Repertory to the characteristic symptoms of the MM by C Lippe

Full name of the book :  Repertory to the more characteristic symptoms of the materia medica

Author : Constantine Lippe

Book Review by Dr.Jubin

First Edition : January 1st 1880.

Publishers : B Jain Publishers Private Limited.

Printed At J.J.Offset Printers

Reprint Edition : 1996.

Price  : Rs.60.

Number Of Pages : 438.

Number Of Medicines : 602 Medicines.

Dedicated To Dr. Constantine Hering Of Philadelphia Pa

This repertory was published in 1880 by Constantine Lippe, an earnest disciple of Constantine Hering. The work is based on the Repertory to the Manual published in Allentown in 1838 by Dr.Constantine Hering, the first Repertory and Materia Medica published in English language. Lippe says that his attempt is to present only the symptoms which by experience and experiments have proved to be characteristics.

First Edition : 1879 by Boericke and Tafel.

First Indian Edition : 1933 by Bhattacharya and Company.

Fifth edition : 1972 by B. Jain Publishers.

This book has 3 parts – Preface, Repertory and List of Remedies.


  1. Repertory to the Manual By Dr. Contantine Hering.
  2. Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book.
  3. Ad.Lippe’s Materia Medica.
  4. Bell’s Diarrhoea.
  5. H.N.Guernsey’s work.
  6. Jahr’s work.

Many of the books referred are out of print. To the student this work is of value as it gives at a glance the corresponding remedies to symptoms sought for and further comparison with the Materia Medica in the differences of conditions or locality or combinations gives the differences between the remedies having the general symptom in common. First mental symptoms then followed in the order as pursued in the Materia Medica Pura. All of the sections are to be compared with Generalities.  Being well aware that a work like this is imperfect.

Plan and construction
The repertory follows the order of chapters as pursued in Materia Medica Pura. It has the following chapters.

  1. Mind and Disposition.
  2. Sensorium- Cloudiness, giddiness and vertigo.
  3. Head.
  4. Scalp.
  5. Eyes and Sight.
  6. Ears and Hearing.
  7. Nose and Smell.
  8. Face – Lips and Lower jaw.
  9. Teeth and gums.
  10. Mouth, Palate and Tongue.
  11. Fauces, Pharynx and Oesophagus.
  12. Appetite and Taste – Hunger and Thirst.
  13. Complaints during and after meals.
  14. Eructations, Nausea and Vomiting – Hiccough, Heartburn and Waterbrash.
  15. Stomach.
  16. Hypochondres, Kidneys, Diaphragm, Liver and Spleen.
  17. Abdomen, Groin and Flatulency.
  18. Stool and Anus.
  19. Urine and Urinary organs.
  20. Male sexual organs.
  21. Female sexual organs.
  22. Coryza.
  23. Larynx and Trachea.
  24. Cough.
  25. Respiration.
  26. Chest and Heart.
  27. Mammae and Nipples.
  28. Nape, Back and Sacral region.
  29. Upper extremities.
  30. Lower extremities.
  31. Sleep and Dreams.
  32. Fevers.
  33. Skin.
  34. Generalities—Aggravations and Ameliorations.

Special Features:

  1. This repertory is considered to be the precursor of Kent’s Repertory. In fact Kent preferred to refer this book to Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket book. Later Dr. Kent authored his own repertory based on this repertory.
  2. It deals with 602 medicines.
  3. It follows the logic of Generals to Particulars.
  4. The Mind and Generalities chapters are two most important chapters of the repertory.
  5. The gradations – Italics and Roman are followed in this repertory.
  6. his can be used for systematic repertorisation and for reference work.


  1. Though Dr. Lippe has decided to write repertory on the basis of deductive logic, but he could not prevent himself from constructing the head Section in Boenninghausen’s style. But he was able to materialize his deductive logic in other sections.
  2. He was also in confusion whether to arrange the symptoms in straight sentence or convert into reportorial language.
  3. Dr. Lippe mentions that every section is to be compared with Generalities. In this time modalities are arranged alphabetically whereas in Kent he has given it in the beginning. Pain are all separate rubrics but in Kent all are under the rubric Pain.
  4. Rubrics related to Temperament are given alphabetically whereas in Boger they are given in the rubric Temperament.
  5. Some mental symptoms in Generalities like Company <, Carphologia, Contradiction. Stool before, During, After.,  Urination Before, During, After., Menses Before, During, After are in Generalities. But also in their respective sections like Evacuations before, during, after , Before micturition, During micturition, After Micturition. Before Catamenia, During Catamenia and After Catamenia.
  6. Generalities sections is originally made of modalities similar to that of Aggravations and Amoelioration section of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book.
  7. The order is not fixed there are changes in each section. 

Important Rubrics in  Chapters 

Mind and Disposition

Abusive, Hydroph.Hyos.

Acuteness (love of being busy), Bar-c, Lach, Mosch, Sep, Stann. Verat

— with physical debility, Mosch.

Alone, when state of mind worse, Elaps, Phosp, Stram.

Answer, will not, Ambr, Arn, Coloc, Euphr, Phosp-ac, Verat.

Apathy, mental, Hyosc, Phosp-ac, Stram.

Assumption of importance, Cupr, Ferr, Hyosc, Lyc, Stram, Verat

Chairs as if repairing, Cupr.

Chin, feels too long, Glon.

Chloeric,  (Violent excitation and agitation of mind in anger, love or in fulfillment of desire) — Acon, Anac, Aur, Bar-c, Bry, Cham, Coloc, Cr-c, Hyosc, Igt, Mez, Ntr-c, Ntr-m, Nux, Oleand, Petr, Phosp, Plat, Ran-b, Semeg, Sep, Staph, Sulph, Verat.

Coldness of disposition, Plat, Sabad, Scill.

Conceals  himself, Ars, Bell, Cupr, Hell, Puls, Stram.

Condescension, Ars, Croc, Igt, Lyc, Mosch, Puls, Sil.

Course of thinking, slow, Carb-veg, Chin, Ip, Meny, Nux-m, Phosp-ac, Rhus, Ruta, Sep, Thuja.

Hatred of offenders, Agar, Amm-c, Anac, Aur, Calc, Cic, Lach, Led, Mang, Ntr-m, Nit-ac, Phosp, Stann, Sulph.

Open-heartedness, Bov,

Positiveness, Caust, Lach.

Pusillanimity, Acon, Alum, Anac, Ang, Aur, Bar-c, Bry, Canth, Carb-an, Carb-veg, Caust, Chin, Igt, Kali-c, Lyc, Mur-asc, Ntr-c, Nitr, Phosp, Puls,Ran-b, Sil, Sulph, Sulph-ac, Tabac, Verb, Zinc.

Relations, ignorance of his, Bell, Hyosc, Merc, Verat.

— mocking his, Sec-c.

Temerity, (Excessive rash and over confidence and think that nothing can harm him)– Op.

Wit, Caps, Coccul, Croc, Lach, Spong.

Sensorium – Cloudiness, Giddiness and Vertigo.
This chapter contains cloudiness with sub-rubrics, Dizziness, confussion, indistinctness with sub-rubrics, Fatigue of the head by mental labor with sub-rubrics, Stupefaction with sub-rubrics, Stupor with sub-rubrics and Vertigo with sub-rubrics.

This chapter contains rubrics related with pain in Brain, over eyes, behind eyes, to nose, extensions, Occiput, One-sided, In the sides, Forehead, Temples, Vertex all with different types of pain. Then rubrics arranged in alphabetical order and in that different types of pain in alphabetical order are arranged. For eg- Drawing, Dull, Bruised etc.

Bend the head backwards, necessity to – Kali nit.

Bubbling in head like water, Bell, Berb, Par, Sep, Sulph.

Daily headache, Bell, Calc, Con, Lach, Mgn-c, Ntr-m, Nux, Sep, Sil, Sulph.

Day, every other headache, Ambr.

Diminution, of brain sense of, Grat.

Increasing pains, slowly decreasing, Plat, Stron.

— — suddenly disappearing, Sulph-ac.

Sleeping too much, as after, Bov, Thuj.

Small, as if too, Coff.

Stomach, headache rising as from, Con.

Tired, brain feels, Apis.

This is followed by CONDITIONS

First Time, then Conditions and Accompanied by in alphabetical order. In conditions sometimes starts with From, By and When.

In this chapter rubrics related to scalp like Baldness, Eruptions like Boils, Erysipelas, Furuncles are separate rubrics in addition to the rubric Eruptions in general. Painfulness of scalp is a separate rubric and types of pain are separate rubrics.

Ascending steps pain when, Hell.

Bent forward, the head when, Lach.

— — — — when walking, Sulph.

Bones, swelling of, Aur, Sulph.

Circumference of the head, great in children, Calc, Sil.

Daily pain of scalp, Ntr-c.

Thinness of scalp sense of, Bell.

Ulcers, small, Ruta.

Eyes and sight
This chapter includes Separate rubrics for pains, Anxious look, Amaurosis and Paralysis separate rubrics, Colors bright, dark separate rubrics,   Circles, Glittering, Fire, Flakes, Flickering etc under Bright appearances.

Blear-eyedness, Acon, Ant-t, Asar, Bary, Elaps, Euphr, Merc, Par, Puls, Sep, Spig, Teucr.

For infants, affections of the eyes, Acon, Bell, Borax, Bry, Calc, Cham, Euphr, Nux, Puls, Sulph.

Lachrymal fistula, Calc, Chelid, Fluor-ac, Nit-ac, Ntr-c, Puls, Sil, Stann, Sulph.

— discharging pus on pressure – Puls.

— suppurating, Calc.

Like a membrane, drawn over the eyes sensation, Caust, Daph, Puls, Rat.

Resetting or refixing of eye-ball, sensation of, Sec-c.

Syphilitic affections of eyes, Merc, Nit-ac.

In the last part Time rubrics, starting with from and when rubrics are given after alphabetical order For eg ;

In the morning, pain, Acon, Amm-c, Berb, Bry, Meph, Mgn-s, Nitr, Ntr-s, Nux, Par, Phell, Sep, Sil, Sulph-ac.

From mechanical causes, Arn, Croc, Led.

When moving or turning eyes, pain, Acon, Ars, Bell, Berb, Bry, Caps, Cham, Chin, Con, Cupr, Hep, Hipp, Igt, Lach, Meph, Mur-ac, Op, Ran-sc, Rhus, Spig, Sulph.

Ears and Hearing
In this chapter Separate rubrics for pain, For Air it starts with like Air passing into ears, sensation, Graph, Mez., In rubric Gland it is with pain, parotid, hardness, inflammation, and swelling

Blood, congestion of, Lyc, Phosp, Puls, Sulph.

Hearing difficult and Hearing, difficult sense of two separate rubrics with sub-rubrics.

Tumor, small in ear, Berb.

Ulcer in ear, Bov, Camph, Kali-c.

Ulcerous pain, Anac, Ferr, Mgn-c.

In the last part rubrics start with Like, As if etc.

Nose and smell
Black pores on nose, Dros, Graph, Sabin, Sulph.

— — sweaty, Graph.

Blackish nose, Merc.

Caries, Aur.

Body sensation, as if a foreign body in nose, Calc-ph.

Deadness of skin, Ntr-m.

Plugs of dried mucus in nose, Kali-b, Sep, Sil.

Quivering in nose, Chelid, Stront.

Torpor sense of, Asaf, Plate, Samb,Viol-od.

Warmth sensation of, Rheum.

Wrinkled skin of nose, Cham.

From abuse of Mercury, Aur, Con, Sil.

When pressing on nose, pain relieved, Agn.

Face – Lips and Lower Jaw
Expressions are separate rubrics For eg: Aged, Gloomy etc.

Arthritic pains in lower jaws, Caust.

Bewildered appearance, Plb, Stram.

Break, sensation as of lower jaw would, Phosp-ac.

Closed, disposed to keep the jaws tightly, Kobalt.

Convulsions of face, Bell, Calc, Canth, Cham, Dig, Ip, Lyc, Merc, Oleand, Op, Stram.

— of mouth, Bell, Cham, Dulc, Igt, Ip, Lyc, Merc, Oleand, Op, Stram.

— one-sided, left, Dig.

Grasping sensation between nose and eye, Mang.

Lupus extending to nose and mouth, Cist.

Miliary eruption, Cham, Euphr, Hep, Lach, Verat.

Old face looks, Hydroc-ac.

Pewter like color, Zinc.

In the last part Time rubrics then rubrics starting with When, From, After and By.

Teeth and gums
Aching, Ars, Bism, Borx, Chin, Euph, Guaj, Iod, Ntr-m, Nux-m, Oleand, Staph, Tar, Verat.

—  in sound teeth, Arn, Bry, Hyosc, Rhus, Sulph.

— — left side, Brom.

To arms and fingers, pain extending, Sep.

Arthritic toothache, Cycl, Nux, Rhus, Staph.

Cracking of teeth when rubbing them, Selen.

Cracks in gums, Plat.

Decay of teeth suddenly, Mez.

— — as soon as they appear, Creos.

— — molars, Clem.

— , — lower molars, right side, Aloe

Dentition difficult in children, Calc, Cham, Cic, Creos, Cupr, Hyosc, Igt, Rheum, Sil.

In females toothache, Bell, Cham, Mgn-c, Mgn-m, Puls.

Grinding of teeth, when sleeping, Ars.

— — — — in a sitting posture, Ant.

Into head , extending toothache, Ant, Ars, Bar-c, Borax, Cham, Clem, Cupr, Mgn-c, Merc, Mez, Nux-m, Nux, Puls, Rhus, Sulph.

Infuriating toothache, Ars.

Pale gums, Nitr-ac, Nux, Phosp, Plb, Staph.

Last part with time, from, by and when.

Ailments from cutting wisdom teeth, Mgn-c.

Mouth, Palate and Tongue.
Includes Aphthae, Discoloration as separate rubrics, Pain as separate rubrics, Dryness in mouth, Saliva, Salivation, Ulcers, Vesicles etc.

Atrophy of tongue, Mur-ac.

Blood clotted in mouth, Canth.

Bluish white coating on tongue, Gymnoc.

Gangrene of tongue, Ars, Sec-c.

Haemoptysis, Acon, Ars, Bell, Bism, Chin, Cop, Creos, Elaps, Ferr, Ham, Hipp, Ip, Lach, Led, Millef, Mur-ac, Ntr-m, Op, Phosp, Plb, Sabin, Sec-c, Stram, Sulph-ac.

Lumbrici discharged from mouth, Sabad.

Fauces, pharynx and oesophagus
Chronic affections of throat, Mang, Ntr-m, Sabad, Sulph.

Dust sensation of, Cist, Merc.

Food passes into the choana, Petr, Sil.

Herpes bluish after suppressed gonorrhoea, Zinc.

Itching in throat, Sabad.

— periodical, Cist.

In the last part To the ears, gums pain extending followed by Time, When, From, While With and After.

Appetite and taste hunger and thirst : This includes Appetite, Aversion, Desire, Hunger, Indigestion, Loathing, Relish, Taste, Tastelessness and Thirst.

Complaints during and after meals : This includes Complaints during meals and after meals. Then complaints from various food

Eructations, nausea and vomitinghiccough, heart-burn and water-brash
This includes Eructations, Heart-burn, Hiccough, Loathing, Nausea, Vomiting,  Vomiturition, retching and Water-brash with sub-rubrics.

Stomach :Includes Pain as separate rubrics, Cancer, Constriction, Distention, Induration, Heat, Pain, Painfulness with certain conditions etc. Last part with Time, By, When, From and With.

Hypochodres, Kidney, Diaphragm, Liver and Spleen.
First abbreviations are given as hyp, kid, dia, liv and sp respectively.

Abscess of liv., Lach, Sil.

Anxiety in hyp., Cham, Phosp-ac, Staph.

Diseases in general of kid., Berb, Coccul, Colch, Lyc, Nux-m, Nux, Plb, Sars, Zinc.– sp.,Plb.

Inflammation, dia ., Acon, Bry, Cham, Coccul, Hyosc, Nux, Puls.

— kid., Acon, Bell, Cannab, Canth, Coccul, Colch, Hep, Merc, Sulph, ThujA.

— liv., Acon, Bell, Bry, Canth, Cham, Chin, Coccul, Igt, Kali-c, Lach, Lyc, Mgn-m, Merc, Ntr-c, Ntr-m, Nux, Puls, Sec-c, Sep, Sulph.

— liver, chronic, Lach, Lyc, Mgn-m, Nitr-c, Ntr-m, Nux, Ran-sc, Selen, Sulph.

— sp, Acon, Arn, Ars, Chin, Cupr, Igt, Nux, Sulph.

Last part after alphabetical order Time then rubrics in alphabetical order.

Abdomen, groin and flatulency
First abbreviations Abdomen-abd, Abdominal integument- int, Navel-nav, Epigastrium- epig, Hypogastrium- hypog, Sides of abdomen—Sid, Inguinal region or groin- ing.

Pain separate rubrics, flatus, flatulency etc. Time, Rubrics again with alphabetical arrangement and again in the last part Colic with sub-rubrics.

Stool and anus
This chapter includes Rubrics related to anus and rectum then rubrics of Stool, Constipation rubrics and sub-rubrics, Diarrhoea rubrics snd subrubrics and lastly Evacuation rubrics and sub-rubrics.

Urine and urinary organs
This includes rubrics related to Urethra, Bladder  etc, Urine its rubrics and sub-rubrics, Urinate its rubrics and sub-rubrics, Before micturition it rubrics and sub-rubrics, During micturition its rubrics and sub-rubrics, After micturition its rubrics and sub-rubrics and lastly character of Urine with its rubrics.

Male sexual organs

  • Bloatedness of genitals, Calad.
  • Bearing down to the genitals, Asaf, Coloc.
  • For rubric Coition it is included During and After with sub-rubrics in the same (after the rubric Cramping pain)
  • From gonorrhoea, suppressed affection of the testes, Agn, Aur, Bell, Canth, Clem, Nitr-ac, Ntr-c, Puls, Rhus, Selen.(ie after Gnawing in testes)
  • Rubrics related to Prostate gland enlargement are in this chapter. 

Female sexual organs
In this chapter rubrics related to female sexual organs are described. Abortion, After pains, Blood character, during, Eruption,         Leucorrhoea, Lochia, Menopause, Metrorrhagia, Prolapsus, Puerperal fever, Sterility, Throes(violent pains as in parturition) and labor pains, Ulcers are described. After all rubrics Catamenia character then Before, During and After rubrics are given.

This includes Catarrh, Coryza in general, with discharge etc, Dryness rubrics, Mucus (with or without coryza) its quality, Obstruction, Ozaena, Sneezing its rubrics and Ulceration with rubrics. 

Larynx and trachea :  This includes Aphonia, Catarrh, Constriction, Hoarseness, Mucus accumulated, time, character, Painfulness, Roughness, Voice rubrics.

This includes Cough rubrics like Autumnal Cough, Blood coughed up, Cough in general, excited and aggravated by, attended by, Dry Cough, Evening Cough, Expectoration time, character, then coughs in the alphabetical order.

This includes Asthma, Breath offensive, Deep, Difficult, Obstructed, Oppression, Paralysis, Respiration character, disorders of, first with time, conditions, Short, Suffocative, Tightness and Want of breath.

Chest and heart
Rubrics of Chest then Heart affections, character of beat, palpitations, Hypertrophy, Pain, Pressure, Soreness, Weakness etc. Last part with Time, When, After, From and By.

Mammae and nipples
Rubrics related to Mammae and Nipples  – Cancer, Cracked nipples, Milk, Painfulness, Swelling, Soreness, Ulceration etc.

Nape, back and sacral region
Rubrics related to Nape, Back and Sacral region – Coldness, Eruption, Glandular affections, Goitre, Pain in general, Perspiration, Stiffness, Swelling, Weakness etc.

Last part with Time, When, After, By, In etc.

Upper extremities
Rubrics related to Upper Extremities—Arms, Wrist, Shoulder, Hands etc. Last part with time, after, when, by etc.

Lower extremities
Rubrics related to Lower extremities—Hips, thighs, toes etc–.  . Last part with time, after, when, by etc.

Sleep and dreams
Rubrics like Yawning with sub-rubrics, Sleepiness with sub-rubrics, Sleeplessness with sub-rubrics, Difficulty of going to sleep. Sleep prevented  by, Falling asleep late, Character of sleep, Coma, Coma vigil, During sleep, Sleep disturbed by, Positions in sleep, Dreams, Wakefulness, Waking from etc are given.

Different types of fevers, Time, Preceded by, During the fever, After fever, Chills with, of different parts, time, character, Chilliness, Coldness, Shuddering, shivering, Heat in general, flushes of, internal, time, character, Perspiration with, character, attended by, commencing with, Apyrexia ailments during the, Compound fevers, Pulse character, etc are given.

In this chapter rubrics are in alphabetical order, Eruptions are given separate.

Here mainly Aggravation and Ameliorations are given. Abbreviations as agg and amel respectively. Rubrics of pain as separate rubrics, Time in alphabetical order ie. Afternoon in A and Morning in M.

Last part with Remedies and their Abbreviations.

Bibliography :

  1. Essentials of Repertorisation by Prof. Dr.Shashi Kant Tiwari.
  2. The Principles and Practice of Repertorisation by Dr.K.Harinadham.

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