Synoptic Key of Materia Medica by C M Boger

booksBook rview by Prof  Maya Arun BHMS,MD(Hom)
Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College.Calicut

Year of publication 1931 By C .M Boger
Other works :Ttimes of remedies of moon phase
General analysis
Addition to Kent’s repertory
Card repertory
Boenninghausen‘s characteristics and repertory by Boger

Preface The author mentioned about the picture best obtained by case taking.
The important points to be noted while case taking are

  • Cause and course of disease.
  • Natural modification of disease as time, temperature,weather,posture, motion, eating ,sleep,pressure,touch,being alone,and discharge etc.
  • Mindà sadness, irritability and fear.
  • Sensations àburning ,crumping,bursting, cutting,soreness,throbbing and thirst
  • Objective aspect àdeviations,nervous,colour and odour,facial expressions
  • Part affected à organs, right and left

Synopsis : measures an outline. Synopsis is intended to make clear the general expressions or genus of each remedy and there by help in making differentiation.

Book contain materiamedica part and repertory part and also it contains 448 pages.
Number of medicinesà 323 remedies in materia medica part and 489 remedies in repertory part

 The book is divided into 3 sections

  • I. Analysis
  • II. Synopsis
  • III. Tables

Analysis of repertory 

  • The periods of aggravation
  • Conditions of aggravation and ameliorations
  • Generalities ie, consideration of drug affinities—-for the entire organism

1. Time- important rubrics are
Periodicity—–at same hour
At same day
Both day timings and clock timings

2. aggravation and amelioration in alphabetic order .
CR –where ever necessary
Important rubrics —–moon phase, full moon, moon light, vaccination<
Position—-crossing leg< hanging legs
generalities —rubrics in an alphabetic order.
Import rubrics: haemorrage, dwarfism, pregnancy, child bed,prolapse, sycosis,syphilis etc.
Regional repertory—–
Starts with intellect , mind vertigo,head,——-up to heat and sweat with concomitant in many sections . Chapters are almost similar to boger’s ,boennighausen’scharecteristic repertory. It contains altogether 46 sections.


Synopsis :
An expression of the important and charecteristic features of the most important remedies of the homoeopathic materia medica, with their physiological spheres and activities, modalities and relationships.
The synopsis is intended to make clear the general expression of genius of each remedy.323 remedies are given. Under each remedy at first, the part affected is given on the left hand side and the modalities given on the right hand side. Capital, bold , roman letters are used to express the value of symptoms. Complementary and related remedies are given at the end of the remedies

Duration of action of 127 remedies are given in weeks . remedies given with numerals which mean that a particular remedy act for 3 or 4 weeks
Eg: bell 5 means bell act up to 5 weeks.
A list of 122 remedies with their complimentary remedies are given.
Another list of 35 remedies with their antagonistic remedies are given.
The supplementary reference table to repertory portion with their page no: to refer it in the text The table is arranged alphabetically.

Merit : Ready
reference to material medica . Presentation of medicine is unique.

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