Synthesis Adonis Repertory ready to release

The most awaited Synthesis Adonis Repertory by Frederick Schroyens is ready to release in book and software form

Synthesis Adonis is the successor of Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009V and is a major step forward, offering the fruits of over 12 years of work.

  1. Number of remedies: 3233
  2. Number of symptoms with remedies: 153109
  3. Author references: 1599

A wealth of information has been added, many corrections have been executed and some innovative new ideas are included in this version.

The repertory views have been thoroughly reviewed and completed with the new remedies and authors. – There are some new repertory views: “Only all provings“, “Only clinical verification” and “Reliable sources (T. Galic)“.

In all chapters, many pathological rubrics have been added, suggesting inspiration for remedies in the case of a given pathology.

New rubrics in contemporary language have been added.

  • They suggest remedies based on recent provings and clinical experience where these words were used.
  • The goal is to bring the language of the repertory closer to the language of today’s patients, if appropriate rubrics did not yet exist.

To some rubrics, families-as-a-remedy have been added.

  • When looking at such a rubric, the homeopath is reminded of the remedies as well as of the families that may apply.
  • Different ways to visualize the rubric allow flexibility while working. All families end with an asterisk (e.g. solanac*), so they can be easily recognized.

Synthesis Adonis will be available in a human and in a veterinary version.

  • The veterinary information has been updated by Marc Bär (Switzerland) and his team and contains mostly new additions and new symptoms.
  • Veterinary concepts and tags facilitate access to what is highly relevant information for veterinarians

Online Symptom Notes provide additional explanations for a variety of symptoms 

  • Add your own symptoms!
  • Add cross-references & referring rubrics!
  • Add your own symptom notes!
  • Use the Personal Chapter to build your own repertory inside Adonis!
  • Add Families as well as Remedies to any symptom!

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