Pharmacokinetics of Viscum Album after subcutaneous injection

Roman Huber & Jürgen Eisenbraun &
Barbara Miletzki & Michael Adler & Rainer Scheer & Reinhild Klein & Christoph H. Gleiter  

For the 1st time in history, the pharmacokinetics (Pharmacokinetics-Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion – the four processes involved when a drug is taken are absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination or excretion) of a homoeopathic mother tincture has been proven and accepted by all , published in a peer reviewed international  journal. 

The mother tincture is Viscum Album the common name of which is Mistletoe.

 Purpose Knowledge of natural mistletoe lectins (nML) phar- macokinetics can be regarded as essential for further rational studies with mistletoe preparations. Studies with intravenous application of a recombinant type II ribosome inactivating protein (rML) analogous to nML revealed a short half-life of about 13 min in cancer patients. This open-label, phase I, monocenter clinical trial was performed in order to describe the pharmacokinetics of nML. 

Natural ML from abnobaVISCUM® Fraxini 20 mg are detectable in serum after a single subcutaneous injection. Detectability is considerably longer compared with intravenously administered rML. The subcutaneous injection of this preparation without usual pretreatment with lower doses results in short-lasting fever and other flu-like symptoms. 

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