RGUHS Karnataka Homeopathy MD Entrance paper 2010

Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Karnataka Homeopathy PG Entrance Examinations 2010.
Maximum Marks : 100    Maximum Time : 90 Minutes

1. Gastric Ulcer is ’caused due to

  • a) Bad acid reflux         b) Decreased mucosal resistance
  • c) Recurrent trauma   d) Hyperacidity

2. ESR is greatly raised in

  • a) Sickle cell anaemia.     b) Multiple Myeloma
  • c) Acute MI                         d) Angina pectoris

3. Following are the  features of raised intracranial  tension EXCEPT

  • a) Altered sensorium           b) Papilloedema
  • c) Convulsions                     d) Tachycardia

4. Blood stained nipple discharge, suggests

  • a) Fibroadenosis                  b) Fibroadenoma
  • c) Duct papilloma                d) Plasma cell mastitis

5. Flapping tremor occurs in

  • a) Hepatic Encephalopathy  b) Hypothyroidism
  • c) Parkinsonism                        d) Hypothyroidism

6. Hyperpigmentation in exposed parts or pressure sites

  • a) Addison ‘s disease   b) Cushing’s syndrome
  • c) Aldosteronism         d) All the above

7. Osler’s Nodes occur in

  • a) Osteoarthritis.          b) Sub acute bacterial endocarditis
  • c) Psoriatic arthritis   d) Rheumatoid arthritis

8. De Musset’s sign occurs in

  • a) Aortic stenosis      b) Aortic regurgitation
  • c) Endocarditis          d) Mitral stenosis

9. Commonest complication of mumps in adults is

  • a) Otitis media      b) Orchitis
  • c) Myocarditis      d) Encephalitis

10. Incubation period of Hepatitis B is

  • a) 6 weeks to 6 months      b) 6 days to 6 weeks
  • c) 6 months to 6 years       d) More than 6 years

11. The oral polio vaccine is a type of

  • a) Killed formalized virus    b) Live attenuated virus
  • c) Killed virus                           d) Human Immunoglobulin

12. Medico legal importance of age

  • a) Criminal responsibility        b) Judicial punishment
  • c) Rape                                             d) All the above

13. Garrotting

  • a) The victim is attacked from behind without warning
  • b) One strong bamboo is placed at the back of the neck and another across in the front
  • c) Holding the neck of the victim
  • d) None of the above

14. The question of sterility arises in civil cases

  • a) Nullity of marriage        b) Divorce
  • c) Adultery                            d) All the above

15. Which of the following vitamins is NOT needed in excess of normal daily requirements in pregnancy ?

  • a) Vitamin A         b) Vitamin D
  • c) Vitamin B 12   d) Vitamin C

16. During delivery, the risk of transmission of maternal infection to the foetus is the highest in

  • a) Rubella                                b) Cytomegalovirus
  • c) Herpes simplex virus    d) Human papilloma virus

17. The contraceptive of choice for a newly married couple wishing to postpone their first child for 2 years is

  • a) Safe period       b) Spermicidal jelly
  • c) Copper T           d) Oral pills

18. Factors responsible for the dilatation of the cervix

  • a) Smooth muscles              b) Collagen
  • c) Ground substance           d) All the above

19. The worst position for the scars is

  • a) Back                  b) Shoulder
  • c) Sternum            d) Abdomen

20. Commonest cause of cellulitis is

  • a) Staphylococcus               b) Streptococcus
  • c) E.coli                                   d) Hemophilus

21. Preservative for storing blood for transfusion is

  • a) Heparin + Dextrose        b) Citrate + Glucose
  • c) EDTA                                    d) CPD-A

22. Complications of wound healing are

  • a) Infection                                           b) Pigmentation
  • c) Deficient scar formation            d) All the above

23. Deficiency of Vitamin E causes

  • a) Ocular lesions                                  b) Pellagra
  • c) Degeneration of neurons           d) Malabsorption

24. The more profuse the flow the greater the suffering is the characteristic of

  • a) Lachesis            b) Zinc Met
  • c) Kreosate           d) Actea Racemosa

25. Itch appear each year as winter approaches is the characteristic of

  • a) Aloe                     b) Sulphur
  • c) Graphitis           d) Belladonna

26. Complaints after eating potatoes is a symptom of

  • a} Arsenic             b) Alumina
  • c) Anti. Tart          d} None of these

27. Dry cough aggravating in the morning 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. is a symptom of

  • a) Ammonium Carb           b) Ant Crud
  • c} Aconite                             d) All of them

28. Ammonium Carb affects mostly

  • a) Right side          b) Left side
  • c) Bath                   d) Not specific

29. Irresistible desire to curse and swear is redline symptom of

  • a) Lac Can               b) Nit acid
  • c) Anacardiurn     d) All of them

30. Anacardium is antidote to

  • a) Ammonium Carb           b) Ignatia
  • c) Rhus Tox and Coffea    d) None of these

31. Dr. Burnett says — It is the king of all the remedies of Typhoid

  • a) Phosphorus      b) Baptisia
  • c) Pyrogen             d) Ver Alb

32. What is the relation of Baryta Carb and Calcarea Carb ?

  • a) Similar                                 b) Incompatible
  • c) Complementary              d) Follows Well

33. To which Family Belladonna belongs ?

  • a) Cucurbitaccae                 b) Solanacecae
  • c) Lihaceae                           d) None of these

34.”Constant dwelling on suicide” is the key note symptom of

  • a) Arnica               b) Baptisia
  • c) Calc Carb         d) Aurum Met

35. Aurum, Metallicurn antidotes to

  • a) Kali iod             b) Spigilia
  • c) Mercurius       d) All of them

36. Bubbling sensation in the region of the left kidney is a characteristic of

  • a) Sarsaparilla      b) Sepia
  • c) Lycopodium    d) Berberis Vulgaris

37. What is the relation between Calendula and Arsenic Alb ?

  •  a) Antidote           b) Similar
  • c) Follows well      d) Complementary

38. What is the common name of Colocynthis ?

  • a) Poison nut                        b) Coal
  • c) Squirting Cucumber     d) Club moss

39. Constipation always be-fore & during menses is one of the characteristic symptoms of

  • a) Sanicula            b) Calc carb
  • c) Silicea                d) Nat mur

40. Borax should not be used before or after

  • a) Sulphur             b) Bromium
  • c) Lycopodium    d) Acetic Acid

41. Which of the following is the advantage of 50 millisimal potencies over centesimal and decimals ?

  • a) Medicines can be frequently repeated both in acute and chronic disease
  • b) Medicines can be given in liquid form
  • c) Effect of medicines can be regulated
  • d) Time taken to cure is very less

42. Mother tincture prepared from diet vegetable and animal substances is by

  • a) Class I  method               b) Class 11 method
  • c) Class III method             d) Class IV method

43. Drug substances of mineral and decimal kingdom, which are easily soluble in water are included under

  • a) Class V A          b) Class V B
  • c) Class VIA         d) Class VI B

44. The thick residue of the soft doughy mass resulting from the expression of the fluid part of substances is called as

  • a) Mere                  b) Menstrum.
  • c) Magma             d) Filterate

45. Menstrum. used in Maceration are

  • a) Alcohol             b) Olive oil
  • c) Sugar of milk   d) Globules

46. Total duration required for trituration

  • a) 20 mins             b) I hr
  • c) 10 mins            d) 30 mins

47. Higher potency is prepared with the help of machines are known as

  •  a) Straight potency             b) Jumping potency
  • c) High fluxion potency     d) Fluxion potency

48. How many strokes are given in the process of potentitisation

  • a) 5 strokes                           b) 100 stokes
  • c) One powerful stroke       d) 10 strokes

49. Which of the following is also called as “Therapeutic creams” ‘?

  • a) Liniments         b) Ointments
  • c) Glycerol             d) Lotion

50. A semisolid     preparation is  prepared by mixing of one part of the mother tincture and nine part of vaseline is known as

  • a) Liniments         b) Glycerols
  • c) Opodeldocs      d) Ointments

5 1. The smallest dose that has been recorded as fatal is known as

  • a) Lethal dose      b) Maximum lethal dose
  • c) Minimum dose d) Fractional dose.

52. Which of the following  factors in NOT responsible for repetition of the dose?

  • a) Nature of the remedy     b) Nature. of the disease
  • c) Progress of the patient    d) Age of the patient

53. Which part of prescription includes, name of the remedy, its potency, quantity and quality of the vehicle ?

  • a) Superscription                  b) Subscription
  • c) Inscription                        d) Signature

54. The subject dealing with root or channel of administration of drugs is termed as

  • a) Pharmacophare              b) Pharmaconomy
  • c) Pharmacognesy               d) Pharmaco-chemistry

55. The sum total of action imparted on a   individual living human being and the sum  total of the  reaction that it can induce in the vital force is known as

  • a) Drug, action     b) Drug power
  • c) Drug strength    d) Drug capacity

56. Repertory was defined as “A book of index of medicines under symptoms” by

  •  a) Bidwel              b) Bogat
  • c) Jugal Kishore    d) Boenninghausen

57. Ile name of the repertory, compiled by Hahnemann was

  • a) Repertory of Materia Medica
  • b) Logico utilitarian repertory
  • c) Fragmenta De Viribus Medicamentorum Positivis
  • d) Homoeopathic Repertory

58. ‘The Repertory of Concordance’ by Gentry is a

  • a) Card Repertory               b) Logico Utilitarian Repertory
  • c) Clinical Repertory         d) Puritan Repertory

59. Compiler of ‘Repertory Eyes’ is

  • a) Curie                  b) Beridge
  • c) Cipher                d) Bogar

60. Symptoms Register was compiled by

  • a) T.F. Allen          b) Adolf Lippe
  • c) C.M. Bogar       d) C.B.Kneer

61. Pseudo chronic disease is caused by

  • a) Exciting cause                 b) Maintaining cause
  • c) Fundamental cause        d) None of the above

62. Sensation of ease and comfort due to the harmonious playing of the vital force is called

  • a) Health              b) Disease
  • c) Cure                   d) None of the above

63. When more than one dissimilar diseases are present at the same time in a person is called

  • a) Natural disease                b) Acute disease
  • c) Complex disease             d) Double disease

64. Potentisation includes  _ phenomena,

  • a) Dilution                               b) Frication
  • c) Concentration                  d) Both a) and b)

65. `Disinfectant’ kills the following

  • a) All micro-organisms       b) Pathogenic micro-organisms
  • c) Viruses and Fungi –         d) Non-Pathogenic micro-organisms

66. The UNICEF was established in

  • a) 1929                  b) 1946
  • c) 1948                  d) 1952

67. Major signs for diagnosis of AIDS

  • a) Weight loss 10% of body weight                    b) Chronic diarrhoea for more than 1 month
  • c ) Prolonged fever for more than 1 month    d) All the above

68. National Tuberculosis programme in operation since

  • a) 1962                  b) 1946
  • c) 1976                  d) 1973

69.The leading cause of death in low birth weight babies are

  • a) Atelectasis                        b) Malformation
  • c) Intracranial bleeding secondary to anoxia or birth trauma d) All the above

70. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed by Indian Parliament in

  • a) 1981
  • b) 1971
  • c) 1975
  • d) 1979

71.Causticum is prepared from

  • a) Potassium Sulphate        b) Potassium Carbonate
  • c) Potassium Hydrate         d) Potassium Permanganate

72. Action of medicines on the vital force is called

  • a) Primary action to            b) Secondary action
  • c) Alternating action           d) Physiological action

73. Diseases which produced by the allopathic non healing art by the prolonged use of violent heroic medicines in large and over increasing doses is called the

  • a) Pseudo chronic diseases               b) Artificial chronic diseases
  • c) True natural chronic diseases    d) All of the above

74. Biochemic system of medicine is based on

  • a) Excess of nutrition theory    b) Deficiency disorder theory
  • C) Miasm                                          d) None of these

75. Fundamental cause of all the diseases are

  • a) Psora                 b) Syphilis
  • c) Sycosis              d) Bacteria

76. Idea about “Hydrogenoid, Carbagenoid and Oxygenoid” constitution was given by

  • a) Dr. Adolph Lippe            b) Dr. Farrington
  • c) Dr. Gravol                         d) None of these

77. A Homoeopath never selects medicine on the name of diseases EXCEPT

  • a) Indisposition                    b) Epidemic diseases
  • c) One sided diseases          d) Mental diseases

78. Homoeopathic Materia Medica written by Dr, C, Hering is an ideal book because

  • a) All the symptoms are clinically verified
  • b) Written after proving
  • c) He was the follower of Dr. Hahnemann
  • d) None of these

79. “Tolle causam” means

  • a) Palliation           b) Removal of the cause
  • c) Suppression      d) None of these

80. Pathagnomonic symptoms are those symptoms of the disease on

  • a) Which diagnosis can be made
  • b) Which prescription can be made
  • c) Which proper dose can be made
  • d) All of the above

81. The editor of `Synthesis’ is

  • a) George Vithoulkous        b) Fredric Schroyens
  • c) Robert Young                    d) John Slater

82. Puritian group Repertory is

  • a) Repertory which maintains the purity of symptoms as described and recorded in the words of the provers or clinicians
  • b) Repertory which does not care so much for the actual words but gives the sole values to essence the real meaning of the symptom
  • c) Repertory which described with the complete symptom like location, sensation modalities and concomitant
  • d) All of the above

83. First alphabetical pocket Repertory was written by

  • a) Boenninghausen             b) Weber Peschier
  • c) Rouff                                  d) Glazor

84. Time required for maceration is

  • a) 24 hours            b) 72 hours            c) 2-4 weeks          d) 6-7 weeks

85. Analytical Repertory by Hering was published in the year of

  • a) 1870                  b) 1879
  • c) 1881                  d) 1890

86. Nerve NOT related to humorus is

  • a) Radial               b) Ulnar
  • c) Median              d) Musculocutaneous

87. Sinuses are NOT seen in

  • a) Kidney                                 b) Spleen
  • c) Endocrine gland              d) Liver

88. Nerve supply of the cremaster muscle

  • a) Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve      b) Femoral nerve
  • c) Branch from sacral plexus                            d) Sub costal nerve

89. Appendicular artery is a branch of

  • a) Anterior cecal artery       b) Right colic artery
  • c) Middle colic artery          d) Ileocolic artery

90. Which foramen is also called as Foramen of Winslow ?

  • a) Lesser sciatic foramen   b) Sacral foramen
  • c) Epiploic foramen            d) Obturator foramen

91. The region in the Brachial Plexus where the six nerves meet, this point is called as

  • a) Thoracodorsal nerve      b) Dorsal nerve
  • c) Suprascapular nerve       d) Spinal part of accessory nerve

92. Blood platelets in stored blood do not remain functional after

  • a) 24 hrs     b) 48 hrs                c) 72 hrs                 d) 96 hrs

93. Factor deficiency in Christmas disease is

  • a) II        b) VII
  • c) VIII    d) IX

94. Paradoxical breathing is characteristic of

  • a) Pneumonia       b) Pneumothorax
  • c) Atelectasis        d) Diaphragmatic Paralysis

95. Vomiting centre is situated in

  • a) Hypothalamus               b) Amygdala
  • c) Pons                                   d) Medulla

96. What is the normal GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) ?

  • a) 6.20 ml/min     b) 125 ml/min      c) 160 ml/min       d) 9.75 ml/min

97. The overall condition of elevated concentration of Ketone bodies in tissues and blood is called

  • a) Ketolysis           b) Ketogenesis
  • c) Ketosis               d) Ketonemia

98.. Gloves, syringes, needles, etc., used for patients whose HIV test result is NOT known, should be immersed in

  • a) Povidone-iodine 1 %
  • b) Boiling water
  • c) 1% solution of sodium hypochlorite
  • d) 14% solution dettol

99. The pathology of Parkinsonism lies in

  • a) Red Nucleus
  • b) Nigro-Striatal tract
  • c) Hypothalamus
  • d) Hippocampus

100) Liquefactive necrosis is common in

  • a) GIT    b) Brain c) Liver  d) Heart

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