Review on Reverse Repertory of the Mind by Muhammed Rafeeque and JP Salini

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali

The work by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque and Dr J. P. Salini “Reverse Repertory of the Mind – Words to Mental Rubrics” is a unique work in analysing and decoding the rubrics of mind.

Since one of the main problems we encounter in practice is the conversion of the patient’s symptoms in the proper language of the repertory – remember it is very difficult to study the mental rubrics by using a repertory.

We usually come across a number of mental and physical symptoms while taking the case. Unfortunately we tend to neglect those symptoms due to our ignorance or lack of knowledge in converting them into the correct rubrics.

Structure of the book

Rubric: Buoyancy
Meaning : Cheerful and optimistic attitude

Patient says : “doctor, my serum creatinine is going high, but I could not take rest when I found my kitchen unclean”

Bystander says: “ She is very sick since yesterday, still she is eager to do her daily chores, and never show any ind of hatred. Children made kitchen dirtier, stills did not scold them. She is always pleasant and friendly with every one”

Physician observe : The patient will be approachable, friendly, lively, and cheerful in disposition.

Synthesis – Mind – Buoyancy

Important drugs : Fl-ac, sarr,testis

In this manner, 409 rubrics explained in detail

This book will helps the new generation doctors and students in overcoming the problems in the interpretation of rubrics – since clinical situations, patients narrations are given first, followed by the rubric and important remedies.

I recommend this book to those who wants to use the repertory in the correct way and giving good results to the suffering humanity

About the Authors:
Dr Muhammed Rafeeque  :  Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, Medical officer, Department of Homeopathy, Govt. of Kerala, India, is an international speaker, author of many Homeopathic books and more than 160 articles and a worldwide promoter of Homeopathy. He also serves as the Institutional Review Board Member of the American Medical College of Homeopathy, USA, also the advisor of Homeopathy World Community and IRHFC, Canada.

Dr J P Salini :  Dr J P Salini, Chief consultant homeopathic doctor, Dr Salini’s Homeopathic Clinic, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India, is an alumna of the prestigious Government Homeopathic Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala. She has taken homeopathy awareness seminars and classes at various schools in Trichy. Author of articles on various platforms and creator of homeopathic informative videos in Dr Salini’s Homeopathic Clinic youtube channel, she aims to be a part in learning and sharing of knowledge among the homeopaths for mutual growth.

Pages : 248

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