Role of anatomy in understanding health

Health  is  a   condition  in  which  the   spiritual   Vital   Force   rules  with  unbounded sway and retains all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious,        vital  operations     as  regards     to  both   sensations     and functions.

“Health     is  defined     as  a   complete     physical,     mental,    social   and  spiritual   well   being   and   not   merely   absence   of   disease”.   Health   is  multidimensional.   It   is  a   state   of   being   in  which   every   cell,   every  organ     and    part   of   the   body    performs      the   functions    normally,  harmoniously and so smoothly that the consciousness is not aware  of    organs    and    parts,   thoughts     and    ideas    flow   freely   and    the  reasoning is clear and logical, the emotions react rationally and the entire being vibrates with vitality, harmony and charm. Health is the balanced   state   of   body   and   mind.  There   is   perfect   homoeostasis between       extra   cellular   fluid   and  internal     environment. Nervous  system, General  adoption syndrome (stress response) and immune response are well co-ordinated.

Physical :-state in which every cell and every organ is functioning at  optimum capacity and in perfect harmony with rest of the body. It  includes dietary, breath, sleep, bowel and bladder movements, BP, weight height, exercise, tolerance etc.

Mental  :-   mental   health   is   the   ability   to   respond   to   many   varied  experience of life with flexibility and sense of purpose –  A state of  balance      between      the   individual   and     the   surrounding      world.    It includes     happiness,      calmness,     cheerfulness,      self  satisfaction,    no conflict   within   self,   no   self   condemnation,   not   easily   upset,   self control and open to new ideas.

Spiritual – A awareness of self or soul living without attachment to any object. It include integrity, Principle, ethics and purpose of life.

Social : – forms friendship which is satisfying and long lasting keeps friends and social relationship hearty and frictionless acts for benefit of society in accordance with real capacity “saint like attitude is healthiest to possess”

Health   signifies   a   state   of   equilibrium,   while   disease   signifies   the loss of equilibrium, which is indicated by signs and symptoms.

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