The Man in Health by Dr S M Singh

Book review by Dr K R  Mansoor Ali 

Pages : 472

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Published by Bjain Publishers. New Delhi

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Every postgraduate student in homoeopathy irrespective of the subject has to study man in Health & Man in disease during the first one and half of their training programme.

So far there was no specific  literature on the topic available and this book and this book will be very much useful for postgraduate students in homeopathy India.

This work is based on CCH approved syllabus for post-graduation in homoeopathy and it includes understanding of the healthy state of the man extending to cover biochemistry, biophysics, psychology in the light of doctrine of homeopathic  principles.

Postgraduate students will get outmost advantage of this book because of two reason – firstly CCH syllabus itself not precise, secondly author had successfully incorporated homeopathic principles  with the topic – that was an Herculean task to many  PG scholars.

The author believes that the concept of man in health not healthy man is very vital and primary – and the concept of man in disease is secondary,  more over the knowledge of man in health enrich the man in disease.

Main Contents

Chapter.1 – The Man

  • The concept of man
  • Nature of human being
  • Man is a conscious being
  • Basic psychology of man
  • Man from structural & functional stand point
  • Man- Medicine in General and homeopathy in particular
  • Concept of man from medicine of experience 

Chapter. 2 – Health

  • WHO concept of health
  • Determinants of health
  • Health for all
  • Health education
  • Health & ecology
  • Health from homeopathic point of view
  • Man in health related to homeopathy
  • Homeostasis and health
  • Man in health with immunity
  • Nutrition and health
  • Physiological requisition for health
  • Different parameters of health
  • Normal susceptibility
  • Different levels of health
  • Holistic concept
  • Disease prevention in homeopathy
  • Health & hygiene
  • Eugenics
  • Preventive & social measures 

Chapter 3 – Life

  • Concept of life
  • Concept of physical world
  • Homeopathic approach of life 

Chapter 4 – Environment

  • Man and his environment
  • Man and environmental interaction
  • Sanitation
  • Gene environment interaction & correlation 

Chapter 5 – Man in relation to Biochemistry

  • Elemental composition of human body
  • Metabolism
  • Nutrient requirements 

Chapter 6 – Biophysics

  • Filtration
  • Diffusion
  • Osmotic pressure & osmosis
  • Surface tension
  • Absorption
  • Hydrotropy
  • Viscosity
  • pH
  • Ultra filtration
  • Dialysis 

Chapter.7 – Man and Psychology

  • Concept of psychology
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Biopsychology
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Simple substance
  • Developmental psychology
  • Physiological drives and motives
  • Perception
  • Personality
  • Emotion
  • Memory
  • Stress

Since this is the first book  in these topics – even though minor lapses are there – we have to congratulate Dr.S.M.Singh for the commendable work

About Author :

  • Dr.S.M.Singh is the Principal of Sri Sai Nath Postgraduate Institute of Homoeopathy, Allahabad. India with more than 38 years of teaching experience in teaching field.
  • Delivered lectures  in various homeopathic  medical colleges across the country.
  • He has been awarded national best teacher Dr.B.K.Bose Award by research society of India
  • Recipient  of  Life time achievement award in 2005
  • Hahnemann national award in 2008
  • PG guide to more than 100 students
  • Presented a paper on Hypoxic Ischemic encephalopathy  at International Conference LIGA 2010 USA

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  1. He is a best teacher in the world and the book written by my dear respected Sir will be helpful for PG homeopathy students.

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