Report on Khandala Workshop with Dr Farokh J Master

The Xth International Workshop in Materia Medica and Organon of Medicine -‘Khandala Workshop with Dr Farokh J Master’ was organised at DC High School Campus, Khandala on July 25-27 by the International Foundation of Clinical Research in Homeopathy, Dept. of Homeopathy, Bombay Hospital & KEM Hospital, Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre, Ruby Hall, Pune, in collaboration with Centre for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy (CASH), Archibel, Belgium.

The workshop was supported by the B Jain Group. It was attended by around 200 delegates that included homeopathic physicians, PG and PhD scholars and students from Pune, Nashik, Mumbai and Aurangabad and also from other states like West Bengal, Meghalaya, Gujarat, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Haryana. Most of the Radar opus users from Maharashtra state were also present during the workshop.

The afternoon session of the Day 1 began with a welcome address by Dr Farokh Master. He then gave an introduction to the Row 4 remedies, followed by the description of psychological aspects of human life stages as described by Erikson, which was beautifully related with the drug picture of the remedy Arsenicum album. On the Day 2, the Guest of Honor for this workshop, Dr Arun B Jadhav, (Principal, Bharati Vidyapeeth Homoepathic College, Pune) was facilitated by Dr Farokh Master and Dr Ardeshir Jagose. The acute cases were then discussed and worked out in an interactive manner which was appreciated by all the delegates. Other remedies were then described by Dr Master citing interesting cases from his rich experience, comparison with other remedies and explanation of important rubrics. Dr Ashish Kumar Jha gave a presentation on utility of Radar Opus for clinical practice.

Dr Farhad Adjania then explained the remedy Cuprum. Homeopathic books were displayed by B Jain Publishers that provided opportunity for the delegates to have the homeopathic literature by pioneers of homeopathy. On the third day, amidst heavy rainfall, the enlightening talk on posology, the materia medica discussion and the acute cases discussion was followed by the interactive session where Dr Master clarified the concerns of the students relating to remedy differentiation, rubrics etc. The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the delegates. All the delegates thanked Dr Master and his team for successfully organising this workshop.

Thanks for organising the Materia Medica workshop at Khandala with Master Homeopath Dr Farokh Master. It was a great learning experience with the master, it was really beyond my expectation, the food, the lodging facility; everything was well organised. Hope the show will go on every year. Looking forward to attend next year’s workshop too, although it is very far away from my hometown Kolkata. I gained a lot from this good and informative workshop and I will now be a regular participant at the Khandala workshop every year. Thanks to all the team members who make this happen so smoothly, it was really well organised, thanks indeed..! Dr Rajendra Prasad Verma, Kolkata

Khandala workshop by Dr Master was a great learning experience for all of us. It was especially based on the Hahnemanian teachings, the common features of row 4 remedies and its practical utility to be seen in our day to day life, and these are seen in our society. Acute cases were evaluated in detail in a step by step pattern approach to arrive at the remedy. Dr Master shared his vast personal experience on row 4 remedies which we do not get in books and was worth listening. The history of Posology from different editions ofOrganon and Chronic Miasm and the changes made at different editions was done fantastically. The Hahnemanian and Kentian views on the topic were discussed.- Dr Hiten D Safi, Mumbai

It was a memorable event in the serene and picturesque place where participants from various parts of India gathered with a desire to learn from a real Master i.e., Dr Farokh Master. He united the themes of Psychology with the Row 4 remedies beautifully and brought forth many cases from his practice as examples to reinforce the themes. Case discussions were really wonderful where the analyses and the differential materia medica were discussed by him that made many concepts clear about selection of the similimum. His deliberations on Posology were extremely useful especially for the younger generations in which he could clearly bring evolutionary and transforming concepts in doctrine of dosage as given by Hahnemann. Due to his ill health the seminar was concluded early. The desire to learn was for more. Overall it was a great teamwork exhibited by Dr Rukshin, her associates and Dr Ashish from B. Jain, Delhi. Also the food served by the mess was good, hygienic and their services need appreciation.- Dr Neeraj Gupta (NHMC), Delhi

The seminar held at Khandala had a terrific response with students, doctors and teachers from different parts of India. The teaching of Dr Master has to be appreciated as he puts different dimensions of the drug in simple forms citing examples from his practice which makes it easy to remember. Dr Master teaches us what he sees in his practice and which has been confirmed over and again which makes it absolutely authentic. I have always been benefited from all the seminars Dr Master has taken as it endows me with the knowledge I have not known before. Dr Master gives us the essence of the drug, which is easy to appreciate in practice. Dr Master is an extremely well read person and has terrific knowledge, which he imparts in a simple way. He combines materia medica, repertory and homeopathic philosophy, which is the highlight of this seminar. I strongly recommend the homeopathic fraternity not to miss such seminars in the future. – Dr Ardeshir T Jagose, Mumbai

The MM Workshop by Dr Farokh Master was indeed a learning experience, where his passion for teaching and the clinical acumen were clearly evident. Having imbibed the materia medica of remedies of row 4, from commonly indicated ars alb to less frequently indicated cuprum; and the working out of acute cases together was truly a gainful experience. This insight into the classical methodology of approaching such cases homeopathically right from case analysis, repertorisation, remedy selection, potency selection, dosage to the second prescription is rarely found in books. The take home message from the visit to this workshop at a serene place was the motivation to study classical literature. The provision of laboriously prepared lecture notes for the participants was a thoughtful gesture. I congratulate the team for the successful organisation of this workshop year after year.- Dr Daisy Katarmal, New Delhi

It was a very useful workshop overall. The session where acute cases were being solved was the best. It really helps young practioners like us to deal with acutes. I am very much thankful to Dr Master for conducting this workshop inspite of his illness. We look forward to many such learning, educative and fun workshops.- Dr Khyati Savla, Mumbai

The workshop, the content ws excellent. Indeed the speaker was Dynamic! I hope to attend the next one soon.- Dr Vansh Luniya, Aurangabad

The workshop was good and was informative. – Dr Prennie Vidiera.

Reported by Dr Ashish Kumar Jha

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