Pisces – Fish Remedies in Homeopathy

fishDr Sinsen Joseph

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of Fish and their preparation, properties and clinical indications etc.

The phylum vertebrata is subdivided into

Agnatha (jawless) and
Gnathostomata (jawed).
The super class pisces coming under gnathostomata.

Fishes are

  • Cold blooded
  • Aquatic
  • Gill breathing and
  • Oviparous.

Fishes are having a boat shaped body, divided into three region namely
Trunk and

Body is covered by an exoskeleton of overlapping mesodermal scales. There is fins for locomotion and gills for respiration. But few lung fishes are present which are using lungs for breathing.

Most of the fishes are edible. They contain

  • Protein (more)
  • Fats (less)
  • Vitamins and
  • Minerals.

Sea fishes are natural source of iodine which are very essential for proper functioning of thyroid gland.

Major homoeopathic medicines prepared from fishes are

  1. Erythrinus
  2. Gadus morrhua
  3. Oleum jacoris aselli
  4. Eel serum
  5. Ichthyolum and
  6. Trachinus.

A kind of red mullet. Tincture of the fish is used.
Prover: Dr: Burnett.
Dr: Burnett noticed its effect on some sailors who ate the fish. A peculiar type of red rash seen all over body. It is clinically indicated in pityriasis rubra and also in syphilis.
Complimentary medicine is aurum mur.

Gadus morrhua

  • Natural order is Gadidae.
  • Proved by Petroz.
  • Tincture is prepared from the trituration of first cervical vertebra of the fish.
  • They said to act powerfully on the respiratory tract. Mental symptoms like hopelessness and desire for death are prominent. There is flapping of alae nasi as in lyco. There is general affections on bones. There is heat of palms of hands.
  • Frequent cough with chest pain. Frequent breathing with movement of chest wall. There will be sharp pain in chest< from movement, deep inspiration, coughing etc;
  • Weak voice. Usually indicated in phthisis.

Oleum jacoris aselli

  • Commonly called as Cod liver oil. Oils obtained from the liver of Gadus morrhua and some other allied fishes
  • Prover: Neidhard.
  • It is a nutrient and hepatic remedy. The common indications are:
  • There is soreness of throat, chest, abdomen, kidney etc;
  • Palpitation is seen as a concomitant symptom.
  • The discharges are usually yellow.
  • Dry hacking cough with soreness of chest. Indicated in phthisis.
  • Sense of fluttering commencing in the region of sacrum rising to occiput.
  • Creeping sensation with rush of blood to heart.
  • Evening fevers with burning in palms. Chills running down back. Cold feet.
  • Sensitiveness to cold and damp.
  • Locally applied in ring worm affections.
  • Emaciated. Dwarfish chilly babies with increased appetite, anemia and milk intolerance.
  • Abnormal growth of hair on the face of women.

Eel serum ( serum anguillar ichthyotoxin
It is commonly indicated in renal affections.
The sphere of actions are

  • Kidney
  • Heart
  • Blood.

Usually indicated in renal complaints with oliguria, albuminuria, anaemia etc; acute nephritis with uremia. Also in hypertension with oliguria without oedema.

Ammoniacum ichthyol suophonate ( combination of sulphonated hydrocarbons) prepared from a mineral of Tyrol, which is rich in fossilized remains of fish.
This has been used in the old school therapeutics as an external application for skin affections and rheumatism. It is a powerful antiseptic.
Uric acid diathesis. There will be redness due to inflammation. Indicated in chronic rheumatism. Increased appetite and thirst with nausea. Dry teasing cough as in tuberculosis. Winter cough of old people.
On the skin there is itching eczema, crops of bois, psoriasis and acne.


  • Two types are commonly seen.
  • Trachinus draco (sting ball) and
  • Trachinus vipera (sting fish).

Trituration of the poisonous fin is used for the preparation.
Intolerable stinging and pain in wounds inflicted with the fins. Swelling of the part. Gangrenous blisters. Cold clammy sweat.
Also indicated in blood poisoning, asthma, neuralgias and ulcers.
It is associated with violent thirst in nearly all complaints.

Common features:
1. Almost all fishes have marked action on skin. Erythrinus: reddish coloured skin.

  •  Oleum jacoris aselli: ring worm infection.
  •  Ichthyolum: violent itching of skin.
  1.   Trachius: painful skin complaint.
  2. 2. Fishes seem to act on respiratory mucuous membrane. Also indicated in tuberculosis and asthma.
  3. 3. Increased appetite and thirst.

4. Heat of palms of hands.
5. Action on kidneys.


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