Spirit of Homeopathy by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali 

Full name of the book : The sprit of Homoeopathy
Author : Dr. Rajan Sankaran 
Foreword By : Dr. Jost kunzli
1st edition : 19991
2nd edition : 1992
Publishers : Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
Santacruz (w) Mumbai
Price : Rs.250/ 337 pages.Hard bound

Dr.Rajan Sankaran ,an experienced Homoeopathic medical practionar and well known teacher in India & abroad, having rich practical experience & deep analytical thinking.

Salient features of the book

  • How to understand the mind
  • How to interpret delusions & dreams and used them in searching for the similimium
  • How to take the case and use the rubrics in an imaginative way
  • Understanding the remedies through situational materimedica
  • How to use Homoeo psychotherapy
  • This is a rare book, intellectually stimulating and thought provoking with a Foreword by Dr. Kunzli.
  • It is simple and easy to understand, some cases presented are very touching and show the authors insight in to understanding of human psyche.
  • The book deserve not only a prominent place in the book shelf of Homoeopath,but affords an immense benefit in increasing the practioners success rate if the various approaches illustrated in it are properly studied and applied in practice.
  • This book is a collection of seminars presented by the author in India and Europe between 1986-1990.
  • It covers many aspects Homoeopathy viz philosophy, understanding of mind, case taking ,interpretation of rubrics, study of material medica etc. The section on Homoeo psychotherapy presents a new way of looking at a case and treating it.
  • His method of analysis is remarkable, analysis of symptoms and their conversion in rubrics reflects his depth and acumen in understanding the patient as well as his expertise at using the repertory.
  • The chapter on materia medica presents many lesser used medicines, and a new understanding and interpretation of the symptoms of well known polychrests.

“ The book is meant for the serious students of Homoeopathy and for those who sincerely want to find answers to questions about health, disease and cure. It does not promise solutions but it represents an honest search. “ in preface by the author.

He examined many aspect of Homoeopathy in depth and we will get a very good idea of the Homoeopathic way of looking at health, disease and cure. We will get an idea about how to take the case and understand the individuality of each patient, hoe we perceive remedies and how we apply them in practice.

The Book is divided in to 4 sections.
1) Explains what is disease. It examine the origin and dynamics of the disease, explained the evolution of Homoeopathic thought and its application in practice.
The chapter story of the book – is a birds eye view of the whole book. explained why and how he created the book.
Psychological and philosophical consideration of health and disease.
A separate chapter on evolution of Homoeopathy, central disturbances, selection of potency & repeat ion.
In the chapter Homoeopathic approach to Diabetes he explained the old idea, new view point and the limitations of Allopathy. This will relieve many   misconceptions about the treatment of Diabetes.
2) He explained how we can understand the mind, delusions and the body mind connections.
In the chapter Components – he explained the idea of studying a remedy by various components, and its symptoms and expressions as a combination of theses basic components.
Eg. Happy feeling of Med, Nux.m, & cannabis sativa
The idea of Components, help us to understand the symptoms and expressions of the patient in terms of their reportorial rubrics making it easy to come to the remedy
In the chapter Dreams – various types of dreams as basic, situational, symbolic etc.
The chapter Application of Repertory – explains the imaginative use of rubrics, how we can interpret the rubrics in the mind chapter, what are the expressions of the person, how we can convert these expressions in to rubrics ETC. explained with examples. .
Eg. Fear of high places. Jealousy, Throw things away
3) It covers the artistic aspect of Homoeopathy, the case taking, its methods and techniques , hints etc.
The chapter Homoeo psychotherapy – explained its import ants with advantages.
4) He explained the new way of understanding the remedies-

Situational MM
Is nothing but the basic delusions of that remedy state, it is the vie point from which all the expressions of the state arises with their obsessions and compulsions.
Explains how we can understand the central state of the remedy , and what are the various states of understanding a remedy.

He explained the study of materia medica of commonly used remedies in brief.
Eg. Anacardium
– Cruelty and lack of self confidence
– Lack of moral feeling
He become very hard and cruel, at the same time lack of self confidence.

This is a very worth full knowledge of material medica .must be studied by every student who is in serious of Homoeopathy.

In the chapter Remedy relation ship explained briefly with examples how the state change from one medicine to others with its relationship.

The chapter 44 Lesser used remedies – narrate the importance of rare remedies in our day to day practice. He explained each remedy with a beautiful case presentation.

Glossary – Explains the terms that have appeared in the text and their meanings.
Eg. Central disturbances, Compensation, Root of disease, Situational MM
Index of remedies also included in the second edition.

Each chapter is illustrated with several clinical cases and also some models for better understanding. The language is so simple like a novel so that even the bingers may follow without boredom.

He says “ I make no pretence that this book is either complete or final. My aim is doing so is to stimulate the reader to make his own observations and develop his vision. “( page.9)

The aim of the teacher is only to stimulate the teachers with in each of us” ( preface )

As he said this book will stimulate you really, to study the Homoeopathy in a serious and sincerely way.


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