Psychoanalysis and Homoeopathy

Dr Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

In Homoeopathy we treat most elusive yet troublesome symptoms with Medicines alone. Many a times even for the Patient the change in his demeanour may not be perceivable. I take advantage of treating one’s mind along with his minor Physical complaints in cases of Alcoholism, Psychosis and in some adamant individual’s. But when a person has only one sided picture and not yielding to regular treatments they are indolent as described by Dr. Hahnemann and need great effort on the part of Physician to get to the real cause of the illness. As they say Homoeopath should be like a detective, Sherlock Holmes and work the cause from its effect.

Here I want to discuss about few cases which demanded other than just medicines and the Homoeopath has to deliver according to the needs. To quote Andrea saine one of greatest Homoeopath of our times, ”A Homoeopath is not a single minded person he is a Physician that should know about the collateral Sciences”. As Homoeopaths we cannot concentrate only on dishing out prescriptions or advices on Exercise/diet regimes but we must act all in one -like a health caretaker. And Counselling on most intricate matters in preventing suicides or Patching up marriages is a matter of great pride to Homoeopaths as we can not only prevent such untoward incidents but also cure such tendencies for rest of their lives.

This Lady Ms. L, 30 year old was of very shy character with poor eye contact and very few words. She asked me cure her of her hair fall which was of a year’s standing. I never expected her to come back as she had come to me by chance and looked sceptic about the whole thing. I started with Natmur 6x , she also came to me faithfully month after month  with marginal improvement. Now she was a bit less nervous and talked about her long working hours as a cook and Maid in a Ladies hostel with no breaks and no one to help her in her chores. Slowly I elicited her History which was tragic. Her Marriage which barely lasted for a fortnight was nightmarish and by her words her husband seems to be a Schizophrenic. But when she came back to her parents she was not welcome either. Finally she tried to end her life which ended the matter of deporting her back to her Husband’s House. Then she came to Chennai with a relative and started working in that Hostel.

Treatment provided:

Date Complaints Treatment given
13/2/200913/3/200910/4/2009Til 3/6/2009

Narrated her Story  on23rd6

















Hairfall since one yearBetter but statuesqueNo change

Palpitations, itching of scalp violent

<< head bath

Fever due to exertion lasted 10 days. Not in town. Headache< on vertex, <strong odours clairvoyant gets dreams of happenings a day before and it turns out to be true.

Felt better initially again aggravated. Now back pain. Abd pain during Periods

Felt better in body pains and Abd pain but Hair fall resumed with itching of scalp

Felt better overall till now, slight < noticed



Not much upheavals Occasional Back pain scalp itching cold cough etc

Hair fall<,Itching++ Palpitation

Nat mur 6xSepia 6c single doseSepia 30

Ant crud 6c for one week



Tuberculinum 200 and

Phos 200 single dose



Phos 200 one dose


Arnica 6c for a injury fb Mag Phos 200 one dose

Mag Phos 200 dilution form weekly once repetition.

Occasional Mag phos as well as Arnica for sleeplessness due to bodily strain



Treatment offered in the form of Psychotherapy:

I let her narrate her whole story with very little interruptions which lasted for more than an hour. Since her Ordeal was over the catharsis helped her to come to term with her troubles.  I did not plan sessions but let her take her own ways to come out of those painful years. I gave suggestions to have positive approach towards life, to move on and not to think much about past which seems worked well.  Since then her outlook changed from gloomy to cheerful. She talks animatedly when she visits. She even brought her friends and relatives for their troubles.

These cases have been taken in Homoeopathic way repertorized and analysed but had most of the symptoms which are common to those diagnosed conditions. Constitutional as well as intercurrent remedies were provided time to time. In fact remedies had brought the necessary mind state to absorb the words of Psychotherapy offered to them. They could navigate through those painful experiences but with a sense of detachment and lesser amount of pain. They did not re-live but relieved of their torments.

It was in 2007 a lady of around 27-28 years of age turned up at my clinic referred by her friend who was my client .She looked very much out of focus and was constantly looking at her watch or at the door. She looked like a hunted animal. She complained of few nonspecific symptoms like Burning urination, sleeplessness, indigestion etc. I gave medicines which help to initiate process in chronic cases like Puls or Calc. In next sitting she came up with the details of her sufferings which was soul stirring. She got divorced recently whose spouse has tortured and humiliated her with his actions and words. She kept those things to herself and did not complain to her parents since they care for the society and her Father is a strict disciplinarian. On one occasion her husband made a public showdown suspecting her fidelity, kicked in her abdomen and caused abortion of her second pregnancy. She came to her parents since then this Tedium Ennui set in. She always thought of suicide and her three year old son ceased to be apple of her eye as before. She went to work for the sake of her father who had invested in that parlour and demanded returns, Mother did not provide any Moral support she said.

I gave a dose of Staphysagria 200 and things fell into place as desired. Her Ex husband married immediately and used to show off to her in Public places degrading her. On one occasion her Father had come to my Office seeking (spying about) his daughter and asked whether she came here? I answered firmly but affirmatively that there was a therapy session and he looked convinced. Afterwards she could even manipulate her dictatorial Father and brought him for her therapy sessions. Occasional phase remedies were used but no repetition of Staphy was necessitated. Now in 2010 she rushed into my Office and sought medicines for some skin allergy. She even asked for a Pregnancy test as she got married Six months back. Her husband is very much understanding and caring type she told me, so felt very much happy for her.

Psychotherapy sessions:
Initially I took a calm posture and encouraged her to talk without interruption. Then in further sessions I tried to paint the vivid picture of her bright future, we talked about her career her esteemed clients and the joy of delivering what her clients expected. Then I tried to reconcile her wounds inflicted by her Ex-Husband. Physical had already healed but mental ones which were still raw; I pulled her mind from this subject to concentrate on more important things in life. I counselled about the most important things to be done as a mother to her 3 year son.  Since her suicidal thoughts had gone her attitude towards life changed day by day and she got her zeal back which is absolutely because of the remedy since depressive cloud is very tough to lift by suggestions and sympathy alone. I asked her to go to Park or beach and enjoy those minute joys with her son which is Sunshine in one’s life. Afterwards I did not see much of her she had called only once to tell me that she is fine.

I think Psychotherapy should focus on most Positive aspects and should not be overdone. As Kent gives a beautiful picture of Counselling done in Homoeopathic way in his Materia Medica , brushing off one’s problems and feelings will have negative impact. The general rule in  all the cases is to deliver what is needed. Mostly People need a compassionate as well as an authoritative person to hear to their woes and to help. It’s very important not to take decisions for others how much ever good intentional. Guidance is what expected and that detachment from the therapist side as well as involvement of him in equal proportions is necessary. But strangely Men stop coming to me and block their Families as well after some Psychotherapeutic sessions, especially related to Marital Counselling. This is a sensitivity arising out of breach of their ability to be solely responsible for all the happenings in their family, in which their Ego gets entangled and any intrusion is unwelcome, I guess . I have lost few good friends like clients due to this delicate feeling. But for sure Homoeopathy is insuperable in those cases related to Mind and mostly can cure alone. But the other way round I am doubtful since in few of the cases previous Therapy sessions had not yielded desired results. Since Homoeopathic Doctors are sought after for their willingness to be available emotionally to their clients Psychotherapy definitely has a very important role to play in the treatment. I want to dedicate this to the very earliest therapist and Psychiatrist, our greatest teacher Dr.Hahnemann.

About the Author:
Dr.Rekha Karnam Srinivasan completed her B.H.M.S., from G.H.M.C., Bangalore in 1999 and practicing in her own clinic for more than a decade now.   She has obtained her PG Fellowship in Homoeopathic Psychiatry from Pioneer University, U.K. in 2010. Clinic is situated at: Raj Homoeo Clinic , New no. 145, old 71, Kutchery road, Mylapore Chennai-4 Ph.044 24935283

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