Removal of Large Sized Ovarian Cysts by Potentized Homeopathic Remedies

Removal of Large Sized Ovarian Cysts by Potentized Homeopathic Remedies: A Myth or a Dependable Alternative Option

Removal of large sized ovarian cysts by homeopathic treatment is generally not considered as a dependable option vis-a-vis removal via surgery. In this communication, we present three authentic cases of successful removal of big sized ovarian cysts by administration of a single potentized homeopathic remedy, Apis mellifica, selected on the basis of totality of symptoms, and authenticated with the aid of ultrasonographic as well as hormonal studies.

Keywords: Human; Ovarian cyst removal; Homeopathy; Apis mellifica; Ultrasonography; Hormones

For the treatment of large ovarian single cysts, homoeopathic remedies are selected by taking into consideration totality of symptoms and based further on individualization of the particular patient in consultation with the reportorial rubrics [4] (Table 1). Several drugs are effectively used in different patients depending on their totality of symptoms and particularly taking into consideration some “repertorial guiding symptoms” [4-6] (Table 1); the most commonly used drugs are Apis mellifica, Belladonna, Lachesis, Arsenicum alb, Thuja etc. [4] (Table 1), of which Apis mel patients have typical symptoms as mentioned in Allen [5] and Boreicke [6] which can clearly distinguish them from that of the other drugs.

In conclusion, the results of the present study would indicate that proper selection of the homeopathic remedy matching the totality of symptoms and in consultation with the Kent’s rubric [4] can remove cysts from the ovary without any surgical intervention and this can serve as an alternative option, at least in patients where surgery also has some risk or undesirable.

This can curtail cost of treatment for the economically under-privileged section of the people as well, particularly residing in remote areas where medical amenities and infra-structural facilities for doing surgery are by and large are still unavailable [9].

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