Signatures Miasms Aids – Spiritual Homeopathy by Misha Norland

Reviewed by Dr Mansoor Ali

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B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
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This book shows a deeper understanding of the two homeopathic subjects – Miasm & Doctrine of signature. That in turn helps us to understanding the remedies in various stats in our patients.

This entire innovative work is divided into four parts

Part. I – presents historical and alchemical background of homeopathy with reference to ancient philosophy. Provides new insights into Hahnemann’s primary miasm that creating the foundation and discovery of new miasms.

He tactfully correlated the hermetic tradition and homeopathic principals.

Part.II – Beautifully picturised the major polychrest remedies with reference to doctrine of signature and new and old miasms.

Signature gives us a direct path through the myriad proving symptoms of that particular remedy. That cuts through the many seemingly disconnected physical and mental symptoms to revel the main themes and essences.

Example : Tarentula’s deceptive nature and destructiveness are obviously Syphilitic. The mentality is primitive in that there is no tendency to cover up their mischief. It is as if the destructiveness is so extreme as to obliterate any self-regarding higher consciousness. The Tubercular miasm is noted for its Syphilitic content, while the distinctive key signature is the need to violently break out of restraining influences. As this perfectly describes the Tarentula state, we can see that the Tubercular miasm is dominant in this remedy.”

Thirteen remedies are explained in this section.

Part.III – describes in detail about the AIDS miasm, AIDS nosode & Proving of Falco peregrinus.

This AIDS nosode &   Falco peregrinus has been extensively proved by the author and used curatively in many clinical cases. But the method of presentation is different from older polychrests. Presenting the background information about the remedy substance, linking them to themes that emerged during proving.

The first proving of the AIDS nosode was undertaken in 1988 using single dose of 30th and 200th  centicimal potencies of the blood of a man who subsequently died of AIDS related disease.

Proving of Falco peregrinus took place at the School of homoeopathy in 1997.

Part IV – explains the newer miasms – Tubercular, cancer & AIDS with developmental models.

According to author

Tubercular miasm – a mixture of Syphilis & Psora

Cancer maism – a mixture of Sycosis & Syphilis

AIDS miasm – a mixture of syphilis  & psora

Understanding of three original  miasms lays the ground work or foundation for understanding the additional miasm posited by later homoeopaths.

In the chapter Miasm in clinical practice – author briefed various prescribing methodologies  and emphasized its importance in childhood diseases.

Author provides a summary of developmental model of miasm based upon their evolution in pace and depth of invasion.

Appendix – include a model for potency selection  and homeopathic  glossary of commonly used terms. 

No need to give high potency for mental symptoms

Author states that  – “ it has been established that the potency used during proving has little or nothing to do with each prover’s response. Low potencies produce emotional and mental symptoms. High potencies immediately bring forth physical sensations and alter physical states. Everything depends on the susceptibility.

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