Resilience 2020 SAHYA 12 day webinar series with Dr SG Biju and Crew

Resilience 2020 SAHYA 12 day webinar series with Dr SG Biju and Crew


Theme: Diagnosis,Repertorisation, Case synthesis & Prescription. 

Daily Menu
(On every Wednesdays and Fridays from 1st July to 31st July 2020 at 8 pm to 9.30 pm.)

  1. “Bake your own Bread” – Case synthesis & Prescription with participant interactions: Dr.S.G.Biju
  2. “ Your cup of tea ” Spot diagnosis of your cases: Dr. Soumya & Dr. Sariga
  3. “Simple Scrambled eggs” – Spot selection of rubrics: Dr.Basma & Dr. Sushant C 
  4.  “Skinned to fry ” – Spot diagnosis of skin disease & prescription: Dr. Suneef, Dr. Anish & Dr. Haleem 
  5.  “ Sweet corn chicken soup” – Simple, practical learning-by-doing of advanced modules in RADAR software: Dr. Rahees K. 

Sunday Special Menu
5th July : ” Fire and ice ” -Basic life support with Emergency Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. Shibi P Varghese, Dr. Bini Baiju & Dr. Sreelekha.

12th July: ” The Red Velvet ” – Dangerous signs & Symptoms /Management of Acute disease : Dr. A.Vahab, Dr. Ameer V & Dr. Haleem.

19th July: ” Sugar n’ Milk ” –  Paediatric Diagnosis and Homoeopathic Management: Dr. Jaleel K 

26th July: ” Fruits of Love ” – An evidence based 4G approach to Infertility based on pathological prescription: Dr. Akhil S S & Dr. Sariga Sivan.

Admission is reserved for qualified Homoeopathic Doctors, Homoeopathic students & Interns. 

Only 100 seats available on a first come – first registered basis. 

Registration fees : ₹600 for doctors and ₹300 for students & interns. Fees concession up to 100% available on request to treasurer Dr. Anish Mohan in person. (Please call @ 9496361539) 

Ground rules:

  • Webinar room will be closed by 8 PM sharp every day. 
  • Participants are requested to get ready with photographs of skin cases for diagnosis and prescription. Cover up the identity of photographs as it will be shown to all participants. 
  • Ask your rubrics during sessions in chat box and get answers from the faculty team.
  • Participate in case synthesis and reportorial analysis to get acquainted with cases and softwares. 

And for a ” Surprise Treat ” : A new treatment protocol of Homoeopathic management of Bronchial Asthma. (It could be given in any regular schedule, watch for it!!)

This is exclusively for doctors and students hailing from Kerala and the medium will be bilingual – Malayalam/English. Our English version of sessions for doctors and students from outside Kerala will be announced soon.

For further details feel free to contact: 

  • Dr Haleem K.T (Chairman ) @ 9447748802
  • Dr Akhil S.S (Secretary) @ 8921931254 
  • Dr Suneef A.H (Taask Chairman) @  9961665661
  • Dr Anish Mohan(Treasurer &Co-ordinator) @ 9496361539


Apply online :

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