Rubrics related to suppression and its ailments in different repertories

Dr Venkatadhri S

Suppression is the removal of external symptoms of disease by external, mechanical, chemical or topical treatment or by means of powerful crude medicines.3

Our material body is functioning because of the immaterial or dynamic Vital force or Vital energy which is present in each and every cell of the body. When this Vital force or vital energy is functioning harmoniously without any disturbance the organism is at perfect health and ease. When there is disturbance in the vital energy or the immaterial substance there is a change in the normal function. We are able to perceive this change by the signs and symptoms produced in the organism which we call it as disease. This vital force or vital energy can be restored into order only by the remedy which is capable of producing similar signs and symptoms. Only the totality of symptoms or entire collection of perceptible phenomena helps us in choosing the remedy. When only a part of the symptoms or a single symptom is considered and prescribed the expression of Vital force or Vital energy is altered and not restored to normal. This leads to suppression. The disease is expressed in a different set of symptoms or expressed through disturbance in other organs or it may be driven deeper to affect vital organs, but never cured.5

Some conditions which leads to suppression are

  1. Conditions like prolonged worry, grief, anxiety, fear, disappointment, overexertion, unsatisfied longing for mate or offspring can disturb and suppress the normal functioning of vital force.
  2. Medicines which are not homoeopathic to the disease when used in crude form, physiologic and large doses suppress the disease. In disease Vital force or energy should be allowed to express the disturbance in its own way. When physiological doses are used they change the original picture of disease.
  3. External applications to remove the skin symptoms. This causes the skin symptoms to disappear and increases the diseases in internal organs.
  4. Suppression of natural secretions of the body like sweat, menses, leucorrhoea, lochia, nasal discharges. This disturbs the normal elimination function of the body and leads to affection of vital organs
  5. Common form of suppression is the removal of diseased organ or part by surgery. This leads to removal of seat of disease or results of disease while the real disturbance in Vital force or Energy exists. This forces the Vital force or energy to express the disease in another organ or in other form.1

Here an attempt is made to list some rubrics related to various suppression, ailments due to suppression  and  remedies as mentioned in Synthesis repertory, BBCR, Boericke repertory and Phatak repertory


  1. Anxiety from suppressed sexual desire – STAPHYSAGRIA, Conium
  2. Rage, fury from suppressed sexual desire – Lilium tig
  3. Sadness from suppressed sexual desire – Conium
  4. Somnambulism from suppressed sexual desire – Zincum met
  5. Hairfall in spots from sexual desire – Staphysagria
  6. Abortion from suppressed grief – Ignatia, natrum mur
  7. Eruptions- psoriasis after grief or suppressed emotions – STAPHYSAGRIA
  8. Ailments from writing left handed, suppression of – Staphysagria
  9. Suppression of milk from anger – Chamomilla
  10. Hysteria from suppression of sexual excitement – CONIUM, Bromium
  11. Erections wanting from suppression of sexual desire – Phosphorus


  1. Anxiety from suppressed eruptions – Mezereum
  2. Dullness of mind from suppressed eruptions – Baryta carb
  3. Insanity, madness from suppressed eruptions – Causticum, heparsulph, sulphur, zincum met, anti-tart, ars-alb, belladonna, stramonium
  4. Mania after suppressed eruptions – Causticum, heparsulph, zincum met, anti tart
  5. Restlessness from suppressed eruptions – Asafoetida
  6. Sadness with suppressed eruptions – Psorinum, SULPHUR
  7. Stupefaction from suppressed eruptions – CUPRUM MET
  8. Inflammation of brain after suppressed eruptions – Cicuta
  9. Ear discharge after suppressed eruptions – Sulphur, mezereum, cistus canadensis
  10. Hearing impaired after suppressed eruptions about head – Mezereum
  11. Face pain after suppressed eruptions – Dulcamara, Kalmia, mezereum, Thuja
  12. Face pain neuralgic after suppressed eruptions – Mezereum
  13. Diarrhoea after suppressed eruptions – SULPHUR, bryonia, heparsulph, lycopodium, psorinum, urticaurens, anti tart, dulcamara, graphites, mercurius, mezereum, petroleum
  14. Hydrocele after suppressed eruptions – Abrotanum, Calcarea carb, Helleborus
  15. Palpitation of heart after suppressed eruptions – Ars alb, calcarea
  16. Sciatica from suppressed eruptions – Mezereum
  17. Knee pain after suppressed eruption – sepia
  18. Extremities paralysis after suppressed eruptions – ­Dulcamara, Psorinum, Sulphur, Causticum, Heparsulph
  19. Sleep comatose after suppressed eruptions – Zincum met
  20. Anaesthesia after suppressed eruptions – Zincum met
  21. Itching of skin after suppressed eruptions – Ars alb
  22. Chorea after suppressed eruptions – Causticum, Sulphur, Apis, Zincum metallicum
  23. Dropsy after suppressed eruptions – APIS, Ars alb, helleborus, Apocyanum, Digitalis, Rhus tox, Sulphur,
  24. Neurological complaints from suppressed eruptions – CUPRUM MET, Causticum, Cicuta, Zincum met
  25. Neuralgic pains from suppressed eruptions – Mezereum
  26. One sided paralysis from suppressed eruptions – Causticum, Dulcamara, Lachesis, Psorinum, Sulphur, Heparsulph
  27. Weakness from suppressed eruptions – Ars-sulph-flavum
  28. Hypochondriasis after suppressed eruptions – SULPHUR
  29. Respiration asthmatic after suppression of acute rash – Apis, Pulsatilla, Ars-alb
  30. Chest affections after suppressed skin eruptions – Heparsulph1
  31. Cough after Eczema or Itch suppressed – Psorinum1
  32. Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions – Sulphur, Psorinum, agaricus, calcarean, Cuprum met
  33. Convulsions from suppressed eruptions – Causticum


  1. Sleeplessness from suppressed discharges – Lachesis
  2. Hysteria after suppression of discharges – ASAFOETIDA, Lachesis
  3. Head congestion from suppressed discharges – Cinchona, VERATRUM ALBUM
  4. Inflammation of brain from suppressed ear discharge – Stramonium
  5. Face pain after suppressed coryza – Kali-bi
  6. Respiration difficult from suppressed measles – CHAMOMILA, PULSATILLA, Zincum met
  7. Bladder inflammation after suppressed Hemorrhoids – Nux vomica
  8. Palpitation of heart after suppressed haemorrhoids – Colchicum
  9. Epistaxis after suppressed piles – Nux vomica4
  10. Hearing impaired, bad, deafness from suppressed discharges – Lobelia4
  11. Sadness from suppressed diarrhoea – Gambogia
  12. Strabismus from suppressed diarrhoea – Podophylum
  13. Rheumatic pains from suppressed diarrhoea – Abrotanum


  1. Headache from suppressed perspiration – CARBO VEG, arsalb,belladonna, calcarean carb, chamomilla, cinchona, nux vomica, pulsatilla, sulphur, bryonia, lycopodium, mercurius, phosphorus, rhus tox, sepia
  2. Cataract after suppressed foot sweat – SILICEA
  3. Dryness of nose(inside) after suppressed foot sweat – SILICEA
  4. Chorea after suppressed foot sweat – Formica rufa4
  5. Asthma after suppressed foot sweat – Oleum animale1
  6. Extremities paralysis after suppressed perspiration – colchicum, Rhus tox
  7. Convulsions after suppressed perspiration – Silicea
  8. Convulsions after suppressed foot sweat – SILICEA
  9. Paralysis from suppressed perspiration – Colchicum, Rhus tox, Lachesis, Gelsemium
  10. Weakness from suppressed footsweat – Silicea
  11. Menses suppressed from suppression of perspiration of feet – Cuprum


  1. Diarrhoea from suppressed menses – Glonine4
  2. Fainting from suppressed menses – Nuxmoschata4
  3. Goitre from suppressed menses – Ferrum, Ferrumiod4
  4. Mania after suppressed menses – Cimicifuga, pulsatilla, Aloes, Apis, Veratrum album, Stramonium
  5. Mental symptoms after suppressed Menses –ferrum met, Nuxmoschata, Platina
  6. Teeth pain after suppressed menses – PULSATILLA
  7. Dropsy, ascites from suppressed menses – Senecio
  8. Inflammation of ovaries from suddenly suppressed menstrual flow- ACONITE, Pulsatilla
  9. Dry cough from suppressed menses – copaiva
  10. Convulsions from suppressed menses – Bufo, calc phos, cocculus, gelsemium, millefolium, pulsatilla, Cuprum,
  11. Puerperal fever from suppressed lochia – SULPHUR, Lycopodium, Millefolium, Pulsatilla, Sabina
  12. Mania after suppressed lochia – Cimicifuga, Platina, Veratrum album
  13. Convulsions from suppression of milk of mother – Agaricus, Millefolium


  1. Ankle pain after suppressed gonorrhoea – Medorrhinum, Thuja
  2. Bladder catarrah from suppressed gonorrhoea – Medorrhinum,Pulsatilla, Thuja, Benzoic acid, Cubeba, Silicea
  3. Suppression of urine from suppressed gonorrhoea – CAMPHOR, CANTHARIS, Pulsatilla
  4. Prostate inflammation from suppression of gonorrhoea – NITRIC ACID, THUJA, Copaiva, Digitalis, Medorrhinum, Mercurius, Nux vomica, Petroleum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulphur, Staphysagria, Cuprum
  5. Urethra hemorrhage after suppressed gonorrhoea – PULSATILLA
  6. Inflammation of ovaries after suppressed gonorrhoea – MEDORRHINUM, Cantharis
  7. Cough after suppressed gonorrhoea – Medorrhinum, thuja, Benzoic acid, Selenium
  8. Pain, joints, rheumatic after suppressed gonorrhoea – MEDORRHINUM, THUJA, clematis, copaiva, conium, lycopodium, mercurius, Phytolacca, pareira
  9. Face pain after suppressed ague – NATRUM MUR, Sepia, Stramonium
  10. Cough from suppressed Intermittent fever – Eupatorium perfoliatum
  11. Urticaria from suppressed malaria – Elatrium1
  12. Dropsy from Suppressed intermittent – Carbo veg, China, ferrum, helleborus, Lachesis
  13. Extremities paralysis after suppressed intermittent fever – Natrum mur, Rhus tox
  14. Ear pain after suppression of ague – Pulsatilla
  15. Hearing impaired after suppressed intermittent fever – Calcarea, chininumsulph


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Dr Venkatadhri S
PG Scholar, Dept of MateriaMedica
Under the guidance of  Dr Renuka S Patil
HOD & Prof  Dept of Materia Medica
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