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sign-petitionThe write-up on “Homeopathy” given on the Wikipedia website doesn’t represent the true definition of homeopathic system of medicine ( At many places the write up gives wrong information, biased references, and half cooked knowledge to readers. Therefore, this piece of writing is misleading to general public.

For example the statement “Homeopathy is a pseudoscience and its effects are no more than those of placebo” is cited with 04 references only, which are insufficient to conclude a science to be unreal.

There are thousand other references which says Homeopathy is a plausible science. For example Why extreme dilutions reach non-zero asymptotes: a nanoparticulate hypothesis based on froth flotation

Wikipedia has also disabled editing of this page.

Homeopathy is growing as an established science and has been evolved over the past few decades, be it research or clinical practice. There are many evidences that prove the scientificity of homeopathy.

Therefore, the writeup on Homeopathy must be updated without bias, by consulting experts of various fields and using authentic references. This page must be made available to experts for edit, so that true information may be made available online.

Originally initiated by Dr Sourav Arora

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  1. Aude Sapere
    Dare to be Wise.
    Our international homoeopathic liga must have to look after this matter.

    It is advisable to the wikipedia co-founder,first of all train good homeopaths in their nation, after proper consultation he may see the beneficial results of homeopathy.
    Indian father of nation,Mahatma Gandhi quotes “As my non violence never fails so Homeopathy,nonviolent therapy, be never fails but the Homeo physicians must have to follow its principles properly.”

    l have gone through the wikipedia lines about efficacy of homeopathy.
    My comment is that the trials were misleaded by biased opponents.Prejudiced trials are always questionable?Homeopathy has been facing oppositions since 1796,but it has become the breathe of the people by the course of time.
    Opponents get chance to finger towards it,because lack of trained hands they have,results of their past opponents deeds.
    The power of homeopathy advancing towards India.Because some counterparts are misleading the world.

  2. Hi…even after clicking “link to sign” several times i cud not sign the petition. How to sign this petition?

  3. Its true Wikipedia giving biased information about homoeopathy, its seems Wikipedia is against homoeopathy.

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