Scope of Homoeopathy Practice in United Kingdom

Dr Mansoor Ali
Professor, Govt Homoeopathy Medical College Calicut, India

Every day we are getting questions from Indian Homeopathic students and practitioners about practising in UK and Post Graduate study in UK.

Some facts about Homoeopathy Practice in UK
Homeopathy is not regularised in UK by Official Government bodies, a country like India. In India we have a separate AYUSH ministry, regulating Homeopathy. 

In UK, Anyone can study Homeopathy at any age with any profession by joining part-time weekend or online courses. No full-time college. 

Till today, there is not a single course or college has been approved by Government. 

Whatever courses are run by the institutes, they are recognised by the institute itself. Institute based courses where a student can learn Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Practice of Medicines, Surgery, Gynaec-Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, ENT etc. 

After attending a weekend course for two to three years, If a student can complete the 30 to 60 hours (one week- 8 hours X 7 to 8 days in someone’s clinic)  for Clinical Observation, they get the certificate as a Qualified Homeopath.  No internship. 

We can NOT use the prefix as DR.  in UK, unless registered with GMC = General Medical Council.
In UK, Homeopath can not treat a Notifiable diseases.  

All the organisations– like Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA), Society of Homoeopaths (SOH), The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), New HMA, Hahnemann College of Homeopathy etc offer membership and insurance. They organise Seminars, meetings conferences to socialise or educate members and to help their members in case if something adverse happens with the patient. 

In UK doctors are hardly get enough money to survive because of the limited numbers of patients to treat. So, they have to take another job, work like aromatherapy,Reiki,message therapy, Counselling etc. to survive.  So, called “ alternative” 

Currently , Very few practitioners are doing exclusive Homeopathy with medical background. 

Those who are very famous !!!  they having good marketing skills to sell them. The clinical side they can’t much explore due to limited and expensive resources to investigate patients in UK.

Secondly,  all  Health services are FREE in England. 

GP (General Practitioners are providing free consultations, advice, referrals  to every citizen free of charge-though it’s going from tax) 

Registration to get insurance cover and all, it is bit difficult. We have to do payments according to the number of patients. We can do that if we are sure we will get enough number of patients but as the NHS treatment is free of cost, how we can trust we will get enough number of the patient.  There’s the problem.  If we are doing without insurance cover the risk is in our hand

The procedure:

1. One must have valid visa status like Work permit
Citizenship with Naturalisation certification from UK Government
After having above-stated status, One can apply for…

2. Membership to any Homeopathic Medical Association
By providing Transcripts/ Mark-sheets, Degree certificates, Registration Certificates etc.
Then you can practice in UK

Faculty of Homeopaths
The Faculty of Homeopathy was founded in 1844. In 1950 it was incorporated by Act of UK Parliament. They only register MBBS or MD Homeopathy. But their route of getting registration is very lengthy and expensive. DHMS or BHMS holders can join as affiliate members. They just give affiliate membership but not entitled to use title or NO right to practice, though you have all above mentioned valid VISA status. 

Society of Homoeopaths
If you have registration in the Society of Homoeopaths, more than 10 companies provide insurance coverage for homoeopathy treatment. 

On top of that
UK is a very expensive country for survival in terms of the exchange rate from Rupees to Pounds.I hope, It must be very shocking to you, but this is the fact.  

UK NARIC : The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom, is the UK’s agency for recognising international qualifications and skills

Think Positively
Despite the limitations and hurdle, India’s leading international brand Dr Batra’s established many clinics in London city itself.  in Harrwow, Southall, Wembley and Harley street.

Search in Google
You can see many homoeopathy clinics with their advertisement inviting homoeopathic doctors by searching in Google.’s Editorial board member in UK will defiantly help you
Dr. Nikunj Trivedi,
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