Prevention of swine flu by justicia adhatoda

Dr. Krishnendu maity

In the recent days when H1N1 Flu is prevalent, and its prevention & treatment is a burning topic in the medical practice – I want to share with my brethren a few cases, that I have these days in my clinic; and was provided with good results with Justicia adhatoda 30c.

the H1N1 Flu presents with Running nose, Sneezing, Sore throat, Malaise and body ache. My patients came to me with these features on the 1ST & 2ND week of August, 2009. On case taking, I diagnosed them to be ‘Flu’; as those were not established cases through laboratory investigation as ‘H1N1 Flu’.

My studies on Justicia adhatoda from Dr. William Bœricke’s Materia Medica, Dr. S. C. Ghose’s Drugs of Hindoostan and the CCRH website – revealed the medicine Justicia adhatoda.

Dr. Bœricke and Dr. Ghose advised the administration of q, 3x, 6x; and q, respectively; whereas CCRH recommended 6x potency. On the unavailability of 3x and 6x, I opted to administer 30c. Justicia 30 was administered – 4 globules 4 times daily as a ‘remedy’ for 7 days and 95% cases were cured of their symptoms.

Justicia 30 was given as a ‘preventive’ to others and the family members of the patients; and it yielded good result. Dr. George Royal and Dr. Selden Haines Talcott advised that administration of the remedy as a ‘preventive’ should be continued till the appearance of the symptoms of the medicine.

I, myself took Justicia adhatoda 30 as a preventive from August 7, 2009 and stopped the day before on August 15, 2009 – on the appearance of sneezing and running nose.

In the CCRH website, the symptoms of Justicia adhatoda (by Homœopathic Pathogenetic Trial) are

Justicia adhatoda Linn. (Vasaka)

Common Name : Vasaka
Sanskrit : Baidyamata, Vasaka
Hindi : Arusha
English : Malabar nut
Family : Acanthaceæ

Homœopathic uses:
Homœopathic proving and clinical verifications have brought out good number of symptoms of upper respiratory tract.

Rhinitis: Fluent profuse coryza from nose with constant sneezing. Nose is swollen with sense of obstruction. There is loss of taste & smell. Throat, mouth & tongue all feel dry. Tongue is coated white.

Cough: Paroxysms of cough with suffocation & rattling in chest followed by vomiting. Expectoration bloody. Cough Particularly worse at night.

Potency:- 6X

Conclusion: – Thus, here, I can conclude that H1N1 Flu can be well prevented by Justicia adhatoda 30c; though it requires more clinical verification.


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  • Ghose, Dr. Sarat Chandra – Drugs of Hindoostan.
  • http://ccrhindia/org/common_indian_plants/L17.htm 

Dr. Krishnendu Maity
BHMS [Calcutta] MD [Hom. Repertory] [Pune] CFN [IGNOU]
Associate Professor and I/c Dept. of Practice of Medicine
Teaching Practice of Medicine, Materia Medica & Repertory
Lal Bahadur Shastri Homœopathic Medical College, Bhopal – 26 (MP).


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