Repertorial representation of Ranunculaceae

Dr Farokh J Master 


ACONITUM NAPELLUS Monkshood, Wolfsbane
CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA Black snake root, Bugbane, Rattle weed, Botroflus serpentaria
CLEMATIS ERECTA Waldrebe, Upright Virgin’s Bower, Flammula Jovis
HELLEBORUS NIGER Black Hellebore, Christma Rose
HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS Orange-root, Yellow Puccoon, Golden Seal
PULSATILLA NIGRICANS Meadow Anemone, Pasque Flower
RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS Bulbous Crowfoot, Buttercup
RANUNCULUS SCELERATUS Marsh Buttercup, Celery-leaved crowfoot
STAPHYSAGRIA Staves acre, Lausesamen, Delphinium Staphisagria


  • Mind; despair; anxiety, with (21) : 4ACON., 3Cimic., 3Hell., puls.
  • Mind; indifference, apathy; agreeable things, to (15) : hell., puls., staph.
  • Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; puberty, in (13) : 3Acon., 3Puls., 3Staph.
  • Eyes; gonorrhea, after suppressed (8) : 3Acon., 3Clem., 4PULS.
  • Stomach; anger, vexation; agg.; fright, with (9) : 4ACON., puls., ran-s.
  • Stomach; inflammation; catarrhal, suppurative; anger, vexation agg. (8) : acon., puls., staph.
  • Rectum; diarrhea; indignation agg. (14) : 3Puls., puls-n., 3Staph.
  • Bladder; paralysis; anger, vexation agg. (9) : acon., puls., staph.
  • Male; excitement, emotional, agg. (10) : acon., cimic., hell., puls.
  • Female; abortion; excitement; emotional, agg. (17) : 3Acon., cimic., puls.
  • Female; abortion; fright, fear; agg. (8) : 3Acon., cimic., puls.
  • Female; menses; anger, vexation, after (6) : acon., puls., staph.
  • Female; menses; suppressed; anger, vexation agg. (19) : 3Acon., act-sp., cimic., puls., 3Staph.
  • Female; menses; suppressed; fright, fear agg. (19) : 4ACON., act-sp., cimic., puls.
  • Respiration; mortification, from (5) : puls., 3Ran-b., 3Staph.
  • Heart & circulation; palpitation heart; anger, vexation agg. (23) : 3Acon., puls., 2staph.
  • Generalities; chorea; menses; suppressed, from (4) : cimic., hell., 3Puls.
  • Generalities; paralysis; anger, vexation agg. (11) : acon., puls., 3Staph.

Ranunculaceae contain more than one emotion.

  • Mind; anger; ailments from, agg.; grief, with silent (29)
  • Mind; anger; trembling, with (35)
  • Mind; anger; suppressed, controlled (35)
  • Mind; anxiety; anger, vexation; during (41)
  • Mind; anxiety; climacteric period, in (11)
  • Mind; despair; anxiety, with (21)
  • Mind; indifference, apathy; sadness, with (47)

All emotions are felt intensely, which create inner conflict to such an extent that it is expressed at a physical level.