Prevention of congenital and hereditary defects homoeopathy

Dr.Rekha Srinivasan

Should this paper set you a Thinking and call forth a discussion and an explanation of opinion and also elicit the experience of those shown grey in the service of scientific therapeutics, I shall learn much there from These are the initial words of Dr Burnet’s paper on prevention of congenital defects- hare lip cleft palate. This inspired me to think  about the field of Homeopathic prevention in hereditary disorders. I am now convinced that hereditary diseases are prevented by Homeopathy alone and some of the congenital defects have to be rectified surgically.

I think We Homoeopaths should take up this for research purpose and establish the supremacy of Homoeopathy in this most important field of Health sciences. I plead to Institutions to take up this cause since one of My clients could not do the genetic mapping due to financial constrains, even though I have treated that baby to prevent Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy. I am in dark since it appeared in Males in that family at around 13-14 years of age. That baby now is of  2 years of age and his parents are unable to carry out those expensive tests.

And this subject is endearing to me as a woman. Here I want to put forward two similar cases where the Homoeopathy heals defects of foetuses aesthetically. But before that I want to tell the flashback so as to justify the supremacy of Homeopathic intervention.

One of my beneficiaries had a female child in the year 2002. That  baby was diagnosed clinically as suffering from Hydrocephalous.

Naturally her head was ever enlarging. That child developed cerebral palsy and her milestones which were altogether slow now stopped and reversed. At the age of 10 months she had neither developed head control nor can turn on her abdomen and no need to say she could not sit or walk. But before that infant was subjected to series of tests and scans she parted from them due to RDS at 11 months of age.

From then they were afraid of going for another baby lest  hydrocephalus reappears in next issue. Incidentally I was reading this very paper which instigated me to experiment. I had to trust Pioneers of Homoeopathy in treating such cases.

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