Seminar in Homeopathic Medicine and Personal Growth

In Berlin by the World Renowned Master of Homeopathy Vega Rozenberg

AWIHR School of Homeopathy

From 30th November – 2nd December 2012

This seminar is for ALL levels interested in learning how the spiritual perspective incorporates into practical case taking and remedies.

We have planned two live cases for each afternoon to demonstrate the application of these principles. In this intensive workshop, you will learn how personal growth and personal tranformation go hand in hand with the spiritual application of homeopathy consistent with Hahnemannian principles. In addition Vega draws a spiritual non religious concept from the Kabbalah.

In the last seminars we had seen twelve new cases. The follow ups which had been presented are running until now over maximum seven years;  they are all under ONE remedy – for instance a case of “ALS”.  More information about the previous cases and the coming seminar you will find at our website.

If you are interested becoming a live-case or you know a person who would like to be one, please send us an email.

Peter Schenk


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