Survival of a private practitioner in the midst of free treatment programmes

Dr Mansoor Ali

How to survive in the midst of  free treatment programmes by Governments and Charitable institutions

Free treatment Programmes by Govt Kerala

  • Arogya Kiranam –  Free treatment to all children below 18, all diseases
  • Pain and Palliative
  • Thanal
  • Kanivu
  • Vayomithram
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)
  • Sukrtham – Free cancer treatment
  • Shruthi Tharangam – Hearing impaired treatment and instrument upto 5.5 lakh
  • Thalolam – free heart treatment upto 18 years
  • Samashwasam – Monthly dialysis aid
  • Mother & child – Treatment for 30 day free after delivery

OP time
More over OP times in Govt dispensaries and hospitals are extended from 8am to 8pm – that also affect the private practitioners

In Homoeopathy sector

  • More patients in Govt institutions
  • PSC dispensaries in all panchayats
  • Many Ayush/NRHM Homeopathy dispensaries
  • Charitable institution dispensaries
  • They are giving more quantity medicines/ointments/biochemics than a private practitioner

There are similar free treatment programs in other states also. But still people need private practitioners.

These free treatment programs are essential in developing countries like India. We are congratulating the Government

But this drastically damaged or dwindled the private practice of allopathy doctors and small hospitals. Since people gets better treatment and lab facilities free of cost or at affordable rate through Govt hospitals. Many private allopathy hospitals closed in Kerala. Only super specialty hospitals survived with high-class patients.

But private homeopathy practitioners flourished in Kerala and getting more and more patients and social reputation than any other systems of medicine.

The main reason
Grand success and wide media coverage of Department of Homoeopathy’s innovative programmes like Seethalayam (Gender-based & Infertility clinic), Sadgamaya (Schoool Health Programme), Ayushman Bhava (Life style disease clinic),RAECH (Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homoeopathy) , Speciality Clinics etc. popularised homoeopathy among the public.

The hugely successful ‘Seethalayam’ scheme of the District Homeopathic Hospitals in Kerala has brought bundles of joy to childless couples.

Infertility remains a major area of commercial ride in conventional in allopathy with lakhs spent to processes with less than 40%  result. This shall expose the possibilities of Homeopathy and become a great boost in communicating the scope to general public. Hats off to everyone behind it.

In homoeopathy – 90% result is really something. Also it is a good proactive step by media for Homeopathy. Normally they don’t challenge the powerful infertility chains who mean to add worth crores to them.

Allopaths failed but homeopaths survived in the midst of free treatment programmes by Govt and charitable institutions

A BHMS graduate working in private sector can earn more than what he earns in government sector. But you have to sit in a clinic at least  for two years in order to become an established doctor.

Dr Mansoor Ali KR
Asso. Professor, Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College. Calicut,,

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  1. Wonderful, Kerala govt is really doing a lot for the healthcare of Malayalis. Commendable work by the govt. and kudos to Homeopathy and its tireless physicians for helping the govt in it’s initiative.

  2. I am impressed with Dr Mansoor Ali writings and articles which is honestly presented for our homoeopathic practicner . A eye opening statement s. Thanks by MG Pandey

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