The Homeopathic Academy (THA) by B Jain group inviting teachers and practitioners for Online Classroom

B. Jain group’s new platform to create, promote and sell “online content” in homeopathy. The platform is called “The Homeopathic Academy” (THA).

The idea is that the teacher will prepare the course material and submit in advance the course outline – content – and details as well as ppt or other support material. The teacher will then travel to Delhi to be recorded in our studio. The idea is to do a series of 45-minute lectures (the number you would decide the number to cover your course).

We are inviting leading homeopaths from the Indian sub-continent as well as from all over the world to visit Delhi to solve the purpose.

Bjain will pay for: 

a) travel to and from Delhi plus all food and accommodation and transport costs during the teachers stay in Delhi.

b) all filming production editing and multimedia costs.

c) a royalty of between 5% and 10% (5% for foreign language version as Bjain will pay the translation costs and 10% for English language on the sales price of the content that Bjain will market worldwide in English as well as other languages (as I said Bjain will undertake the translation into languages that it chooses at its own cost).

d)The World-Wide marketing and promotion of your lectures using digital marketing techniques.

We feel that this will complement the author/teacher current teaching activities as well as literary pursuits.

Our Vision:

Sample video of part of a course:

Ritika Saxena
Production Manager
B. Jain Online Courses
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