Proposal for a multi-dimensional National Institutes of Homeopathy for Maharashtra and Manipur by GHF

On behalf of the fraternity of Homeopathy, we welcome and extend our thanks to the declaration of National Institutes in Homeopathy for Maharashtra and Manipur.

Global Homoeopathy Foundations submitted a memorandum to Minster for Ayush Shri. Shripad Naik recently on how to improve the existing National Institutes of Homoeopathy and forthcoming institutes in Maharashtra and Manipur

Institutes of this dimension in every state can certainly enhance the multi-front capability of Homeopathy through effectively establishing high standards in clinical, academic and research fronts enabling development of fraternity and turning it exponentially utilitarian in multi-dimensional healthcare fronts. In this context we would like to submit few parameters for a National Institute in Homeopathy, so that every Institute shall have uniform minimum norms to take care of the present and future requirements.

  • The Ministry of AYUSH may encourage every State under the Union to establish one National Institute of Homeopathy.
  • These may be established in states with readiness to provide at least 50 acres of free land in reasonably populated locations.
  • Each of the National Institutes shall have  a minimum Undergraduate admission, Postgraduate specialisations and doctoral program  on specified subjects as well as  on allied subjects in healthcare. 
  • Each NIH shall be envisioned and developed as a Centre of Excellence in one core clinical area, such as NHRIMH, Kottayam in Mental Health, Maharashtra may have on Lifestyle Disorders, Manipur  may have on Musculoskeletal etc.  The selection of the subject of excellence shall be based on the strength in the system on health care. The identified areas are on Skin disorders, Allergic conditions, Endocrinal disorders, Palliative care, Infertility etc. There should also be institute on Public health, Preventive care, Promotive health, Constitutional prescribing, Personalised care etc. One or two NIH should focus on teaching methodologies, R & D development. The subject of excellence could be decided by technical group.
  • To consolidate research on the fundamental principles of Homeopathy like Drug dynamisation, Drug proving and Personalised medicine, interdisciplinary institutes may be established  with institute of higher learning such as IITs, IISc etc to undertake high end research and training on Human genomics, nanao pharmacology etc
  • Each NIH shall have 300 in patient facility, 150 beds for general care and 150 for tertiary care of the subject of excellence. 
  • Organized out-patient capability of about 1000 with modern views on classification, intra-day-care, buffer-spaces for peculiar needs related to specialty, state of the part patient-lounges apart from quality implementation and accreditation readiness at the stage of inception itself in infrastructure development, process-definition and in envisioning outcome.
  • The Ministry of AYUSH may develop these institutes with financial support.
  • Research and teaching shall be undertaken on an interdisciplinary approach with the allied areas like management, pharma, nursing and laboratory related resource development facilitated on the sidelines.

We request you to look into the proposal in depth and consider the same as such developments can turn replicable models with uniform access to every part of the country facilitating masses. We are aware about your initiatives to revamp the Homeopathic education and practice. Quality in education is fundamental in development of any medical system. Homeopathy need effective nurturing because of its cost effectiveness, safety of medicines and proven strength to treat certain diseases for which there is less treat in other systems.

Awaiting a favourable revert,
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
(Dr. Sreevals Meon)
Managing Trustee
Global Homoeopathy Foundations 

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