Is plussing and LM potency are the same?

Dr  Justina M. Steefan

Abstract: A rarely used method of repeating potency, which actually proves useful in treating acute as well as chronic diseases. This method helps the physician in bringing a rapid and gentle cure to the patient. Plussing method becomes necessary when the obstacles for cure is increasing day by day.

Key words: Plussing method, dilution, rapid cure.

Plussing method was developed by Hahnemann. According to Dr. N Hari Hara Iyer MD,(Hom) it was Dr. Elizebeth Wright who coined the term “ Plussing”; and she has mentioned about it in her book ‘ A Brief Study Course of Homoeopathy’; Chapter ‘Prescribing- Potency selection’. Hahnemann has included this method in his works “The chronic disease” and “Organon of medicine”. According to him in § 247 cure does not take place when we repeat the same unchanged dose of remedy. But if the succeeding dose is changed slightly every time, namely potentized somewhat higher (§269-270) then the vital principle may be altered without difficulty by the same medicine.

In §2, Hahnemann states that ” the highest ideal of cure is a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removed and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way on easily comprehensible principles “.

The plussing technique would seek to achieve this aim, gradually increasing the potency till one reaches the exact resonance of the individual since it is at this precise potency that cure would take place as Hahnemann wished in § 2.

Importance of plussing potency in modern world:
Need of plussing potency is important where daily dose become necessary. The obstacles to cure are increasing day by day. The usage of junk food, agino motto, spices perfumes, cosmetics etc, this has been unavoidable for the patients. Here plussing potency could prove effective.

When in a serious acute case the amelioration is too short and the patient is in a desperate condition, we may give the same remedy, if still indicated in lower or medium potency in repeated doses either dry or in water, or by the plussing method.

Some patients appear to be too sensitive to high potencies, and would suffer an aggravation of symptoms if given a potency that is too high for them, or if the medicine is repeated too soon or too often. Others would relapse sooner than expected, even when the medicine was correct. Some patients reported a relapse after exposure to coffee, dental work, recreational drugs, etc. For these patients repeating the remedy in plussing method can be more appropriate.

Advantages of “Plussing method”

  • Dilution makes the remedy solution gentler
  • Succusing makes the remedy solution stronger.
  • Vital force of the body, responds well, when the potency of the remedy is slightly higher than the former.
  • Since remedy strength is much more adjusted to the patient, there are minimal aggravations (contrary to the dry dose).
  • Since the remedy is taken every day you have very little chance for antidoting.
  • Since the potency is changed every time you take it- you do not prove the remedy.
  • Sometimes, the first prescription acts only for a relatively short time, paving the way, as it were, for the following dose which though in same potency which may act much longer. Probably because of this experience, Hahnemann developed his method of plussing, which in some cases of delayed response proves extremely useful.

Method of preparation of potency using Plussing method: 

“Plussing” means dissolving your doses in 1/3rdglass of water, taking two spoonful, throwing away the most of the rest adding water up to the original quantity, stirring, and successing and again taking two tea- spoonfuls as the second dose and so on.


After administering the 1st remedy, the medicine is further repeated in plussing method till the patient feels better.                 

Is plussing and LM potency are the same?

Plussing potency is different from LM potency by the mode of preparation. In plussing method the preocedure is dissolving, diluting and stirring which is absolutely intended to reduce the material quantity of drug present in centesimal scale. Whereas in the case of LM potency, one drop of mother tincture is moistened in 500 globules.

Following are the studies which strongly support plussing method; Dr. Luc De Shepper in his book, ‘Hahnemann Revisited’ has mentioned of prescribing plussed potecy to sensitive patient, in order to reduce the possibility of aggravation. (9)Similarly Dr. Kim Lane in his book “Homoeopathy For Home: Acute illness and Injury care” has mentioned of giving Oscillococcinum in plussing method for the treatment of influenza.(11) Likewise several physicians have used this method of remedy administration with wonderful success in their clinical practice. 


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Dr. Justina M. Steefan
MD Homoeopathic Psychiatry Part 1
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Deralakatte

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