Curious symptoms of Calcarea Carb from our masters

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All of us recognize this well known remedy calcarea carb, which we study even in the very beginning days of our company with Homeopathy. Most of us remember calcarea as a fatty, obesed person with habitual, but not bothering, constipation, chilly by nature and timid in outlook, liking sweets and eggs, having delayed dentition or growth milestone. But all of us do agree in the fact that only this explanation of calcarea carb is not sufficient. It is far more than this. So in this presentation those interesting, but not well known, aspects of calcarea carb are presented, which will surely draw the attention of the physician towards this remedy once they find these symptoms in a calcarea carb type patients.:

  • Coldness of single parts (kali-bi); head, stomach, feet and legs (H C Allen)
  • Sweat of single parts; head, scalp, nape of neck, sexual organs, chest, axillae, hands, knees, feet (Allen)
  • Diseases brought about by standing on cold, damp pavements or working while standing in cold water (Allen)
  • Painless hoarseness < morning (Allen)
  • Calcarea child scratches its head on awakening from sleep. The change from sleep to ACTIVITY seems to excite the tching of the existing eruption (E A Farrington)
  • Sees imaginary things like rat, mice, horrible objects on closing the eyes (Farrington)
  • Eyes inflamed, injected at every exposure to cold (Acute is Bell), (Ghosal)
  • Relaxation of muscles, veins etc.(Kent)
  • Calcarea is useful in tubercular formation, calcareous degeneration, induration..(Kent)
  • < when weather changes from warm to cold (Kent)
  • Feels as if she would like to run up and down and SCREAM (Kent)
  • Talks about little foolish things, murder, fire, rat etc (Kent)
  • Aversion and quits work, quits after OVEREXERTION (Kent)
  • Feets cold, difficult to get warm but when warm they are very hot, burning so that he must keep them out of bed (Kent)
  • So weak in the back that that he slides down in the chair while sitting (Kent)
  • Slight mental effort produces heat (of head—Boericke). The least mental excitement causes profuse return of the menstrual flow (S.K. Dubey)
  • Pit of stomach is swollen like an inverted saucer and is very painful to pressure ( Dubey)
  • General amelioration lying on painful side like Bryo. and Puls. (Dubey)
  • Apprehensive : Uneasily fearful (Boericke)
  • Deafness from working in water (Boericke)
  • Catarrhal symptoms with hunger; coryza alternates with colic (Boericke)
  • Swelling of Upper lip (Boericke)
  • Burning pain at tip of tongue (Boericke)
  • Loss of appetite when overworked (Boericke)
  • Sourness of all the discharges (Boericke)
  • Pain in head and Nape of neck > sneezing (Boericke)
  • Shouldn’t be repeated too frequently in elderly people (Boericke)
  • Misplaced words, tendency to express wrongly (Mohanty)
  • Lascivious, amorous dreams before menses (Mohanty)
  • Dreams of being bitten by dog (Mohanty)
  • Dreams of unsuccessful efforts to do various things (Mohanty)
  • The characteristic calcarea hand is soft, moist and warm (Clarke)
  • Painful dryness of the nose (Clarke)
  • Urgent inclination to inspire deeply (Clarke)
  • Palpitation of heart after a meal (Clarke)
  • Nettle rash, mostly disappearing in fresh air (Clarke)
  • Swallows in sleep (Clarke)
  • Fear of poverty, dislikes borrowing money or having negative accounts in Bank (Tinus Smits)
  • Chewing motion of jaw during sleep (Tinus)
  • Gain weight easily, difficult to lose it ( Vithoulkas)
  • Aversion to Slimy food (Vithoulkas)
  • Perspires easily, even in Sleep (Vithoulkas)
  • Children feel better when constipated and worse with diarrhoea but in adult just the reverse is true (Vithoulkas)
  • Calcarea child aged between 6-12 develop an intense curiosity about supernatural things, the UNKNOWN, the beyond (Vithoulkas)
  • Over exertion, mental or physical is the greatest enemy for calcarea patients (Vithoulkas)
  • They are dependent upon others. Children give answer to their parents than to doctor (R Sankaran)
  • Main feeling of calcarea is the need for STABILITY and SECURITY, and central theme of carbonate is vital reaction (R Sankaran)
  • He seeks protection he needs by expressing a lot of fears. He surrounds himself by a lot of people who can protect him ( R Sankaran)
  • When the life situation of calcarea person changes and he loses the security of his home, he feels as if left alone in wilderness thus going to stramonium situation and if calcarea women coming from the world of security happens to marry a violent drunkard she can develop a rhus-tox situation; that of being killed inside her own house (R Sankaran)
  • The stranger may be treated with some caution but once he has demonstrated his good intentions, he is allowed into the oyster’s shell to enjoy the homeliness and comfort of his interior.(P M Bailey)
  • Calcarea is suspected to be present more in countryside or third-world country where it is still possible to live simpler life( P M Bailey)
  • Calcareas are good at remembering the little things which shows that they care. Such as, birthday present, a bunch of flower, a cup of tea etc. (P M Bailey)
  • Family is very important to calcarea, large family gatherings are typical and calcarea is likely to invite her ageing mother or move in with her family as she is too frail to look after herself. When away from home they tend to feel homesick, they are the ones who enjoy family holidays fully.( P M Bailey)
  • When calcarea is upset they have tendency to react irrationally but they tend to come back to their senses  pretty quickly. Eg, She may cry when her husband forgets their anniversary and in sadness she may burn dinner but she’ll quickly come back  to her senses and apologise. (P M Bailey)
  • Calcarea tends to fear the challenges that would result from being successful esp. academically and professionally. (Because she feels she won’t be able to cope with the increase in demand upon her as regards time and skill) (P M Bailey)

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