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One person asked us to answer a German critical text which I have translated for you on .

Can you explain the below statement? Maybe it is from the Skeptics movement in Germany…

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This is the Text of criticism:-

Who can comment on this?

Representatives of homeopathy often claim that nanoparticles of the mother tincture are the carriers of the effectiveness of homeopathic preparations. That this cannot be at all, one recognizes already after quite simple considerations:

Nanoparticles are particles that consist of comparatively few atoms or molecules and are therefore very small. Their size is measured in “nanometres”, which is one millionth of a millimetre. Because of their smallness, nanoparticles have quite astonishing properties; they can penetrate cell membranes, for example, are very reactive and much more.

If homeopathy is to work with nanoparticles, then such particles would have to be present in the finished preparation that the patient takes. These are particles from the mother tincture, the original substance with which the production of the homeopathic remedy began. And there lies the key to simply taking this claim to absurdity.

Potentiation is also dilution. This means that the more often you potentiate, the less of the original substance is present in the solution. And even from very early potencies, the quantity of these atoms or molecules is no longer sufficient to form nanoparticles in any appreciable number.

No problem, say the homeopaths, these nanoparticles are surely somehow passed on from one potency to the next quite completely. Only how this is supposed to happen, how to make sure that you get the particles even if you only take a tenth or even a hundredth of the solution in order to potentiate them further, nobody can explain. Nor can anyone explain what the point of this undertaking would be if it were to succeed. If the nanoparticles remain the same as before, what is the change in the efficacy, which is supposed to be increased by potentiation?

Yes, say homeopaths again, perhaps the particles become smaller and thus more reactive and more effective by the subsequent shaking? Good answer, but: why do you have to dilute more and more? Why can we not simply prepare the solution once, say one gram of primary matter per litre of water or mixture of water and alcohol, and then simply shake until the desired strength is reached? No more answer.

There is also no answer to the objection that in order to have an effect via nanoparticles, the original substance itself must first form nanoparticles in the solution. And this is exactly what substances that are soluble in the solvent do not do. Especially some of the most universally applicable remedies in homeopathy, sodium chloratum, potassium carbonicum and arsenicum album, are salts that form differently electrically charged particles (“ions”) in the solution, but not nanoparticles.

However, nanoparticles have been found in sodium chloratum in particular, even at the highest potencies. Yes, they have – but how? Highly potentiated solutions of sodium chloratum have been examined for nanoparticles with an electron microscope. The only problem is that the sample, i.e. the drop that was examined, must be allowed to dry. In the process, the impurities contained in the solvent – after all, 10 milligrams per cubic centimeter – remain behind and form crystals. And this is what you find under the microscope: Crystals of the impurities, the most common of which is the ubiquitous table salt, sodium chloratum. These crystals are also found on the globules, of course, at least theoretically, but when the patient takes them, the salt dissolves in the saliva again – and the observed nanoparticles are gone.

That should be enough. Let’s spare ourselves the thought of how nanoparticles should actually be imagined when primeval substances from the animal and plant kingdoms are used. What do the nanoparticles contain in these cases? Which of the many thousands of different substances that make up an animal or plant are combined to form nanoparticles? Or is the nanoparticle then an extremely highly miniaturized image of the original organism that contains everything? If not, how is the right component selected? And what do the nanoparticles look like when non-material primary materials are used? Light, electricity or vacuum?

As you can see: The concept of nanoparticles as carriers of the efficacy of homeopathic remedies generates more questions than answers and is absolutely unsuitable to explain the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.

Author: Dr. Norbert Aust

Answer to the skeptics:
Rationality and scepticism are truly the basic pillars of scientific thought. But, we should always be aware that rationality refers to the level of knowledge/consciousness of the  person. Level of consciousness can be as good as a candle light or as bright as the light of sun. One of the common error of many skeptics is that they limit the whole scientific knowledge within the frame of their learning of basic sciences at school age. They also may insist that the scientific evolution shall be limited within this frame. Anything beyond that which demands re-orientation of thought process is easy to reject for them. Many a time we can notice that proclaimed rationalists and skeptics fall into the trap of obscurantism.

This phenomena is visible in this letter / article also. Asking questions about the content of homeopathic ultra-high diluted drugs were a reasonable sceptical activity all along. But the attempt to reject a pure observation with the most modern scientific equipment on arbitrary basis (without repeat it in same condition), explains the attitude of obscurantism.

 In my research publication (research papers in peer reviewed journals and the book ‘NANODYNAMICS’), I have never made any claims, but only published my observations under FESEM & EDS and HRTEM & EDS. In fundamental research, a pure observation may be heart breaking for professional skeptics because these observations under electron microscope and EDS are strong enough to demolish their pet ideas of linearity in science. But these intelligent people should be aware that science is growing and progressing through such original observations and discoveries, not by clinging to the past knowledge. It seems that even today many professional skeptics are embroiled in the reality of material world alone, not even realizing the potential of matter            energy            duality. 

As science advances, new findings will evolve. Trying to fit in these new finding within the frame of reference of old school of science is not going to succeed. The greatest blunder of these skeptics is that they are trying to fit in all new discoveries within their ‘old -learned frame work of science’.

As our topic is nanotechnology and Homeopathy, I have a humble request to the genuine skeptics, please read the recent research papers published around the world confirming the ability of homeopathic drug dilutions to produce epigenetic changes like up and down regulation, switching on or off of the genes etc. (you are free to reject such observations also on flimsy grounds as it may not fit in to your frame of reference)

It is a shame on genuine skeptics to blindly promote the chemical industry based conventional bio molecular medicine. Why don’t you see that conventional model of therapy of biomolecular medicine miserably failed to cure a single patient with chronic ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic allergic disorders, Autoimmune diseases etc in its whole history). Whereas homeopathic ultra high dilutions cure millions of patients with such diseases around the world year after year. When such outcome of treatment with homeopathy is discounted by skeptics as placebo/unscientific/ etc. As they perpetually denied the cure with homeopathy as unscientific,  accepting new scientific discoveries could be rather difficult for them. Humanity already began its attempt to escape from the perils of chemical medicines, skeptics attempt to roll back such progress is a crime against humanity. My request to rational skeptics is, please don’t try to be too dogmatic with science. Every sane person can foresee that conventional bio molecular model of medicine will not be able to solve the problems of human health, as it still lives on an outdated philosophical notion.  Please note that the conventional bio molecular medicine stands on the Cartesian philosophy of dualism, which demarcate body and mind as separate entities and consider human body as a biological machine. Also it derived the scientific basis from the objectivity and predictability of Newtonian physics. Further it is evolved from the Virchow’s theory of cellular pathology (1858) and the theory of bacteriology. All these theories come into the conclusion with the discovery of penicillin (1928). It seems that the depth of knowledge of skeptics regarding medicine is so poor that even after the genetic decoding and shifting of the goal post of medicine from cellular pathology to epigenetics, they still loudly shout against a therapeutic medicine which cures at genetic level. It is clear and evident that protective wall created by professional rationalists / skeptics are not any more strong enough to protect the falling glass castle ‘the conventional medicine’ and its therapeutic approach.

As the sceptic points to the procedure of electron microscopic analysis, sample preparation and decide that the impurities causes the presence of nano particles is degrading. Such contemptuous presumption that all others are error makers in their research work is a radically irrational position. If such doubts are genuine any one is free to repeat the experiment in their own ideal situations and dare enough to publish the true observations.

The science is evolving fast from gross matter to subtle level, like the cause of disease shifted from biochemical and cellular pathology to genetics. It is imperative that the treatment strategies too shift from gram scale/ milligram per kilogram body weight to nanoscale. The future of humanity is linked to such new realities. As modern world evolves fast, many new discoveries like nanoparticles of original drug material in homeopathic ultra high dilutions are bound to happen. They are going to be the new instruments to cure the diseases. Those who would love to live in the past realities are free to do that. My sincere request to the Skeptics is that please get ready to realize and embrace the speedily evolving new world of science to remain relevant in the world of arguments.  

Prof.(Dr) E S Rajendran MD(Hom), PhD.

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