How to select the best location for your clinic

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For a doctor, choosing the location of the clinic is a decision as important as getting a job and it is very important to keep in mind several factors before finalising your clinic’s location.

Location for your clinic – some factors

  • Near residences or educational institution
  • The location of your clinic should be such that you spend minimum time to reach there.
  • Observe the communities living in the localities around.
  • Your professional success depends on how acceptable you are to the locals.
  • An urban area offers more opportunities than a difficult rural area.
  • Places of worship offer a fertile ground for network and social contacts.
  • For lady doctors – if your prime focus is your family then having a practice close to your home could help you save the commute time for your family.

A doctor’s clinic is expected to be an absolutely clean place which stands for hygiene and good health

Minimal pollution (noise, air or water) or litter the neighbourhood – since you have to sit a long time in your clinic

Ample provision for displaying a banner and required signage.

Ground floor is the best especially if you are dealing with Geriatric cases.

Having too many doctors in the vicinity with the same specialization can more often than not hamper your practice as the patients in the neighborhood have too many options

Setting up a practice in the middle of too many established clinics could mean that you have to put in a lot of time and effort in making a place for yourself in an area

If the location of your clinic is going to be in a city or in a popular location make sure you have ample parking for your visitors.

Think about future
A location which provides ample growth opportunities for you and your family, socially and economically – These factors can provide valuable social and professional contacts as well as providing a solid framework on which to base your family in the community.

Keep in mind following for success.

  • You will get patients just by being visible – so try to buy a shop or building that is visible to passengers in vehicles – even though that is costlier than a room behind a shopping complex. So the main road clinic will give you more patients than a pocket road clinic.
  • A clinic in a shopping centre or mall.
  • A clinic on a busy street or Junction.
  • A medical complex or a hospital.
  • Reachability & visibility is the most important factor – easily reachable by train or bus. Many patients may don’t have much money to take an auto to your clinic.
  • Rent or Buy – depend on how much time you are going to live here- if you are not married think about a rented room than buying it

Observe the demand for a homoeopath in an area.
An area with a retired or aged homoeopath will need a new doctor

City, Rural or Urban?
Make sure to check out small, rural communities, which often offer many advantages over big cities. In rural areas, initial facility costs and practice overhead are usually much lower, and the staff is often more stable – but your practice will not grow beyond a particular level – since the flow of population is always from small rural to large rural or urban area with more transport facilities.

Reachability & visibility is the most important factor 

Many the above factors are important and need to be kept in mind while looking for a clinic space.

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