Staphysagria in a case of depression

Dr T Vinitha 

A Case came on 21.1.19  , aged 45 years old and presented with complaints of Depression for the past 21 years .

Now , the patient is working in Private college As Assistant Professor .

During few minutes ..I enquired about what his illness . After that , he narrated his complaints that he has been suffering a lot in his life which all makes him as Psychiatric patient . Then I asked about what are all the sufferings that you have been affected the most .He took me in silent path for 10 seconds and he hesitated .Then I asked to tell about his childhood days and memories .Then he started like he said that

…….. he is not easily mingled with others ; shy and Reserved. He wouldn’t like to talk and play with friends ,he hadn’t had many friends ; had 2 in his school life but not in good harmony. He wished to be in top position in studies . He always was a Rank holder. He couldn’t bear up with anyone who got 1st in studies .He always prompted him to shine in 1st place .In his 10 standards, He had  an infatuation towards women but he never fell in love . He worked hard and studied well. Likewise , his college days were going as that much similar to his school days. Spontaneously, he entered into bitter events.

1st Suicide Attempt ….

In 1997 , He got a job in the electronics department at Delhi . He had been working there and staying with his 2 colleagues . One of his colleagues had gotten a job opportunity in Canada and had reached a peak of personal growth and earned more income. He got jealous on him .Could not tolerate his economic growth and control his emotions .He beat him in crowded place .He brooded when alone about his colleague ‘s personal growth , his reaction [ beat him in public place ] towards him . He had affected By Headache which was Throbbing in nature. Suddenly he jumped from 3rd floor without any previous thought about suicide .That was his 1st suicide attempt.

 Later he recovered and treated with psychiatric drugs .From 1997 to 1999 . In 1996 , he had been longing for sex .Wanted to marry and wished to attain his sexual desire.But it did not happen. Instead of that , he used to watch many porn videos in internet .

2nd Suicide Attempt …

 In 1999 , Bangalore , Again he betrayed by his relations and went into depression . His father decided him to vacate from that place and to move to his native place . His father travelled along with the patient in bus from Bangalore to his native place , meanwhile, he had a delusion like some persons were continually talking with him and influenced him to jump out from bus . Suddenly he jumped out from bus and got fractured in left elbow joint , that was his 2nd attempt 

After that , he was taking medicines from allopathy for fracture and depression. Then , 2001 he got married .She , A Gold Medalist in her degree . She has been suffering by fits since childhood . He thought that his sexual desire would become satisfied but it didn’t happen . Even now his sexual gratification is not completed. Because she is indifferent in it { as he said } .But He forced her to sex , this made her into a complete frustration and prompted her to leave from him . His sister apologized for her brother’s act and convenience her to live with her brother . She came back within 2 days , but before her arriving , he stayed alone in his house , at that time , he was continually smoking and taking drinks , His wife got upset and c hatred his intemperance personality. He has a 1 daughter . His daughter never spent time with him .He wants to talk with his daughter but she doesn’t .But he doesn’t know the reason why his daughter is maintaining silence with him  . He said that he extremely loved his wife even though he used to fight often .But she completely hatred him because he fired everything what she had such as her gold medal , childhood memories . Afterwards, she is living in separated room in his house  with  her daughter .

HIS PAST MEMORY STATUS : If he concentrated on one thing , suddenly his thoughts was vanishing out , again it will bring back into his memories after some days 

HIS PRESENT MEMORY STATUS : He doesn’t understand when he reads the book in which the meaning it reflects . He doesn’t correlate line by line , he loses the connectivity of subsequent lines


  • Interests in Teaching , but doesn’t pursue with satisfaction and concentration 
  • Interested in watching films , considered him as character of hero who plays a major role in movie , but now he has no interest in movie because he doesn’t correlate the subsequent scenes
  • Fear as if someone identified his mental illness 
  • Feels that wants to live devoid of friends , society , relatives
  • Fear of alone ;  usually he sleeps in bright place , where he turn on every light 
  • Fear of as if his wife would gone from him
  • Feels insecure 
  • Fear of being in crowded place
  • Always thinking about if he are in crowded or public place where persons are talking about him , especially if two persons are conversing about something , he thinks that they are conversing about him
  • Lack of confidence when approaching something in public place ; he always has a fear as if some bad events occurred when approach some new things related for his job improvisation
  • Easily angered when his comment hasn’t taken as valid in debate ; shouting on others that will lead to Argument  


  • Appetite – regular 
  • Thirst – regular
  • Urine – regular
  • Stool – regular 
  • Sleep – Taking sleeping pills




  • STAPHY ;
  • LYC ;
  • NUX VOM ; 
  • HYOS ;

Rx  STAPHY 200 / 1 Dose 

Follow up :

 28/1/19 : The intensity of Fear of being in crowded place  is reduced. Has an ability to  Sleep when light turns off .He explains about his dream which usually comes often , that is when mob tried to kill him , he escaped from them . but now he had no dream in past 1 week

Still, now , there are no complicated symptoms .He usually comes once in a month .

CONCLUSION: I concluded with medicine STAPHY which brought some goodness on him . I don’t know what other  medicines that will be  more better than this . I confidently gave this medicine and I received good secondary ongoing curative action .  

Dr T Vinitha
Govt. Homeopathic Medical College And Hospital, Thirumangalam , Madurai .   


  1. Hii i m studing BHMS 2nd yr i read this medicine staphysagia and i see many symptoms in own like thinking about sexual excess continuesly, more sleepyness, apatite evan stomach is full, short term memory, and now a days my wait is up 46 kg to now 55 kg so i don’t like my look and now feel like depressed bcz of my 1st yr result is come and i am fail in 3 subject and family troubles and many things make me depressed and I think about suicide but I can’t now I don’t focus and intrest in study, my family leave my phone and I write email to you in my dad phone, please help me ,can staphysagia remedy help me?
    I don’t know to take it and how dosages and courses
    Please help me
    And please not publish this

  2. staphys violent anxiety sleepless at night bluish tinge around eyes,this type nervous system by spasmodic action shatters own tissues.faullty self assessment of own worth vs reciprocation by others,affects feelings emotions,light skinned persons are at disadvantage teacher scolds they weep,thick skinned graphite type scolded they laugh at teacher.major key note sense of ball in forehead accuumulated tension.lippe trasferred this to clinical use tearing shearing by sharp bladecuts heal early.

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