RGUHS Karnataka PhD Entrance Syllabus

Ph.D Entrance Test for admission to Ph.D courses in Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and AYUSH faculties for the academic year 2018-19. 

 The entrance exam is conducted in two parts namely 

1. Principles of basic Research methodology 

2. Specialty paper
The specialty paper Syllabus content shall ordinarily be equal to the syllabus and  books prescribed for Post-Graduate Course for that subject as per Regulations of Central Council and/ or the Rajiv Gandhi Universities of Health Sciences. 

The Principles of basic Research methodology syllabus is as follows

  1. Research Methodology: An Introduction
  2. Defining the Research Problem
  3. Research Design
  4. Sampling Design
  5. Measurement and Scaling Techniques
  6. Methods of Data Collection
  7. Processing, statistics and Analysis of Data
  8. Sampling Fundamentals
  9. Interpretation and Report Writing
  10. Principle and methods of fundamental research method, literature drug and research problem survey, clinical research 
  11. Writing ad article for a scientific journals
  12. Introduction to specific research instruments
  13. Bioavialbility
  14. Bioequivalence
  15. Clinical trails.

(2) Duration, Nature of Question Paper and Answer Sheet:- there is a separate examinations for specialty paper and basic paper compromises 50 marks each. The question paper comprising of 15 questions of 2 marks with two choice and 04 question of 5 marks with one choice. Duration of examination Time is three hours and separate answer booklets are issued for each paper. 

5. Penalty for false and incorrect statements:- Where an applicant has furnished any false and incorrect statement in the application or where the affidavit filed by him or the certificate furnished by him contains any false or incorrect statement, the application shall be liable for rejection and his selection for admission to the Ph.D course shall be cancelled after providing a reasonable opportunity to explain by the Entrance Test Committee. 

For further details, Please refer RGUHS website www.rguhs.ac.in  Department of Research and Development (Ph.D Programmes). 

Recommended books, question papers and study materials on Research Methodology Biostatistics and Ethics for Research Officer and PhD entrance examinations

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