Secondary Dengue Responds to Homeopathy

mosquitoLab finds homeo cure for dengue

A homeopathic drug extracted from a plant native to the US and used as a traditional medicine in that country the 19th century, promises a cure for dengue, says a study by the state-run King Institute of Preventive Medicine.

The King Institute team headed by a Chennai-based homoeopath administered the drug extracted from Eupatorium perfoliatum to 50 patients with secondary dengue and found all of them recovered.

“The platelet counts came under control for almost all patients and blood tests showed marked improvement,” said King Institute director Dr P Gunasekaran.

The study, lead by Dr N R Jayakumar of Madan Homoeo Clinic, was presented at an international symposium on ‘Challenges and strategies in the prevention and management of viral infections’ at Central Learther Research Institute recently.

Jayakumar said it wasn’t a new idea to administer the drug to patients with dengue. Earlier the drug was given to patients in Delhi and Sri Lanka during epidemics. In June, the drug was administered to dengue patients at the Madurai Government Rajaji Hospitals. “We wanted to scientifically prove the drug is efficient. The patients were given two doses a day. The platelet count of all the patients improved. The good thing about this drug is that it can also be given alongside allopathic medicines,” Dr Jayakumar said.

In allopathic medicine, there is no drug for this disease. The only treatment is IV fluids to replace body fluids. Most patients we chose for the study had platelet count less than 10,000. We prevented death and blood transfusion in all the 50 patients who took this drug,” said Dr Gunasekaran.

Dengue virus is spread by aedes mosquito. The symptoms include fever, headache, body pain and rashes. Some patients develop life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding, low levels of blood platelets and blood plasma leakage [Source]


  1. The information is good and reportedly correct. Eupatorium, Homeopathic etc can be used alongwith hospital protocol (which is primary treatment). Dr Muhammad Zareef

  2. Evidence based study…Required..
    to prove those working medicines..
    Malaria..Quinine,Artimesinin but how long?chloroquin, artisunate dose not work in some areas…
    how to study the mechanism of action of Quinine,Natrum mur,Chin.ars,Eup.perf. ?????over malaria,Dengue etc.

  3. Though it is not new but can be termed as informative to younger practioners.There are other drugs like Echinacea,china and apis mel which can be given as per symptoms prevelent at the time of treatment.

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