Sack the tainted leaders of National Commission for Homoeopathy

Sack the tainted leaders of the National Commission for Homoeopathy

Dr Masnoor Ali KR

Shame on you, NCH leaders. Despite the court’s ruling, the chairman and other members remain in office.

The Karnataka High Court quashed the appointment of Dr. Anil Khurana as Chairperson of the National Commission for Homoeopathy (NCH), on account of forged experience certificates, directed the central government to make a fresh appointment as per the provisions of the NCH Act in January 2024.

Dr. K.R.Janardanan Nair President, the Medical Assessment and Rating Board for Homoeopathy has only one year of administrative experience instead of the required seven. The court seriously considered this issue as well.

In spite of quashing his appointment on 10.01.2024 by Hon’ble High Court, Dr. Anil Khurana still did not vacate the post due to hidden support from Ayush Secretary, even though the High Court did not grant a stay order against the order of quashing his appointment.

During the celebration of World Homoeopathy Day on 10.04.2024 wherein President of India was the Chief Guest, Dr. Anil Khurana was not allowed to sit on the Dias on the ground that his appointment was quashed by the Court.

Instead of resigning, these two officers filed a review petition in Karnataka High Court even though the court categorically challenged their arguments. They have one and a half years of tenure remaining!

In the pursuit of elevating the standards of our esteemed Homoeopathic medical colleges nationwide, the NCH has initiated a commendable drive requiring institutions to submit genuine documents. This includes the qualifications and experiences of our revered teachers, along with various academic credentials, fostering a culture of transparency and integrity. The commission also started implementing Competency-based dynamic curricula at UG and PG levels.

However, it has come to our attention that despite these admirable efforts, there exists a discrepancy at the highest echelon of the NCH. The current chairman, entrusted with steering this apex body, has faced challenges regarding the authenticity of his credentials, which led to the court quashing his appointment.

It is disheartening to note that despite the court’s ruling, the chairman remains in office. In the spirit of upholding the principles embedded in the NCH Act, we earnestly call for his resignation. Alternatively, we urge the Ministry to take decisive action, facilitating a fresh appointment that aligns with the core values of our beloved homoeopathic education sector.

Let us remember that the credibility of our education system is paramount. Individuals holding a position of such significance must embody the values of honesty, integrity, and competence to ensure quality.

In its judgment on January 10, 2024, the court stated that Dr. Khurana did not possess the requisite 10 years of experience as head of a homoeopathy department or organization, terming it illegal and contrary to the statute. as mandated by the NCH Act. Instead, he only had 4 years of relevant experience.

The court heavily criticized the Search Committee and Ministry of Ayush for appointing someone who did not meet the eligibility criteria laid out in the Act. It observed that the appointment was made arbitrarily, without due application of mind.

This judgment is significant as it upholds the sanctity of statutory provisions for appointment to high offices. The court made it clear that eligibility criteria prescribed by law cannot be circumvented or overlooked by the government for political or other considerations.

Dr Amaragouda L Patil from Bangalore filed the case. Advocate Vijay Kumar appeared for the petitioner. Honourable Mr Justice NS Sanjay Gowda issued the judgment

The Government of India dissolved the Central Council of Homeopathy and formed the National Homeopathy Commission on 05.07.2021, whose main objective was to improve the standards of Homeopathic education, but the Government of India appointed such a person to the responsible post of Chairperson in the National Homeopathy Commission. He did not fulfill the qualifications given in the Homeopathy Act and other eligible candidates were sidelined. Under his chairpersonship, NCH is a subsidiary office of CCRH. He has no background or experience in the homeopathic education sector. Simply diluting the norms for the sake of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy people, by diluting the recruitment rules. Because he was the former Director General of CCRH.

As per the NCH act, the appointment should be based on an interview, many eligible candidates applied at that time, but these crooked fellows ‘nominated’ by bypassing the interview in July 2021.

As per the Minimum Standard Regulations (MESR) prepared under his chairpersonship – if you have 5 years of experience as a contract staff/research officer in any of the CCRH units in India, or a person in the Ministry of Ayush – you are eligible not only for Associate Professor! These are against the norms of UGC. A person without teaching experience is directly posted as a Professor or Associate professor. This will hamper the promotion and service benefits of existing Assistant Professors too. Research experience will never equal teaching experience.

These people are spoiling the future of new-generation homoeopaths.There are a number of good homoeopathic colleges from where a good number of dedicated PGs pass out every year. If they are prevented from taking up teaching as a profession using manipulated criteria like this, I feel it has to be viewed very seriously and is a matter of great concern for the future of the homoeopathic teaching fraternity.

There is a demand from the scholars of homeopathy profession from all over India that Dr. Anil Khurana and Dr. K.R.Janardanan Nair be immediately removed from the post and in the future utmost care and transparency should be taken in such appointments, the Government of India should immediately appoint a qualified candidate and should fix the responsibility of the officials of AYUSH Ministry for wrongly appointing Dr. Anil Khurana to the post of Chairperson, more so, the entire salary paid to Dr. Anil Khurana and Dr. K.R.Janardanan Nairshould also be recovered because the Tax paying public’s money cannot be misused to pay salary to a person who was not eligible for that post.

Apart from this, all the wrong decisions taken by these officials during the last two and a half years should also be reviewed.

Download the Karnataka HC judgement

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