice and loving to him, but after the birth of his younger brother, he feels mother is giving attention to younger brother than him. He feels jealous of the new born(Ign), and becomes angry and destructive.

The Hyoscy. State also develop in infants of working mother ,  when the mother has to resume duties early. She leaves the newborn home, who is taken care  by the maid, and a sense of forsaken feeling arises in the infant.

  • Behavioral problems in children. Poor control over his impulses
  • Biting everyone who disturbs him. Desire to break things. Abusive and insulting
  • Foolish behavior
  • Shameless child-Desire to uncover, remains naked in the bed
  • Imitation-mimicry
  • Gossiping, slandering.
  • Artistic aptitude
  • Jealous
  • Suspicious
  • Kleptomania
  • Precocious sexual behavior
  • Chilly thirsty
  • Convulsions in children esp. from fright

Approaching , Hyperactive Destructive,++(cunning), Emaciated(but energetic++)

  • POPPEYE baby- A cartoon character who has tremendous strength despite him being
  • lean and thin
  • Restless, Constantly doing something all the time. Industrious due to nervous tension.
  • Everybody must hurry
  • Constant restlessness particularly of lower extrimities
  • Cunning(foxy)
  • Destructive, especially when he is alone, done in secret (esp. clothes). Break ,tears and
  • throws things
  • Cunning (foxy)
  • Disobedient , quarrelsome
  • Hurry movements in , walking while
  • Mania to dance when hearing music, but movements are not slow and gentle, better by
  • music (esp. rhythmic music)
  • Self injuring (unlike stramonium- directed to others)
  • Abusive
  • Feign sickness, when attention is directed to her
  • Rolls on ground from side to side
  • Kleptomania
  • Threatening, when not giving what he demanded
  • Cruel, mischievous
  • Chilly/ hot, Thirsty/ thirst less
  • Desire- sand, ashes, raw foods
  • Aversion –Chocolates

Hyperactive/ Hypoactive , Restless

  • Cheerful
  • Fastidious, want to impress others
  • Fond of dancing, music, rain, thunder storm
  • Fear –street in a crowd
  • Love pets
  • Artistic
  • Foppish
  • Fear high places, spider
  • Chilly/hot, thirst/ thirst less
  • Desire –Chocolate
  • Family h/o of cancer
  • Sea side m>
  • AILMENTS FROM – domination, domination – children; in – parental control; long
  • history of excessive – children; in

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