Repertorial approach in hyperuricemia

Dr Sushma Patil

Hyperuricemia is a common disorder that affects patients of all ages and both the genders. The most common manifestation of hyperuricemia is gout, which can be very painful and treatable. Here it pursuit about risk factor, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, evaluation, and treatment with reportorial approach, homoeopathic medicines for the disease condition.

KeywordsHyperuricemia, gout, homeopathic approach and reportorial approach

Homoeopathic medicine offers a great help to reduce the serum uric acid level overproduction from the body and accelerating its excretion through the kidneys and prevents its adverse effects.


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Dr Sushma Patil
PG Scholar . Department of Practice of Medicine
Guide : Dr Rajachandra
Father Muller Homeopathic medical college and hospital, Deralakatte, Mangaluru  575018

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